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When spring comes, tourist are very exciting to travel to many festival in VietNam.



is missing a year, and also is missing a lifetime”

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Vieng market is located at Trung Thanh, Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province. Fair Vieng has become a unique culture of this homeland, where the ancient people called “local flexibility, the masterpiece.” The uniqueness of Vieng market is only once a year session. Previous two centuries, also called fair market that people enjoys the spring (spring travel market). But surrounding it is a relic of Saint Lieu Hanh – Vietnam Spirit mainstream form, should go in parallel with the main market is the form to work festival has been given to health and fortune.

Vieng market stretching from midnight the 7th to 8th festival in Lunar Year.

Not only the people from Nam Dinh go to Vieng for early year but also the quartet originating from Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Hai Phong – Quang Ninh up, everyone is trying to go shopping once at Vieng to expect wholesale gifts for the whole year may sell expensive , to play, to find items at bargain price, even just to get the reputation as the market has visited.

The market is mainly the two winding bamboo in makeshift roadside, 5km run throughout with full color. Vieng also sold goods of every type, but it is especially here that both seller and buyer are not set goals of economic interests first. Visit to Vieng market in the spring, the main purpose is to pray for fortune. That is the mental benefits, just as market participants were considered to have good luck all year.

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Was named is a fair but people here do not buy or sell necessities requirement for human life, such as rice, meat, clothes, shoes … things are not as high-end luxury. They are simply products of nature for production of small farmers as a plow, a hoe, knife, sickle, basket… or a variety plant and animal breeds, such as citrus trees, pepper trees, landscape trees, fruit trees … you can also find here the a copper incensory …

Traders in the neighboring provinces such as Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh prepared from morning to go to the market promptly. People from further provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Lang Son, Ha Giang must come from the evening before to find lodging. During the night before the electric light stained. The dealer even close to or far, or how to be favorable, to bring their specialties of homeland enters the market.

Vieng market has take place once a year, but it has a thousands of goods and restaurants with several km long. People in this region and around brings the necessities for life, work and learning tools of children every day to buy, sell or trade. From all kinds of hoes and shovels to bowls, plates, baskets, clothes, shoes, bad pen, needle, thread, as present day market. In both markets also sell the products featured, famous regions. Vieng market also sell all kinds of old furniture.People must bring to market a couple of something, from an old pot or a knife can take away for sale as well.

Fair that the seller does not need to sell expensive, people very keen to buy such cheap, expensive, just “sell”, “buy” to obtain financing for development and fortune all the year.

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