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Wearing comfortable cloth when trekking is important.

Do you now the famous “Grand Randonnee” in Southern France or Mallorca Island with its fantastic paths directly above the sea? Kalymnos is much better regarding the panorama and untouched nature! Do you now the famous “High routes or the so-called Alte Vie” in the Italian Dolomites, full of walkers, hikers an trekkers walking in a noisy queue? These “main road paths” do not exist on the wild Island of Kalymnos in Greece. Everywhere you encounter silence, beautiful views and your only company is goats. Sometimes you are even happy to find an empty plastic water bottle because this is means “someone was here before and I am on the correct path”. Everywhere on Kalymnos there are mountains, crests, ridges, antique monasteries and small deserted bays were you can swim alone. Sometime you visit villages where the friendly inhabitants are happy to ask “How are you?” because this is the these only phrase they know in English language. Hiking and trekking through the Kalymnos Island is for me a personal great satisfaction: I have to train my senses to find the direction (follow the nose) which is one of the many characteristics of a mountain guide. Only in Patagonia or in the Jungle of Thailand I fell similar sensations as here: Kalymnos is totally different than the most touristy and busy Islands in Greece. For the fans of jungle trekking: please do not come to Greece on Kalymnos for your walking holidays: here are only small bushes and the air is fragrant of sage and mint.

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