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I am looking forward to travel to Canada next year, (After my trip with friends to the Caribean)
There is no better way to know what places to visit in Canada, then listening to someones opinion
who already has been there before. :buu:)

So what are your favorite places in Canada?


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  1. Hey Man

    Tofino, BC is definately up there…
    otherwise Nelson, BC is a fantastic town that offers the outdoor enthusiast pretty much everything from great biking in the summer to great skiing in the winter…

    I really liked very much Calgary, it is so close to the mountains, very nice view!
    I have a friend of mine who works winter there, it is freezing, but he earns 18000 U$S doing some
    job that needs no education related to oil, where to located the oil pipes. (That is because nobody wanna live there in winter)
    He works half a year makes good money, then travels the other half to south america  v:)

    Last weekend I have been down to Jasper and seeing lots of wildlife on the way (including a mom grizzly bear with two cubs at 5 meters distance).

    Canada is great !

  2. I have spent a whole lot of time  in Canada over the years, doing some business there.

    My favourite place would be Vancouver. Close to skiing, not as cold as most of Canada, and loads of places to see and different actvities to do.

    Other of my favorite places include

    Old Montreal
    Old Quebec City
    (these two are a lot like Europe)

    [i]Algonquin Park in Ontario[/i]
    Algonquin park, is a massive provincial park in Ontario. There isn’t a lot there in the way of tourist attractions. However the camping is excellent, its teaming with wildlife and their are many many hiking trails for every skill level. If you are outdoors(wo)man Algonquin is worth the visit.

    Prince Edward Island

    Gros Morn National Park (Newfoundland)

  3. Whistler is one of Canada’s best places to visit. The village is really nice and the mountains are great. There is so much to do here all year round.

    The Okanagan Valley in BC as it’s a 4 season playground! The winters aren’t as harsh as some areas of Canada, but there are several great local ski resorts that offer good bases & lots of powder snow.

    In the summer months  :travel Forum:), the area certainly lives up to it’s semi-arid status and delivers lots of sunshine. It’s an area that doesn’t see a lot of annual rainfall.

    Osoyoos, at the most southern part of the valley, has the distinction of being Canada’s desert community. Okanagan Lake (home of Ogopogo – think Nessie) supposedly is the second deepest lake in the world and provides all sorts of water activities.
    As well, you’ll find more golf courses than you can shake a stick at (or would club be more appropriate?!) If you enjoy wine, an abundance of wineries to tour and sample wines should keep you busy. Orchards aren’t as predominate as in past years, but all sorts of fruit is still harvested throughout the valley.

    Kelowna, the largest city in the valley, has won the Communities in Bloom contest in past and the evidence as to why can be seen throughout the city.

    In short, Canada is awesome to enjoy a vacation!

  4. If you are thinking of visiting Halifax and Oak Island then I would suggest you perhaps try to be at Oak Island between June 20-22. That is when the now annual “Explore Oak Island Days” falls  and there should be public tours again that weekend.

    I've gone the past 3 summers and have been all over the storied island. The Money Pit itself is not much to see but there's a certain feeling you get just being on the island and knowing that its the site of the world's longest running treasure hunt.

    I would also suggest visiting historic Lunenburg which is only about a 15 minute drive from Oak Island. Its arguably the most beautiful town in Canada, really worth visiting.
    I don't know if you've heard but digging will resume again on Oak Island very soon after more than 12 years of dormancy so next summer could be an exciting time to visit!

    In terms of places in Canada to visit, Toronto itself is probably the best city in Canada for sporting events, dance clubs, multicultural festivals and so on but its not big on beautiful natural scenery like northern Ontario (including Algonquin Park) or British Columbia.

    Being more of a history buff I love old cities/towns like old Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Annapolis Royal (Nova Scotia). I'd also love to visit Newfoundland some day, which has the oldest cities/towns in all of Canada.

    Here are my favorits:

    Burton BC, (camp along the lake!)
    Lake Louise (from the top, so not between 10.000 chinese tourist!)
    Eastend SK (near the Cypres hills)
    Canadian Rockies it's a really large area with a lot of nice places to ski, if you like skiing.
    Waterton lake NP (not so crowded and nature is perfect)
    Niagara Falls – Nice view to the waterfall, better view from Canada, than from the US.
    Banff and Jasper area, Incredible hikes and sceneries !

    Haven't seen all of Canada yet so i might extend this list 

    Cow  Boy

  5. Hi,

    I’m a Canadian and find it very difficult to answer you properly. canada is an extremely large country, with an extrememely variable climate, so in order to answer you correctly it would be important to know:
    1. What time of year do you  intend to visit?
    2. How do you want to travel?
    3. How much time do you intend to spend?
    4. Are you more interested in history, culture & architecture or in scenery or the inverse?
    5. Do you prefer cities, wide open spaces, small towns, plains, mountains, water?
    6. Do you want night life and music?
    7. Are you looking for a culinary experience?
    8. will you be put off if some people prefer speaking to you in French?

    And so on……

    That being said and done, my favourite places in Canada:

    Cities: Quebec City, Ottawa, Vancouver
    Parks: Gros Morne, Parc de la Mauricie
    Night Life : Montreal
    Shopping; Toronto
    Pretty & quaint: Anything in Labrador and in parts of Quebec
    Arts: Montreal & Toronto

  6. Great question, Canada is great and a lot to explore, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for outdoors, go to the West and the Rocky Mountains, if you like to party, go to Montreal! But one thing you must do is fly to Calgary, go to the Stampede and drive to Vancouver – its unbelievable!
    I’m just looking to go to the east coast and so was wondering any tips on where I should go there?

  7. I’ve lived in Niagara Falls for many years and met people from all over the world. Many have said it it the most breathtaking view they have ever seen. Niagara Falls can be very expensive though and if you are planning to come here, you should really plan ahead and do your homework. There is a blog site that you may find helpful. They are not selling anything, it just explains how to find a hotel that suits your needs, whether you are traveling to Niagara Falls or any other tourist destination. Niagara Falls is really a place that is beautiful and I think that everyone should see it at least once in their lifetime.

  8. My Favorite Places in Canada is Nova Scotia. Travel to Nova Scotia Canada and experience the adventure and breath-taking beauty of a land and a people truly shaped by the sea. Nova Scotia has many of Canada?s most famous attractions, activities and signature events. These activities can be found using the power of Google Earth. :js:)

  9. I really like Victoria, BC. It has a great feel to it, it's great to get around by walking. It has a lot of great restaurants with outside sitting. Waterfront is just gorgeous.

    I've been only in Victoria and Vancouver so far. Vancouver is great too, but I like Victoria much better.

    Here are some photos of Victoria from my last trip:
    travel forum travel forum travel forum travel forum

  10. Niagara Falls, in Ontario, has often been referred to as the world’s most famous destination. While the falls is undoubtedly the major attraction, the rest of Niagara is an equally enriching affair. With a population of about 79,000 people, Niagara is a centre of tourism and commerce.

    The climate in Niagara ranges from temperate to extreme. In the summer time, one can expect a warm and dry weather, while the winters are extended and snowy. Snowstorms are also a regular feature.

    Until 1881, Niagara Falls was called Elgin. It was incorporated as a township in 1904. The city has grown commercially and culturally due to its booming tourist industry as well as its close proximity to the U.S. markets.

  11. Hey

    My Favorite Places in Canada is

    Banff National Park, Alberta

    Prince Edward Island, – All the beaches are public! and i love beaches

    Niagara Falls is better plase to visit in Canada.

  12. It depends when you are heading in summer or winter. I think Montreal, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa are some of the best places for vacations.

  13. The best place in Canada is undoutedbly Whistler… great skiin-snowboarding in the winter time, and in the summer? cycling, hiking, hunting, fishing… You name it! The only problem is the housing is very expensive…

  14. Hi,
    in there is a wonderful place’s to see and you will enjoy a lot over there.. I have been there last year and its one of the best place.. When I was there I enjoyed nightlife with my friends.. There is so much to do.

  15. Hi,
    The part of Canada I’m most familiar with is the region around Winnipeg: great farmland, but about as scenic as the rest of the Red River Valley of the North.

    That’s not a criticism: I grew up across the river from Fargo, North Dakota. That region is more than okay: but scenic it’s not.

    The rest, I know through photos and accounts. One place I would have liked to see and my most favorite is Glacier National Park

  16. Hello,

    As per my opinion, Canada itself a beautiful place but to visit it the Vancouver is most beautiful place to go for. You have so much of fun loving places to go for.

  17. Hi!


    My favorite place would be Victoria BC. You can learn about the history and culture of BC and still be minutes away from the best surf spots!

    Vancouver is a really nice city too, I’ve been living there for a while now.

  18. My favorite spot is Niagara Fall. Its really a very beautiful place to visit. Must visit this beautiful natural place.

  19. There are many mesmerizing places in the canada and you can enjoy the the nigara fall there and there are many other island as well to enjoy the trip.

  20. Canada is one of the great countriesi nAmerica. it liews in North America.

    There are lots of places to visit in Canada , my best palce is Ottawa

  21. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Quebec City all are my favorite but my personal favorite is Quebec City. Quebec City offers an experience unlike any other in North America. Quebec City’s Old Town itself is a work of art: cobblestone walkways, well-preserved 17th century architecture, café culture and the only North American fortress walls that still exist north of Mexico – all of which has given it status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. French is still the prevalent language spoken is Quebec and can’t help but add a certain allure to this already alluring town.

  22. My favorite place in Canada is the China town, that is the just one of the best place for me to eat healthy and Chinese style food and I really love it.

  23. I have lived in Montreal for a couple of years and I simply adore this cosmopolitan city which mix the old and new world charm to perfection smiley3

    North American skyline and typically French bistrots and patisseries !


    The many charms of the Old Montreal in Winter with the iceskating ring and the illuminated Jacques Cartier Square.

    Not to forget the amazingly beautiful Quebec City which is truly magical…

    Ah ! I could jump on a plane right now wink


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