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What is the BEST age to Travel a World Wide Trip ? - Travel Advice from the Pros
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I am currently 24 and as all of us here, i am eager to see the world.

But, i also have fears about what i will do when i finish travelling (which is gonna be very sad) , if i was to travel now.

The reason i say this is i am deeply considering spending the next 4/5 years in the navy. Getting personal skills, CV experience and some much needed character building. In that time I could save for my worldwide trip.

Or i could go now, whilst i am still very young.

I think if i would have gone now, I would still be very naive and might not be as brave as i might be in future years, although in future years i may infact be more reserved and take a more laid back approach.

What is the best age to travel a World Wide Trip in Your Opinion ?
The age in which you can enjoy and benefit the most in this kind of travel 😮


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  1. I did a 3 month round the world trip when I was 24 and loved every minute (by flying) I did another 4 month round the world trip when I was 27 and again loved it (by flying) I am now 36 and planning another trip, to take a year and go round the world without flying. My advise would be you can go at any age but go when life allows you to go, the opportunity may not come again, especially if you get a mortgage or kids!

  2. In my opinion, around 25 age is good for world wide trip. When we travel in young age, we don’t have any experience or knowledge. When we enter in mature age then its the good age of world trip.

  3. My first trip overseas was at the age of 25. It was a great experience. I was able to travel to Brazil. The earlier you begin the more opportunities you may have in the future. Don’t wait. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries since then.


  4. age is just a number.I am 27 and much happier than when I was 21.The best time to travel aroudn the world is when you say it is.

    (Deleted Admin: NO ADDS !)

  5. tricky choice, go when you are younger and have fewer commitments or go older and just take it easy.
    since i’m too old for the former i would have to go with the early retirement and living the high life

  6. personally i would go for travelling the world if i take early retirement, one because i would like to take my time and see lots. and two because i’m too old now to go as a teenager

  7. i don’t think there is any perfect age per se to travel. i think it is all about enjoying yourself. whether it is living it up in an Ibiza club at 4am or strolling along the bournemouth front before a hot chocolate and an early night.

  8. i think the best age to travel is whenever you want to. unless you’re 19 and going to america. you may want to hang on a couple of years

  9. There is no ideal age. Do it when you can. I started at 46 years old, have been travelling for 2 years and have no intention of stopping just yet. Go for it!!

  10. My partner never flew as a child and is now sacred of flying, if she had flown as a child I dont think she would have this fear. So the earlier the better

  11. there is no ideal age…when your mind is too messed up and wants to fly, take a trip…and then you are all ready to take it all once again!!!!:)

  12. I think travelling in your mid twenties is ideal. You have a little bit more common sense than when you are 18-22… but there’s a good chance you don’t yet have the responsibilities of family and mortgage…

    I travelled between the ages of 24-27 and I’m so glad I did. I met my husband at age 28, we got married and now have 3 kids and a mortgage. My husband had not travelled before we met, and as much as we would both love to do it now, financially it would be near on impossible!

    So – my advice – do it while you can!

  13. I think it depends on the kind of person you are. If you are wise beyond your years then 16 to 18 is good. Other wise I would travel with others or wait until I understood the real dangers/problems that travelers who travel alone can face when traveling the world.

  14. I like this question, and reading your replies is so interesting, got jealous that many of you have traveled around the world , I have been to only 2 abroad (Laos & Cambodia) and wishes that I could have done more, so start as soon as you can because traveling is joy of life …If anybody wish to go to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…contact me 🙂 I live in Vietnam. Cheers! lol

  15. Hello BigBoy..!!

    For me the best age to travel a World Wide Trip is in between 20 to 42 years.Because during this range of age one can easily handle his or her body.He/she knows how to adjust their-self according to the situation or the climate.………..I also want to add more by saying that ,if a person is keen of traveling and have spend more of his time in tripping then no-one can him/her.For the person like these, age gap doesn't matter…..

    With Regards,
    Peter George.

    (Admin: Links on post deleted)

  16. I don’t think theres really an ideal age but it does depend where you’re going and where you’re staying…
    If you’re planning on visiting the east coast of Australia, for example, there are so many young backpackers there that if you’re 40 years old, you may feel a bit alienated and will find the parties and accommodation quite annoying. (This obviously depends what kind of 40 year-old you are!)
    I don’t think it really matters what age you are as long as you pack plenty of common sense and do a lot of research before you go! I did my first round the world trip at 19 and had the time of my life.  🙂

  17. after 20,21 when you can probably visit most of the countries in the world and drink is a must on travel,not to get hammered but to taste the different beverages.who knows when you will get get the next chance?after that age there is no limit,you can still travel even if you are 90 🙂

  18. I traveled around the world -I was 14 years old, granted I had my mother and sister with me.  My mother had a teaching sabatical from the school she taught at and with backpacks off we went.  Now that I have an 11 year old daughter, I realize that when I traveled,I traveled considerably “free”, as far as security threats in the world.  Now I am unable to travel with my daughter to much of Africa or any of the Middle East. The world just is not the same place post 9/11.  Point of the story:  Travel while you can.  Get a trip to those adventurous lands that perhaps a year from now will be off-limits. The older you get you also start to change your modes of travel.  It would seem that the younger you are the more adventurous and daring you are, and the older you get the more luxury you start expecting.  Don’t let your youth pass you because surely it will.  Cease the moment and go!!!

    I have to agree here. With so many terror alerts sounding all the time, I think you should just pack and leave. The older you get, there will be certain limitations that you’ll have travel with.

  19. I don’t think there’s a best age for travel. As long as you have the opportunity to tour around the world then do it now.
    There are a lot of things to experience and learn from different countries. 🙂

  20. I'm 18 and I have just returned from a working/backpacking trip of Europe. I made friends on the way, but I was always the youngest, and I think that especially as a girl traveling mostly alone I held back on a lot of things .. maybe if I was older I would have had more confidence.

    But, on the other hand, I'm sure that the traveling itself built up my independence, and it was really worthwhile to me to learnt that I could do things on my own.
    I think either way you'll have a good time


  21. In my opinion you should go for navy and save good money to travel around the world. This world is not a small place that you can travel in very short span of time. Save a good amount of money so that you shouldn’t have any financial issues later on when you are traveling. Also serving 4 years in navy will help you to develop your personality and you will gain a lot that would be helpful during your travel period.


  22. i think the best age to travel a world wide trip is 24… this is mature age and you will be reseposible for your self….

  23. I think best age to travel a world wide Trip is 25 above because you can handle every thing in this age and you can take right decision every time.

  24. For me 18 is ok…

    But I much prefer 25, in that age you are more mature and knowlegable about the place and the people you were going to meet…

    I start traveling at the age of 20 and I find it harder than now…I’m 26…^_^

    Traveling concern about dealing with people in different culture and attitude…So I guess if you are mature you can easily handle that…^_^

  25. Well, if you have the funds to go on RWT, please proceed. If not, as you said you can earn a bit and get the confidence to travel alone around the world and do it. There is no particular age for traveling around the world, but do make it before you are too old! If you are healthy, you can travel on your fifties too.. But may be not after that, depends on your health though..I am 25 now and am more interested in traveling to countries and not in for a RWT.. My next plan is to visit India when i get my American airways promotional free airline tickets.. If you are not worried about your careeer, go for it!! Don’t take any worries with you on your trip, just enjoy thoroughly.. 🙂

  26. I think 28 is the perfect age to travel a world tour. its a muture age and you are able manage all kind of things in this age!!

  27. I’ve been travelling on and (mainly) off since I was 20. I got my career and life sorted and then stopped phaffing and moved to the UK last year to focus on travel. I’m now 38, so maybe a little older than your typical Aussie backpacker!

    You need to do what works for you. I’m sure with the Navy you would get the opportunity to see some amazing places and then when you get out you could look at going back and exploring those places in more detail. If you are 23 now then you should still be ok for most of the Working Holiday Visa schemes as they usually hang around until 31.

  28. ANY age, I say. I took off for 6 months when I was 18 and it was a huge growing experience for me. If you wait too long, you can get tied down.?
    Post Merged: July 07, 2011, 03:32:48 AM

    ANY age, I say. I took off for 6 months when I was 18 and it was a huge growing experience for me. If you wait too long, you can get tied down.

  29. I don’t really think that there is a perfect age for traveling but certainly you will feel and experinece different things if you travle at 20 or at 40. My point is that actually a person on a different age will have quite differenr requirements and will want to experinece different things during his or her trip

  30. As far as I think, You should go for now, if you later on, you might not be able to enjoy, as you will try to be secure first(after joining the navy)

    On top of that, if you go on the world tour now, you will have the more knowledge regarding various part of the world, you can even have more experience, which will actually help you in your carrier of Navy…
    In addition to that,  If you travel right now, you will actually have the joy to roam with girls and other enjoy the other factors which can be more understood by adults, rather than old aged guys…Plus, you will also receive the adventures skills that you can use  in your carrier in Navy.
    So I better recommend to explore the world first, then enter in  your carrier with your skills and knowledge..

    Who knows, you might be able to use your world tour experience in your carrier?

  31. I think the only person that can answer this question is you. However I would say if you are having to ask the question in the first place, then maybe it is better to wait……

    I waited until now to travel not due to age but because it was the right time for me. I also had more money to actually enjoy all the places I’ve seen. I’ve met quite alot of people (of all ages) who haven’t been able to see and do everything they want due to financial constraints and that seems to be a bigger barrier than age.

  32. Well according to me after getting experience for building a great carrier and future in any field, you are free to travel world wide. Now I am 25 years old and I will work for 5 years to get experience as an Software Developer than I would like to travel for a world trip. 

  33. the alone affair I would say to anticipate about is that as you’re cerebration of travelling now, would you maybe feel trapped if you committed yourself to 4 or 5 years in the fleet afore going? It ability be fine, or you ability get a year or two down the clue and acquisition you wish to leave… I don’t apperceive abundant about these things, but am apperception you accept to assurance up for a assertive time and again it’s possibly catchy if you wish to leave earlier?

    Having said that, I was an earlier traveller (31) and feel I absolutely acquired added than I would accept done if I was adolescent because I anticipate I handled things bigger and didn’t get cool out. Also with some activity acquaintance abaft me, I anticipate I was able to acknowledge things that I maybe wouldn’t have. But that was a claimed affair for me, and based on my personality and the actuality that I was actual adolescent in my backward adolescence and twenties. I met a lot of adolescent travellers who were absolutely blessed they were travelling and were accepting endless from the experience. Travelling in itself is character-building as you apprentice to cope with things that you didn’t anticipate you could cope with. the actuality you’re already cerebration things through in a advised way and acquainted that you ability not be ‘ready’ makes me anticipate that you ARE ready! In any case, you can biking now AND later, it doesn’t accept to be a just once-in-a-lifetime thing. travel anticipate you charge to anguish about what you’d do if you appear aback – you don’t apperceive area your travelling will yield you (inside and outside) or how you’ll feel if you’re back. I gave up aggregate to go away, some may accept alleged it stupid, (including me!) but I bound not to anguish about ‘when I’m back’, and just be in the present while I was abroad – and aggregate formed out fine!

  34. I think this best age when you have to travel around the world is 25 to 30. This is the ideal age for travel in my opinion. I have my frist trip when I was 26. 

  35. Is there really an age to do a world trip apart the careful planning and of course the material aspect of it wink ?

    My Friend Vanessa in the UK who is only 25, went for a sabbatical year abroad with her boyfriend, through a world trip which she meticulously prepared and she has won her challenge with flying colors, she really blew me away bigtup

    The spirit of adventure and the desire for a thrill is at its highest in the 20’s of course, but life and experience can make any trip enjoyable far beyond youth as long as one has eyes big enough to see and senses on alert !

    Travelling is really the best thing in the world !



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