What is you opinion on airlines putting the squeeze on folks

Heard of airlines putting the squeeze on folks, The latest raft of airline policies (and revenue sources) now focuses on big people:

Don’t you think this is ridiculous .What is you opinion .

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5 thoughts on “What is you opinion on airlines putting the squeeze on folks”

  1. Hm mm. They are suggesting that you get a business class ticket so you would not be squeezed in the economy class.

    I think they are maximizing their economy class seats. Well they need to profit. 

  2. without wanting to sound to rude, i think that it is fair. one of the limiting factors for takeoff is weight. and although one person doesn’t make a difference, 200 will.
    for instance, in the uk anyone can drive a mini bus using a standard drivers license. but if the minibus is full of a rugby team with all their kit then technically you need a goods vehicle license because the weight exceeds your license allowance

  3. From a business stand point, it makes sense. An airline makes money on how many seats they sell on their airlines. If they have to give up a seat for someone who is overweight, then they lose money. I think they could charge half-the-price for the extra seat or give some type of discount for business class, but for a business there goal is to make money. I think obesity is a problem that should be a health priority to get people to live healthier lives rather than catering to them.


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