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What Can You Do More to “green” your hotel stay?

Here are some Tips:

  1. Unplug –

    The first thing you should do when you walk into a hotel room is unplug the mini fridge unless you brought cold beverages or food also unplug lamps coffee makers and hair dryers. Appliances drain energy even when they’re not on.

  2. Stick the “Do not Disturb” on your door

    Or just call housekeeping and tell them you won’t need their services during your stay. To prevent the hotel from wasting water by changing your sheets and towels, wasting electricity by vacuuming, and spraying harsh chemicals all over your toothbrush, just ask them to refrain from cleaning your room during your stay.

  3. Adjust the thermostat

    By lowering the temperature by 2 degrees in the winter or raising it by 2 in the summer you will save a lot of energy. And you won’t notice the difference.

  4. When you leave your room be sure to turn off the lights, thermostat and the TV
  5. Take shorter showers-

    Sometimes a long, hot shower feels incredible. But do you need that every day?

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1 Comment

    1. Ask the hotel what their policy is on recycling. If they don’t give a satisfactory answer, at least take your rubbish away with you so that you can dispose of it responsibly.

    2. Check that all the light bulbs are low energy. If not complain to the hotel.

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