Where to book your Hostel – Website ?

I am used to travel a lot with hostel accomodation, I think this is a great way,
To travel, Since you make a whole lot of firends, and meet new people, culture etc…
Generally when I travel I just arrive to the hostel, I hear from other.
The thing is sometimes it is full, and I get upset having to go somewhere else
In order to find another hostel.
I wander if there is a website, that lets me book an hostel online.

If there is what is the best one ?

Please help,
Hostel Traveler O0

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5 thoughts on “Where to book your Hostel – Website ?”

  1. Yes, of Course there is a very good site,
    I always use to book hostels wherever and whenever I want.
    Check it out http://www.hostels.com,
    They have also great reviews about the hostels, however I do recommend not to rely only
    on the site reviews, but consult other people, what was thier real experience in the specific hostel you are interested.
    Also note that they charge you a fee of reservation of around 2$.

    Hope this helps

  2. Hey Guys,
    No Offense But I think you guys are really suckers !
    Why paying 2$ fee for booking online your hostel.
    What I use is:

    They allow you to book your hostel paying 10% of your staying there, (Then when you get to the hostel, you pay the rest 90%), which means with them you pay no fee for booking your hostel online which is great !
    However Hostels.Com and HostelWorld.Com as more hostels variety, what I do is I check the hostel I want on them then book it on HostelBookers.Com for no booking fee.

    Have fun,

  3. I use Hostelworld and have there booking engine on my website. If you are travelling in peek season and will arrive late at your destination book ahead or you can find yourself wandering the streets late at night.

  4. I travelled extensively in the mid 90’s before the internet had become widely used and it was a pain trying to organise hostel accommodation (especially when I was in a country that didn’t speak English!!). I would imagine it would make such a difference having the ability to conveniently book ahead. Don’t you just love the ease of the Internet?!?!


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