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The dong (VND) has been the currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978. Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, it is represented by the symbol “đ”. Formerly, it was subdivided into 10 hào, which was further subdivided into 10 xu, neither of which is now used. Paper notes come in denominations of 200d, 500d, 1000d, 2000d, 5000d, 10,000d, 20,000d, 50,000d, 100,000d, 200,000d and 500,000d. Only recently, in 2003, coins were reintroduced in denominations of 200d, 500d, 1000d, 2,000d and 5,000d.

Vietnamese Currency

ATMs have proliferated throughout Vietnam’s major cities, withdraws is functioning 24/7 in Vietnamese dong, some recommended cash point are ACB (Asia Commercial Bank), Vietcombank, Sacombank, HSBC and DBS. Most of them are connected to the Visa/Plus and MasterCard/Cirrus networks, and can be used to get cash advances through your credit card.

Currency Exchange

Foreign currency (cash or traveler’s checks) may be exchanged for Vietnamese currency at licensed exchange facilities of the State Bank of Vietnam and other authorized banks. Arriving tourists can change their dollars at banks, hotels, and authorized exchange bureaus. Major hotels often offer the same rate as banks. Smaller hotels may charge an extra fee for exchange.

Ways to distinguish the real VND from the fake VND

The Penetrating method of differentiating the real VND from the fake VND can be summed up as five processes below: color, the watermark, the plastic paper, and the blur image of Ho Chi Minh.
The plastic of VND notes is hard to imitate and very durable and fake money are usually breakable, that is, the images and colors are not so sharp.

On Vietnamese Dong (plastic money) the color on counterfeit money is also not clear. On real bills there are always two images of Ho Chi Minh: One clear and one blur, and there is a section that we can see through the plastic money with the number of the bill on it (This part is very easy to find down if the money is faked or not)

Tips: In most of the case we strongly recommend to change money in the bank or hotel so that you can avoid the fake money.

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