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We’ll visit Rio and Buenos Aires briefly, and want to see another 1-2 cities in our short time in South America. We’ve always wanted to go there! But our kids will be at camp and taken care of for only 2 weeks. So, out of these 4 cities, which would you rank as 1st, 2nd, etc. and why? They are: Santiago, Lima, Cuzco or Quito?
We can only city-hop on this trip. Can’t spend much time seeing Machu Picchu, hiking, rainforests or mountains. (That’s for later on in life, when kids are gone). We only get to see it briefly, but that’s enough for now!
Please tell us where to go. Have seen videos, and like Santiago because we can take a day trip to cool Valparaiso and Vina del Mare, but can’t really tell what would be best from the 4 cities. I read a blog that said Lima can be done in one day, so it sounded like other places would be better.

Anyone been to or know about these 4 cities?

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  1. As an update, the trip to S.A. fell through. The tour operator was not responding to requests for small changes in the itinerary. For each question I had, it took a week or more for an answer. After 3 questions, 3-4 weeks had passed, without the itinerary complete, and by that time the air fares had gone up so much, they had to re-work the pricing, and of course, that took a whole week. Latour is the tour operator. The price went up too high from their delays, so we decided to take our the next highest trip on our list – to Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, B.C. We had a fabulous time! We still have our visas for Brazil, and will take a trip to S.A. when we have at least 14 days there without the round trip travel, as there is so much we want to see & do!
    We’re a little disappointed at having so little response in this forum, but will try again. I learned a lot from the postings of others.
    Happy travelling to all!  _/)

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