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The world's worst airports are hard to pin down. It's a crowded field to choose from.
The choice depends on what you class as bad.

If it's for danger

Baghdad International Airport –  in the middle of a war zone, should rank pretty high.

Lukla airstrip – gateway to the Mount Everest region in Nepal — is also a strong contender.

Mineralnye Vody airport in Russia for its feral cats and daggers on sale in the departure lounge.

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  1. Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi
    It is the kind of airport only communists could dream up; no restaurants, shops, only one dirty crowded 'lounge' where 100 seats are aimed at a small tv broadcasting news in hindi–plus all the equipment, signage is from the 1980s. Very dirty and you will be lucky if the staff doesnt demand a bribe to get your bags

    Another bad airports to know of….
    If you haven't been to Nouakchott, Mauritania or Conakry, Guinea, then you haven't been to a REALLY bad airport…..

  2. The worst is in my opinion is Bogota, Colombia. And not so much for the arrival (even though being greeted by masses behind a chain-link fence is disconcerting enough)

    The departure is worse – two metal detectors, a complete baggage search, a personal patdown and a black Labrador sniffer dog roaming the departure gate throughout the wait for take-off. (I like dogs, but these guys are trained to ignore non-trafficking strangers.)

    Then, the airline comes on to inform you that because of the high elevation (thin air) the plane is too heavy to take off and 15% of the passengers have to get off the plane and take the next flight (which leaves three days from now.)

    So, you’re left travelling back into the city – every major intersection manned by 15-year-olds with automatic weapons – and staying at a nice, but expensive hotel where they warn you not to go outside by yourself – especially if you’re American.

  3. actually baghdad (biap) is not dangerous at all, but takeoffs and landings use to be either corkscrew or deep divers/inclines. it was getting there that was rough. I was there in ’05. Bad, bad time to be there.

  4. I think Karachi airport in Pakistan is very worst instead of Baghdad.

    When were you last there?  The old airport was truly awful; the new one, which was opened seven or eight years ago is at least manageable.  My main kick with Pakistani airports is the funny notion they have that ordinary batteries are dangerous.  It's either pack them away in your checked bags, or give them up at security.  Their hand-stamping of I.D. tags on carry-on luggage is another irksome thing passengers have to deal with there.

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