World Map Competition

Hey travelers,
Just thought about funny competition idea…

Each one in turn will attach here a world map then when enough people will post their world map photo,
we will vote for each other.

The one with the best world map will win this contest.
You are not allowed to post the same world map as others, and you are not allowed to post more than one world map.
You can post any world map you find interesting through the internet….

You can post a photo here either by linking to the photo using the img tag, or attaching your world map photo to the photo gallery on TravelMagma and then link to it.

Here is my World Map

travel blog

I am editing my post thanks to Bondy suggestion…
You can rate my world map photo in TravelMagma gallery…

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19 thoughts on “World Map Competition”

  1. Gotta say, I love this map world competition idea !!!
    To be honest, it is even better than my Travel hung man competition….
    Well done, and hope to win.
    I can also suggest that people will upload their photo to TravelMagma.Com gallery,
    because in the gallery there is a rating system so we can rate each other photos, and easily keep track of the winner.

    Here is my map world photo, it doesn't have the countries name in it, but the colors and the photo are really nice….

    travel forum

    What do you think???

    Please rate my photo by pressing here:
    Click here to RATE my photo

    Please rate my world map photo 5, don't be mean

  2. Johngeres, you inspired me to submit another entry although I don't think any one can beat the apple!.. I thought this one was nice though, I like the size that they drew Antartica!

  3. I want to add a map from a famous person of my country Belgium, Mercator, who was born in 1512 (yep, that is 500 years ago, we celebrate that this year).

    He is known for the Mercator projection world map, which is named after him. This proved very useful to many later navigators who could (using his map) sail across the entire ocean on approximately straight paths.

    travel forum

    Like it? Vote here!


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