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Minsk is surrounded by fashionable cafes, vibrant nightclubs and impressive restaurants that would help a visitor feel at home in this capital city of Belarus. Your expectation would be magnified when you visit the city’s sushi bars and its art galleries that have been designed to meet the tastes of Stalin. This city has a whisk of wildness with a flexible lifestyle for every visitor. There are lots of myriad destinations of interest for those who are thinking of a great holiday city to visit. Minsk has a smattering of multicultural pursuits that would keep you entertained all through the day.

Attractive Places To Visit In Minsk


A visit to the National Art Museum provides you with an excellent general view of fine arts in the country. There are lots of artifacts that are labeled in English language. You would find a lot of 16-20th Russian art works here. The Belarus National Museum of History and Culture have a lot of things for you to see. However, there are no English explanations for you to understand what is written on some of the fine arts works here.

To compensate you, you can visit the St.Elizabeth monastery, that was built in 1847 with a great pointed octagonal bell tower that is hovering on its entrance. The oldest church in the city is the Saint Peter & Saint Paul Church, built in 1613. A visit inside the church can tell you a lot of things. Take a trip to the Independence square. This is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who changed his name and become famous here from the United States of America.

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Are you feeling like an adventurous one? Then, visit the impressive building of the KGB Headquarters. You would see a lot of arms and historic artifacts here that borders around the military of the country. There are a lot of things you can do when you are in Minsk like visiting the artificial reservoir; Minskaje Mora . This a free beach to visit and there are lots of fun here. You can experience the Ice Skating Rink that is in front of the Palac Respubliki during the winter.

Finally, you can go to the Skiing resorts located at Lahojsk and Siličy which are some of the popular tourist centers to visit while in Minsk.

Minsk National Airport (MSQ)

Minsk National Airport is Belarus’s international airport that is situated 42 km to the east of the capital Minsk. It serves as a major hub to Belavia and the cargo carriers TransAVIAexport Airlines and Genex. In 2013, it handled 2,182,177 passengers.

Car Rental Services In Minsk

Flight booking to Minsk is not complete without car hire service that would take you from the airport to your destination in the city. There are different car hire services that would support your movement when you take advantage of these car hiring services when you are in Minsk.

Minsk tourism

Hotels & Accommodation

There are a lot of hotels

you can make use of when you are in Minsk. These hotels offer you luxury and comfort. You can eat both continental and local meals in any of these hotels, with great views of Minsk from some of their roof tops.

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The Best Time To Visit Minsk

The best time to travel to Minsk is during the warm summer months between May and September. Coming to Minsk leaves you asking for more adventurous activities. There is no time you visit Minsk that there is no fun to be engaged in.

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