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Considering that the world is a book and the countries are its chapters. Those who have not explored the world, have read only one chapter of this book. The saying stands true to its each word as travelling is everything one can ask for. It gives joy, an interlude from the monotonous schedule, lonesome moments with the family and is probably the only thing, which makes you richer.

Well, now comes the question where to go? A place full of natural beauty, having innumerable tourist attractions, safe to stay and historically rich is the main traits anyone takes into consideration while choosing a location to explore. All of your reasons are well catered for if you opt out for visiting Amsterdam. Let us know more.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. It has captivating canals that criss-cross the city in such a way that they are widespread across the city’s approximately 100 km of area. The city has 44 museums, 8 windmills, 1,515 cafes and bars, 1 of the canal rings is counted among the Unesco world heritage list, 80 bridges in the canal ring, and 2500 houseboats.

After knowing all the facts we must know how and where to visit in Amsterdam? Bicycles are the most famous means of transport while exploring the city. There are almost 881,000 fixie bikes in the city, hence making Amsterdam the bicycle capital of the world. It is also a safe means of transport because of the presence of uncountable cycling paths that are exclusively occupied by these cute Lil’ fixie riders. The Dutch transport minister Melanie Schultz has banned the use of phones while riding the bicycles unless they are hands-free. This step is taken to curb the increasing number of accidents in the city. Isn’t it safe enough to use cycle with kids even?

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Let’s get an insight of where to visit in Amsterdam?


Amsterdam is a house to 44 museums in the Netherlands. There are museums, which are dedicated to almost each and every aspect of the Dutch lifestyle. The three museums, namely, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Rembrandt House Museum are the art museums, which showcase the artifacts, drawings, and painting of the masters.
Tassen museum has the exclusive 16th-century Bags and Purses on display, Sexmuseum is the world’s only and first sex museum, Scheepvaartmuseum is the National Maritime museum of Amsterdam, which has various artefacts related to sailing and shipping on exhibition. These were the names of the few museums situated in the Venice of the North.

Cafes and bars:

Amsterdam has circa 1,515 elegant and tastefully decorated cafes and bars. Since marijuana is legal in Amsterdam, so the cafe/ coffee house culture is very much in the trend here. If you go out for a stroll for basking in the bright sunlight, you will discover an elegant coffee shop probably after every 50ft of distance. Pool tables, cannabis, and booze are a common sight in the city. The traditional brown bars selling the locally distilled beer jenever and serving in the historic neighborhood are something that is far more than lavish.

Red Light District:

Amsterdam is a famous tourist attraction for its liberalized laws as well. Not only marijuana, but also prostitution finds its way as a legal profession. Many who aspire to visit this city already know this fact.

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The location is famous as the Red Light District of Amsterdam. There are 1 room cabins rented by the prostitutes. These rooms are known as “Kamers”. The kamers are illuminated by the red lights and have the glass doors. The sex workers are found standing on the window, alluring the passers-by with their sexy looks and moves.

Anne Frank House:

The then office of Otto Frank, father of the famous diarist turned into the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family, now turned into a museum, it’s none other than the Anne Frank House Amsterdam. The museum has the original diary on display of the German- Jewish teenager girl who had to live in the annex of the house for a time period of two years. In it, she has described her horrifying experience of staying confined in the walls away from the life, laughter, and fresh air.

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