Where To Go In Spain For People In Their Mid 40’s

Me and 2 friends are looking to go on an all inclusive holiday to Spain around beginning of September. We want to make sure the place we choose is right for us. We don’t want to arrive there and find it is a holiday for young people in their 20’s or arrive there and find it is a holiday place for people in their 60’s.
So can anybody recommend a place to go for 3 males in their mid 40’s? We still want somewhere with plenty of nightlife. We want it to be a sand, booze and sex holiday. Just with people our age.
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1 thought on “Where To Go In Spain For People In Their Mid 40’s”

  1. Ha ha guys….you make me laugh. God so where to start. Go anywhere you like. Really it doesnt matter on the coast all the cities have travellers from all over the world of all ages. I’ve been in and out of Spain 5-6 times now and from Barcelona to Madrid to Tarifa, Canary Islands, Baeliric Islands. It doesnt matter where you go. Im 49 and cant wait to get back there and if you are like me and get on with people of all ages then it doesnt matter. Benidorm, north of Alicante is probably the only place that has a bigger concentration of Brits of the age of 60 during the summer months. And as for sex…guys come on, you can get that anywhere in the world. (Make it safe) And dont forget if you are going to swim in the sea get your jabs for typhiod at least, all the sewage in Spain goes directly into the sea. Twinrex is also a good idea. Have fun!!


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