World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

For those who fancy sandy paradise during vacation, there are some beautiful beaches where they can dust off their shades and walk around the sandy beaches with colourful waters. From the bare it all glam to the quintessential paradise beaches, we have highlighted some of them to give you a taste of what your holiday can be.

The Beach Havens

Kaiolohia Beach

In no particular order, we would start with Hawaii where you can find some of the finest beaches on planet earth. However, thinking of a beach haven, then you should be heading to Kaiolohia Beach, that is situated on the island of Lania. You can sunbath, look at the eerie wreckage view of the 1940s oil tanker that is staring shyly from the azure coral reef.

You can visit El Nido that is in the Palawan archipelago in the beautiful country of Philippine that has limestone cliffs and ancient caves. These are natural wonders that would marvel your imagination. The beach is unspoilt and would leave you breathing heavy with excitement.

There is a lovely beach at Pemba which is a neighbor of Zanzibar that is situated in the Indian Ocean. There are a lot of untamed forests and unspoilt beaches that are waiting for tourists to explore. When you come to Pemba, your adventure can only begin.

The Resort Beaches

Six Senses Laamu

Maldives cannot be neglected when it comes to resort beaches with silky sands and luxury. There are more than a 100 stand-out beach resorts for you to explore in Maldives. You would definitely love the Six Senses Laamu, where you can relax and laze in great hammock. Take of affordable beach resorts, and then we would be moving to Turkey.

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Beaches for Adventure

If you are among the surf junkies, you should be coming to South Africa’s Eastern Cape where you would find Jeffrey’s Bay. This is where you can ride on the waves with some of the most advanced water sport facilities. You can visit Indonesia where some of the world’s marine life is in abundant. The Amed Beach is where a lot of tourists are seen heading to. You can do a lot of things here and play around too.

Unexpected beach treasures

North Antrim coast

Think of the North Antrim coast in the Northern Ireland as one of the best beaches to look for treasures, you would find the grasslands that are carpeted in orchids and other rare plants and even the ancient dunes. This is where you would find a lot of tourist hidden treasures that a lot of people are not even aware of. You are not struggling with the crowd and there are a lot of places to visit. The beach is one place you cannot get enough of because of the many things that you can see and witness here.

These are few of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit in the world. You would definitely these places. The cost of making use of some of these places depend on where you are visiting.

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