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Travel is part of my life. I travel several times with my family every year. I had

visited many times to read other traveler’s experience before; but i had never log

in as a member. I think i should apologize for this. Chinese Spring Festival is coming, i am not so

busy these days. I’d like to share my travel experience with other travelers. I am familiar with most

cities of China, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Datong, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Chengde,

Tianjin,Suzhou, Hangzhou…

My favorite city is Hangzhou. The city is tidy,peaceful and clean. It is pleasant to walk along the

West Lake with your family in the calm breeze. It is July when i travel Hangzhou. It is pretty hot and

wet after rain. The other reason to travel Hangzhou is there is no admission fee for most Museum.


Suzhou share the same reputation with Hanghou; but i am not so happy in Suzhou because my car (with a Beijing plate) had no permission to drive in most of main street. Sad This is really not like a tourism city. But for sure, the garden in Suzhou is really nice.

So what is your favorite city in the vast China?

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  1. Shanghai,Internationala renowned city is my favorite one.It’s famous for Buddhist shrines,Yuyuan Garden,Huangpu River.

  2. Ooh, that’s Awesome! I’m moving to Hangzhou in two weeks time for University, so it’s really reassuring that you choose it as your favourite city! I’ll be living just off West Lake as well, as i’m living in the dormitories for foreign students at Zhejiang University. I’m REALLY excited, and I’m going to be making a lot of posts about the city in the future, so If you like Hangzhou look out for pictures and travel information from me this coming year 😀 I should be posting weekly if I’mnot too lazy!

  3. yeah ,the most impressed city on me is  huangshan , it’s amazing place to visit
    Post Merged: August 20, 2012, 08:37:40 PM

    maybe shanghai is my favourite city in my heart

    Post Merged: August 30, 2012, 10:14:01 PM

    playing traditional instruments, and enjoying ballroom dancing on the grass.

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