World’s Best Alpine Adventures Destinations

You can now take your winter vacation to another level when you soar above snow, zoom down , skid across ice and sleep beneath it. There is nothing that explains the feelings that come with snow melting on your face as you visit these lovely alpine destinations.

Val Thorenscan

val Thorenscan

From the bird’s eye view, from the sky along the zip wire, you can see Val Thorens . Even the birds would be jealous when thrill-seekers come over here to take a breathtaking views right from the snow capped peaks that is above the glacier. This is the highest in the whole of Europe. The frosty scene drags you to the reality during the winter. The après ski scene or the powdery slopes of Val Thorenscan comes with mesmerizing effect.

Pre la Joux

Pre la joux

Are you a daredevil? It is time to slid down in speed on an air-board on the slopes of Pre la Joux that is in Châtel France. Riders are seen on their stomachs on inflated board, making use of their knees and feet as breaks. We said it at the onset; this is for daredevils who love snow. There are different things that you can do here apart from the sliding down of the slopes. You can come here and have an amazing timeout with your family.



In Finland, where the snow may be something else in its beauty lies Kakslauttanen in Lapland. You are staying in an igloo and sleeping there for a treat of your lifetime. Do not worry about the temperature, you are covered and in safety with the sleeping bags that can withstand any temperature. The lucky ones may even see the lights of the Aurora Borealis.

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Val d’Isere

Val d' Isere

If you love speed, then witness humans turn to demons as they race across rice in these special go-karts. The adrenaline is high and the speed is out of this world. This destination is in France where the ice circuit has been designed to beat your imagination. Even if you are making use of any other petrol powered vehicle, the heart pumping experience is not missed because the end of the adventure is never near here.

The Canadian Rockies

the Canadian Rockies

Whether it is man-made ice walls or the natural climb, the Canadian Rockies is where you should be. First pick a pair of ice axes and get ready for a workout that is rewarding. You are going to climb this place and feel drops of sweat drop down on a very cold morning. You can even go to the Big White ski resort that has artificial wall for your climb.

There are other alpine destinations that would give you similar feelings. Some of these places have become a must go areas for ski lovers and for those who would want to translate their winter vacation to something daring. There is no end to what you can do with the ice. For the first comers, the experience is simply something that they would talk until the next winter vacation when they would visit the destination again.

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