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What was the most beautiful beach you have ever been to? - Travel Advice from the Pros
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Mine was Limon, Costa-Rica

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  1. I will suggest you Famagusta beaches .Here you can get several beaches  .Glapsides Beach  is only 200m away from the Bediz Beach and is one of the busiest beaches around Famagusta .

  2. Marbuenna Beach resort in Ajuy Iloilo. Beautiful white sand beaches like boracay and crystal clear water. Best part is no hawkers or boka boats clogging up the beach.

  3. Beaches in Mauritius are some of my favorites. I would recommend that all should go there at least once in their life. I got the opportunity to visit Mauritius after receiving letter from American airways free tickets, I was so delighted. Immediately i made a list of things to take on my visit. I got such beautiful pictures of the place!!! People are also so friendly.. Great trip, juts loved it!

  4. Hi, mine is Boracay Beaches. I love the food there and the fined white sand plus the beautiful views and friendly people.

  5. its goa in India. its a world-class beach destiantion with everything one can think of about during a beach holiday…….

  6. As i have never been outside India i  can say u about the beach in india only and among the beaches i have visited i would prefer beaches of Goa are really great.

  7. Grand Baie boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. It was once called De Bogt Zonder Eyndt (Bay without End) by the dutch due to its widespread beaches.

    Grand Baie is now famous for its nightlife and unlike the other parts of Mauritius it is the most happening cosmopolitan town. On your visit there, you might find a lot of fishing boats due to its diverse and shallow marine life. People usually make day trips to the place for the quality and variety it offers which no other place in Mauritius has.

    If you are looking for settling in Mauritius, then Grand Baie is not a bad option. It has good public transportation and a wide range of accommodation options. It is also the departure point for all the cruises to the northern islands.

  8. The most beutiful beach for me is Cabo in Mexico. That place is where I want to be and to have the chance to wake up every morning.

  9. Hm, this is a tough question! I haven’t been to so many beaches and most of them are in Europe. But I think it is the beach in a small Greek Island, I don’t even remember its name because we were on a boat trip but it looked like heaven on Earth. I am sure thare are more exotic and beautiful places but I haven’t had the chance to see them!

  10. I vote for Barcelona beach 🙂  crowded, sunny. in free time its great to explore the city! the friend told me about the app – gps talking guide or something – which he uses when visiting instead of map.

  11. I live in Thailand and the beaches over here are really amazing. If you are coming to Thailand, here are some of the beaches which are must to visit : Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala and Nai Han Beach.

  12. Hi,

    Most beautiful beach I have ever been to. I live in Orange County and have been to the beach in Cancun. But Makena big beach is something else! Soft sand and warm water is putting it lightly. I love that there’s no hotels or houses on the beach. I didn’t want to leave. The waves are a little rough but even if you don’t go in the water you must go to this beach.





  13. The white beaches of North west Florida. (fort walton beach area) It’s beautiful!! Light blue clear water, sand that is soft and don’t burn your feet. Wild dolphins swimming out in the distance and lots to do in the area. I LOVE it there.


    I have listened lot about beaches, the one which i have heard is malaysian beaches, they are wonderful to see

  15. Makena Beach: Most beautiful beach I have ever been to. … The waves are a little rough but even if you don’t go in the water you must go to this beach.

  16. HI everyone, it is hard to say which is the best beach for you. I think Caribbean beaches are best but most of caribbean beaches have not resorts. In my point of view, Vietnam and Cambodia have some best beaches.

  17. There are many beautiful beaches in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand where I used to live, but I was a regular at Longbeach located on the opposite side to Russell which can be accessed through a hill fragrant with honeysuckle and wild ginger, so intoxicatingly magical bigtup

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