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I will be going to Vietnam in March for 7 fun-filled weeks. I would love to take my digital camera since I can take photos and see how they look right then and there. Sadly, my camera can only store approximately 275 photos. I dont know if I can afford buying multiple memory cards and I really dont want to buy a whole bunch of rolls to develop later only to find out all of the pictures didnt show up.

I would like to know, when you travel for a long period of time, what is the best way to backup your photos ?

Any ideas? I appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks :-*

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  1. Whe my 512 photo card is full, I take it to an Internet cafe and have them burn a cd, then I send this CD by the post office home.
    I did it while I was travelling In Mexico, it only costs $3.20 per cd which is soooooo cheap!
    Then, I check them there to see if it worked, then delete all pix and have a blank card for shouting more…..

  2. Hi Guys,
    In my opinion the best way is to upload the photos online, we live in a modren world burning CDs is a very old fashion, why not using the technology ?

    You could use an online safe (google it). It’s not free sadly, but it’s cheaper (and alot easier) than buying memory cards or CDs for 6 months and you can store all your photos online so you don’t have to carry them all. It’s also good for storing travel documents details like your passport.

    Another free way to upload it is using a share website like ShutterFly.Com, you can store unlimited of photos thier, share it with your friends, and the best thing is the you have them all backed up !
    Enjoy Vietnam!

  3. A couple other sites are Flickr, and Photobucket to upload to…….I would buy more sd cards, they are going cheap these days, and how many pics are too many?  never too many!
    v:) :cool:)

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