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I read best time to visit this part of the world is september-october. And there is rain season from april till june.

Should I not visit the country during this rain season, or is it not that bad?

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  1. French Guiana is a little country of pristine rainforests that has both the luck and misfortune of being colonized by France (and is thus a member of the EU). It’s the wealthiest region of this corner, with France pouring in the funds to insure a stable base for its satellite launcher; everyone from Brazil to Suriname tries to cross the border in hopes of high-paying jobs and unemployment benefits. Yet the country lacks the smiling simplicity of its struggling neighbors. On the one hand it’s a fascinating destination of cleaned-up colonial architecture, eerie prison camp history (that involved the colorful characters of Papillon and Alfred Dreyfus) and some of the most diverse plant and animal life in the world; on the other hand, its heart seems buried beneath a cold European hand uninterested in seeing its people reach their full potential.

  2. The best time to visit French Guiana is from August to December, which is the dry season, with lesser rainfall. Sightseeing will be pleasant experience during this season.

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