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I just got back from my trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is a place found in the city of Dubrovnik. Over the week that me and my friends were there, we spent a lot of time riding a car, another time on a bus, and even more inside a plane. Once we arrived at Dubrovnik, we had to deal with a three hour bus trip to Medjuroge. The trip had been really fun because we entertained ourselves looking at all the beautiful sceneries from our bus windows while we rode off to our destination. During our three hours trip, we had a few pit stops. We took a break and spent a little time at a coffee shop. The coffee shop we spent our first pit spot in didn’t just serve really great coffee but it had a great view of the ocean as well. During our next pit stops we had a lot of fun spending our time at some of the place’s local stores and trying out some of their local produce such as oysters, juices and jams.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

We had a great time and we hadn’t even begun our vacation yet. Though it was far from what I was feeling when I was on the plane here, I have to admit that I wasn’t at all excited about my trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina and it was never really a place I had a great desire to visit for the Holidays considering I had known nothing about the place. When I got to Bosnia & Herzegovina along with my companions, I really did not know what to expect; and it wasn’t just because of the fact that I knew nothing about this whole new place, it was more because of the fact that I was in a whole new place. Of course this wasn’t a weird occurrence since this is what I always feel whenever I stepped in foreign soil and I am pretty sure I’m not alone and that all of us have felt this. There’s always that bit of hesitation, ambiguity and uneasiness that’s hidden behind our excitement, enthusiasm, and thrill whenever we visit a place we are not familiar with. My trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina was not an exception to these emotions.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

To get our adventure started we were taken to Kravice waterfalls, a place which is an hour into Bosnia, where I and my friends spent most of our whole day. The Kravice waterfall was truly remarkable, it is considered to be one of the largest waterfalls in the area. Kravice waterfalls stretch over a 120 km that crosses a shape of a half circle where the water crashes down from a fall of 25 m. I knew that from the moment I was up close to the majestic beauty of the Kravice waterfalls, every ounce of doubt I had about Bosnia & Herzegovina immediately disappeared from my mind. Besides a waterfall, the place had natural water pools and jacuzzi that were created and formed into the rocks we were able to climb and jump in whenever we wanted.

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Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

After the climb we had to swim all the way to the other side of the park, and one by one our tour guide made us sit on a rock and let a waterfall wash down on us. We even got a special waterfall massage when we leaned backwards. It was a fun and buzzing experience and it truly made up for all that climbing. For our lunch break we ate at this place famous for its delicious lamb. The place wasn’t just famous for its lamb meat; our tour guide informed us that the place we were eating at was also famous because it was one of the few restaurants where we can experience eating lamb’s cheese. The lamb meat was delicious.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

After that delicious meal we headed off to our next destination. We headed for Mostar, the largest city in the Herzegovina region. We decided to visit the old town part of the city and we were greeted by the sights of bazaars and people selling a lot of interesting and fascinating items that all originated from Bosnia. Some of these items were plates, cups and pots that were all made of copper. Other items being presented and sold were cushions and beautiful handmade clothing. Of course those weren’t just the items sold there. There were other items but they were so bizarre I had no idea what they were. But that didn’t stop us from buying them. So for the hours we spent there, I and my friends spent most of our time buying items for ourselves and souvenirs for all our family members and friends back at home.

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Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

After our impromptu and awesome shopping spree, we decided to take a little break at a local coffee shop for some refreshments. The coffee there had a strong taste, exactly how I like my coffee, and it was served in a traditional Bosnian coffee pot and it was accompanied by some sweets. The locals there were gracious and kind enough to teach us the right way on how to drink and enjoy our coffee there. We were instructed that the correct way to enjoy our snack time is by taking a lick of the sweet and drinking a mouthful of coffee after that. The sweets themselves were delicious and they really complimented the bitter taste of the local coffee. As I have said before, the people at the local shop were very friendly and we even met this nice family that we spent the whole time talking with.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

There was still so much to do and so much places to see, so after our short break, we headed off to our next few destinations. For our next stop we all went to the National museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our tour guide informed us that the museum was built and finished in the year of 1888 and was built in the heart of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The museum of Sarajevo has many varieties of art work that cover many varieties of subjects. We were completely awestruck by the many beautiful works of art there. Everywhere we turned we were greeted by the sights of beautiful and striking paintings and sculptures decrypting the national history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of its spectacular art works, it is no surprise that the National museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most admired tourist spots there.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

After that we went to the town of Stolac. The place was located in the far southern part of Herzegovina. One of those tourist spots we visited which was the Badanj Cave. The Badanj Cave is certainly not your ordinary, average cave. The tourist spot is considered to be one of the most popular tourists’ attractions and spending our time there, we weren’t surprised to see why. The Badanj cave is very well known for its interesting cave paintings, historical works of art that were dated from 12,000-16,000 BC. Besides the exciting Badanj Cave, we also decided to spend some time at the Bregava River. The splendid Bregava River runs through the whole town of Stolac, it courses all the way to the other side and is surrounded by small buildings.

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Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

We spent all our vacation going to wonderful places. I and my friends went to the Bosnian Pyramids. Our tour guide told us that the Bosnian Pyramids were said to be under the Viscocica hills that were located near the town of Visoko. According to the locals there, the pyramids were buried underground but that has yet to be proven. Either way it was still a very interesting place.

We also went to visit the majestic Bjelasnica Mountain. The mountain was cited in the south part of Sarajevo. The mountain has a remarkable height of 2067 meters and it was even featured as the site for the ski events for the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Vacations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you were to ask me what the high light of the whole trip was. I don’t think I would be able to answer you. There were just so much great places to visit. Our vacation in Bosnia & Herzegovina was a really fun experience.

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