Unique & Modern St. John Vacation Villas

It would not be fair to say “the best” in reference to the St John villas available, because every one of these villas are unique. So, it depends on what pleases your fancy. Needless to say they are all modern and well-appointed to meet every kind of vacationer’s needs and desires. Describing every one of them at length would take away some of the charm, innate in each one of them.

Explorers Haven

If you have slotted your vacation time it makes sense to check for St John villas available, so you get one that suits you. Regardless of the villa you choose the islands recreational options are plentiful, and if you are an intrepid explorer there is a lot for you to explore on just a pleasant hike on Salt Pond Bay, a beach on the Southside. These pristine white sand beaches are not crowded and allows you to throw back and ease out of the hustle of a busy beach. The Northside trunk Bay is inviting if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a vacationers beach. And so is Cinnamon Bay for its sheer expanse of beach and plentiful beach activity. All beaches are open to everyone except the private beachfront properties.

Villas For All Tastes

Most of the villas and vacation homes have pools and the ocean view. Indulging yourself to the pleasures of your choice is not easy, since you have a lot to choose from. Most villas and homes come with hot tubs and plentiful personal pampering. Some of the villas even have a game room and spare beds for the kids. So from an extraordinaire, sprawling beach house with eight bedrooms to the smaller scale five and two bedroom villas, these signature Caribbean holiday homes with scenic ocean fronts will beckon you over time and again. 

Special Events

The vacation and rental st john villas available are ideal for special occasions like weddings, family events and even gatherings. Some of these expansive villas can host in excess of a hundred and twenty five guests comfortably. For those of you who want to make a splash of it with a grand reception ceremony, it can be hosted from one of these well-appointed, exquisite villas with the party on the beach. You will have the expertise of the island staff, when it comes to the catering and the rest of the planning for an event. 

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