Vienna To Venice By Train


Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum is really well done with a great selection of exhibits and a perfect organization of the rooms with several useful points in multimedia to deepen the museum experience. The entrance ticket cost is quite high, but it is worth spending the money for the visit.

Vienna To Venice By Train


One who goes to Venice must not miss a visit to the famous Palazzo Ducale. A tip: do everything calmly and enjoy the relaxing environment. Explore the palace and take your time to pay homage to the great artists who have decorated the place and the history that has passed in those rooms.

Here are the available modes of transport from Vienna to Venice.

Train Ticket From Vienna To Venice

There are three stations to stop before reaching the city of Venice if you choose to take the regional train. If you take high speed train, it will take you direct to Innsbruck and onwards to Venice. The travel time is almost 10 hours by railway service. The first train leaves at 06:00 AM and the last at 11:00 PM. The cheapest train fare is offered at US $ 97. To learn more about the timetable and train fares, check out:

Vienna To Venice By Train

Bus Ticket From Vienna To Venice

The travel distance from Vienna to Venice is 625 kms. The travel time is 6 hours and 50 minutes. There is one bus transport service for the Vienna to Venice route. The first trip usually leaves at 23:15 and the lowest fare is offered at € 42. To get the full details of bus travel, visit:

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If you choose to drive all the way from Vienna to Venice, aside from seeing the great scenery the travel time is reduced to 5 hours.

Airplane Ticket From Vienna To Venice

The Vienna to Venice direct flight route is serviced by three international airlines. The air travel duration is 1 hour and 11 minutes. The first flight leaves at 09:10 AM and the last at 08:35 PM. He most affordable plane fare is offered at US$ 93.

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