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Christmas is by the corner and a lot of families are already preparing where to be. We have listed some of the finest places that they can spend this holiday at and come back with amazing stories.

See the Peeing boy at Brussels


The Peeing boy is this amazing bronze fountain statue where the local celebrate a lot of festivals that attracts thousands of tourists to it. When it comes to grand structures, Palais de Justice which is the Palace of Justice offers tourists one of the best cityscapes view, decorated with columns and a distinctive golden dome.

Surf at Hawaii


In the beginning, surfing was done on wooden planks in Hawaii around 1779. It was this year that Lieutenant James King spoke about his first encounter with the surfing that was done in Hawaii. It was referred by the natives as “hee nalu. A lot of people come to Hawaii just to have an experience of surfing. A place like Maui can be where you can have a great time surfing around. Even Oahu is not left behind in this excitement.

Get Excited at Vienna


No matter what you may be looking for in a city, Vienna got you all covered. There are a lot of things that have made Vienna stand out from the crowd, like the presence of great artists, composers, thinkers or inventors. This has been the home to Strauss, Klimt, Freud, Mozart. The capital of Austria has become a haven for culture and it is indeed a must visit when it comes to classical concert. You may spend a lot of time in this city and still not cover all the places of interest, concert halls and museums. There are so many things that this city have to offer all through the year, not forgetting the Christmas markets.

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Visit the St.Elizabeth Monastery, Minsk

To compensate you, you can visit the St.Elizabeth monastery, that was built in 1847 with a great pointed octagonal bell tower that is hovering on its entrance. The oldest church in the city is the Saint Peter & Saint Paul Church, built in 1613. A visit inside the church can tell you a lot of things. Take a trip to the Independence square. This is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who changed his name and become famous here from the United States of America.

Take Game Drive at Kilimanjaro

You can take a game drive or wildlife tours on the lemosho route, this trip can take you two to three days to have that adventure you may be itching for. The natural waterfalls such as the Kinukamori waterfalls and Materuni waterfalls are some lovely places to be. A visit to these Kilimanjaro waterfalls would give you a direct contact with the monkeys,, wild animals and birds. The volcanic lakes that are seen at the slopes of the mount are some attractive places to be. If you would not want to visit the volcanic Lake Chala, you can do many things too.

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