Where is the best place to do Bungee Jumping ?

Hey Travelers !
I am new in this Forum and would like to know about the best place to do Bungee Jumping ?

This place should be safe and not too expensive.

Andy kk:)

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19 thoughts on “Where is the best place to do Bungee Jumping ?”

  1. Whats up Andy?
    In my opinion the best place for bungee jumping is New Zealand, around Queens-town Area/

    This is because New Zealand is beautiful country with indescribable scenery !
    When you jump apart from being afraid and getting lots of adrenalin, you wanna see really
      nice scenery.
    Also in this country there is so many places where you can do Bungee, so you have unlimited variety, and the prices are not too expensive.

    Bolivia is cheaper though but I wouldn’t recommend to Bungee jump there, I have heard it is not so safe, and the equipment is a shit there !

  2. My Favorite place for Bungee Jump was:
    Verzasca dam in Ticino, Switzerland.

    This Dam is located at 220 meters in Ticino Valley, Switzerland.
    It got famous  when James Bond did a breathtaking bungee jump, for the scene in Golden eye. Remember?

    What I liked about this jump was the stunning Swiss scenery with the Alps on one side, a lake on the other and the azure river at the bottom.

    If you jumping, Jump there & You?ll definitely have a great story for your friends, on the next James Bond movie !
    So don’t be scared !  :nightlife:)

  3. Come and experience Bungee Jumping at Jinja, Kampala,Uganda in East Africa. You will have an experience to water touch the source of the Nile…….Enjoy

  4. For me its Bungy Bullet, Australia.
    It is located Coast in Queensland, Australia, the Bungy Bullet is actually a reverse bungee. Strap yourself into the dual-seat contraption and get shot 164 feet into the air in one second flat. Although many bungee veterans will say that this isn’t the true sport, it is quite an exhilarating experience.

  5. Bungee jumping in New Zealand is good for its location and another is Bloukrans River Bridge, height to the valley floor is 216 metres (710 ft), the highest commercially operated bungee jumping…. very scary!

  6. the best place to bungee? somewhere with plenty of space below you!
    seriously though i would think that New Zealand would be a good bet, it has a lot of vertical scenary so there must some really good places there

  7. very droll, i’ve never had the guts to throw myself of a high height with a bit of elastic tied to my ankle. personally i’ll stick to driving

  8. i saw the title and was about to post ‘somewhere high with plenty of space below you’ but i see someone already got in first.
    shall try harder next time

  9. It is New Zealand of course – well we did invent it. Try Gravity Canyon. Its the highest in NZ and you will leave with the most exhilarating experience of your life.

  10. Hi there,
    Nepal is one of the best country for Bungy Jumping and it offers you 165m down jump and Nepal is located between India and China. Please do write here for further information.

    Thank you

  11. I think the best place to do the bunge jumping is in Cairns in Queensland, Australia.

    And I have collected it, please click here.?

    (Admin: Link Deleted, No links allowed in post)

    Cairns—-With lush rainforests, big rivers and the Great Barrier Reef and full of adventures

    :travel Forum:)

  12. I have tried Bungee Jumping in HongKong..I am really afraid of heights but I have already paid for it so I might as well go through it..And man..I would never do that again..Hahaha

  13. Hi Andy,

    Here are the some great places for Bungee Jumping:

    007 Bungy Jumping Center, Ticino, Switzerland: At 722 feet, the jump along the wall of the Verzasca dam is the highest in the world.

    Over the Edge Bungee, Inc., Idaho:This company organizes bridge jumps throughout the Western states, including Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona.

    & my all time Favorite is Blue Thunder Bungee, Canada: Situated in the world’s largest mall, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Blue Thunder Bungee offers a jump from a 106-foot tower into water; full body dunks are also available welcome.

  14. Hi,

    I read some of the article about the bungy in New zealand.Of course there is also Bungy but this not a longest one, Nepal is the best place for Bungy which is 160m. in the gorge of Bhute Koshi River. Global Adventure Trekking offers the various kind of adventure activities in Nepal for adventure sceekers. Come and join us for more details info regarding the adventure activities.



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