Vacations In Latvia

Latvia, a state in Europe lying on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is a far – fetched state one has to visit for his or her holidays. Latvia has oodles of attractions that are well placed in its many resourceful rural and urban areas. The great castles, the historical museums, large calm forests, architectural buildings, the House of Blackheads, the Cat House and the Old City Riga to name just but a few have earned Latvia tremendous reputation among many tourists and has thus continued to garner enormous numbers of local and international tourists every year. Latvia is also endorsed with a much captivating and calm unblemished sea coast that offers white and soft sandy beaches. Being the Christmas holidays my dad and I choose to visit Latvia to enjoy its versatile and captivating beauty. The serene atmosphere and an all weather welcoming state left me with much desire to extol its wonders.

Vacations in Latvia

We commenced our journey at the Old City of Riga. The city is an enthralling collection of buildings with well decorated cobble stone streets. It is an awesome city that no one can afford to miss because of its appealing architectural design of the building, the churches and the cathedrals. The city was packed to capacity at the time of our arrival since it was Christmas season and many hordes of people from all corners of the world had come to spend their holidays too. The city was garlanded with lots of beautiful Christmas trees and glowing lights that continued glittering day and night in most parts of the welcoming streets. What attracted our attention most was the uniqueness and the eye catching decoration of the Christmas trees which we had never seen before. The trees’ splendor seemed to have taken the decorators a century to get them to their state. We managed to interact with the many people along the streets who explained to us that the decorations according to their culture signified majestic and holistic celebrations. It was indeed a great and wonderful moment admiring the trees’ exquisiteness.

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Vacations in Latvia

Right at the city, we toured the St Peter’s Church. The massive and impressive building displayed its beautiful architectural design from far. Though an old church, it was a spectacular site that we enjoyed and felt privileged maneuvering around. We then moved inside and were graced with a piety feeling as we witnessed hundreds of people on their knees and others sitting all in great spirits of devotion. It was really amazing to see how the people of Latvia maintained their faith. The interior design of the building was eye and mind soothing. Lots of gold was displayed from all corners while lighted candles shone brightly with different kinds of shades to all parts of the church. The St Peter’s Church was indeed a worthwhile place to visit. Right at the top of this incredible tower, we were offered a panoramic and an interesting view of the Riga city. It felt so good standing on the tower such that we thought of spending the rest of our day there. It remained a great moment as we went on appreciating the beauty Riga city embraced tightly right from the tower. I would love to visit the church again.

Vacations in Latvia

The House of Blackheads was another remarkable building that we mesmerized visiting. The building was reconstructed from damage as it was used by the guilds of unmarried merchants who were called Blackheads and thus the name House of Blackheads. The gigantic building that exhibited its captivating and precious architectural design on a vast area was a really lovely and quaint site that we would not want to avoid. The beauty of the old building was so fascinating that we kept wondering why such buildings had to originate from history. Inside was a wide hall that was used to grace different celebrations. Large masses of people continued flocking in, all in high moods of jubilation and merry ready to join in the celebrations of that day. The charming ornamentation at all parts of the hall was a standing sign that the celebrations were really fancy. We felt lucky having felt the cool tranquil atmosphere. Our visit was perfectly incredible.

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Vacations in Latvia

Riga Motormuseum was another fantastic and most enjoyable place we experienced and treasured. The museum featured more than one hundred motor vehicles dating back from the early 20th Century including military cars, motorcycles and other manufactured cars. The museum was set up during the soviet era and ever since it has grown tremendously. Outstanding collection of traditional and historical cars, were mostly from the American State and Soviet Union. It was a superb moment as we walked blissfully round the rooms observing, touching and understanding the great history of each car from the well displayed English information. We encountered some rare vehicles like audi cars, brezhniev’s crashed Rolls-Royce among many others. A visit to this place was really enthusiastic due to the many historical and old items that we found in this museum. I was particularly grateful to my dad for having organized this trip to Latvia. I was overwhelmed with joy as I observed the many vehicles that I had long dreamt owning them. We enjoyed every bit of our visit to the museum.

Vacations in Latvia

Riga city had bountiful attractions that we could hardly leave without appreciating. Next on the list was the amazing Riga castle that stood on the banks of River Daugava. The castle was really attractive with many fortifications that it greatly invited us to walk inside and experience a cool adventure. The atmosphere there was so serene such that we walked our heads high and joyously adored the wonders lying inside the castle. Inside, the marvelous National History museum that housed fifteen rooms all filled with different kinds of art was a worthwhile satisfactory reason of having visited the castle. Stunning arts were well displayed ranging from traditional arts, carvings, clothing and furnishings. We took meaningful time to walk around, our minds blowing fantasies of the numerous different arts and admiring their beauty. We greatly liked the experience. The museum also housed huge collections of early Latvian jewelry, costumes and rooms. It was a perfect experience and I only wished I could manage to carry one of the jewelry so that I could continue cherishing the Latvian beauty. It was without doubt a fantastic moment and I would visit the Riga castle again.

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Vacations in Latvia

Having satisfactory maneuvered through the alluring Riga city, we bid it goodbye. We then visited the Cesis medieval castle in Siqulda city. It was a mind-blowing fortress with a starling massive garden that had a lake within it, thousands of sweet scented flowers and little free paths that lead us all through the garden. The atmosphere was so fresh with lots of engaging aroma direct from the alluring flowers that were densely scattered at all parts. The garden was a nice place to relax and admire scores of butterflies jumping proudly from one flower to the next and most obvious sucking the sugary syrup from the flowers. Our visit had now become more fabulous than we had expected. The castle displays were awesome and displayed much that we learnt from. It also offered formidable stairs that gave us a clear view of the beautiful town layout. Moreover, we loved basking along the Lakeshore with our legs sauntering amiably in the chilly water. It was also an ample time watching the kids play with water along the shore.

Vacations in Latvia

The trip was so awesome and worth our efforts and was engraved in our minds. Latvia remains an amazing place we would have no doubt visiting a second and third time.

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