Where Is Your Dream Destination?

Hi everyone, my first day here on the blogs!

What’s everyone’s dream destination?

As in, you can travel anywhere you want to right now, where would it be?

Nice to meet you all in advance!

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13 thoughts on “Where Is Your Dream Destination?”

  1. I also want to visit Carribean, I have seen and heard a lot about this place that there are many famous beaches to enjoy your vacation by surfing, boating and lots of amazing things to . 

  2. My dream destination are Paris, Rome and Peru…

    But among the three Peru is first on my list because I am so curious about the Nazca Lines in Peru…

    I want to see those mysterious lines created in the middle of the Desert in southern Peru…

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  4. I agree, yet believe me that there are cities which are completely uninspiring for street photography. For example, Pune where we currently are. I recently found an ok neighbourhood but apart from that, I prefer to write articles 😉


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