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Travel to Bangladesh After coming back from 17 days of trip to Bangladesh I finally decided to write a review to let the other tourists know what a wonderful country Bangladesh is. So get cosy, comfortable and enjoy the review with a hot cup of tea. Firstly, like all of you I also spent 1-2 hours of doing research on Bangladesh by reading various posts and reviews. After reading those posts and reviews I was excited to visit Bangladesh as soon as possible.

About Me and My Companions:

We were three friends, we all were from Australia. We were going to Bangladesh to attend a conference. As after attending our conference we were having lots of time left with us. So we thought that we should hang out a little bit in Bangladesh to feel its beauty and nature at its best. On Friday we all arrived early afternoon at Dhaka. We were also given the chance to receive free sim card for our mobiles for our trips. So to get it we went back to the airport to get it, but you may take it at arrival time so that you do not waste time.

Travel to Bangladesh

We book two night stays at Holiday Inn located in Bandar ban, Bangladesh. So this was the starting of our extremely adventurous journey. When we reached Holiday Inn it was getting dark, so we all decided that we all will take a walk around the Hotel or in the beautiful park of Holiday Inn. After that we went to Club Gelato to relax a little.

We all were enjoying the heat of Bangladesh after coming from the cold winter in Australia. And then finally, we moved towards a bridge across a beautiful river which seemed to be very peaceful and quite pretty. It was very different from what I had expected.

Travel to Bangladesh

That same evening our guide Mahmud gave us a visit. We spent a long time to extract the information about the country for our trip. Whenever or whatever we asked he just replied calmly and promptly. This man is really an amazing ambassador for Bangladesh.

On Saturday, surprisingly we met a friend of mine who used to study with me at my High School in Australia. He offered us lunch and of course we all agreed as I met my friend after so long. After that, we went to ’Jol o Jongoler Kabbyo’ situated in Pubail, in Gazipur. It was a place with a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. There we all took a walk around the place to enjoy the nature at its best. We hired a boat with a boatman as we wanted to enjoy the moment and also he could tell us some stories related to that lake in which we were boating. After all this exertion activities we all said goodbye to my old friend and took the way back to Holiday Inn to have our food. It was very delicious and tasty. It also smelled very nice. It was great feast!!! I can never forget it. We also enjoyed the great experience of travelling in the streets of Dhaka which were covered with election paraphernalia. Of course, we stopped there and enjoyed it.

Travel to BangladeshWe made our plan for Sunday to go and visit Old Dhaka. We loved just walking along the busy streets, also enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and talking with locals to get information about Dhaka and capturing photos of each and every moment. As there was rush on the streets so my friend suggested not to go to that street as it is quite dangerous thou it happens very rarely. So, before going to our hotel we all again took a small walk around the Holiday Inn and the beautiful park to refresh our mind.

Then next we spent some days in Sonargon, which gave a welcome relief after every day sweltering in the sun. Then we went to Jessore and after that Khulna. We spent a number of few days at City Inn in Khulna which was very great and their food was very delicious. Bangladesh was more stunning in south. It was very lush and so green. While travelling for our conference around Khulna region, we got the chance to see the famous sixty Dome Mosque and spent some time there. I have to admit it that whenever we got off the bus we were to get surrounded by a number of local people and they start to take our pictures and said that welcome to our city strangers. It was very entertaining.

Travel to Bangladesh

The conference finally got over; all of us at last got the golden chance to resume our trip of Bangladesh. Then we decided to get an overnight train for Chittagong on that day when our conference got finished and we all spent almost 2 days at Rangamati. Then we also decided to fly back to Dhaka instead of going by a bus.

Well, the booking of hotel was not an easy task at all. But after very hard work we finally got succeeded.

When we got down at Dhaka once again then we visited the famous National Parliament Building, but the common people were not allowed to enter inside the National Parliament Building. It is situated on a huge land and is also surrounded by green grounds and small lakes. There is no requirement of fee to enter the green grounds and small lakes of The National Parliament Building. One must surely visit this place whenever he/she gets this chance, he should not miss it for anything.

Also when we had some extra time, we utilised some of it to visit the Lalbagh Fort situated in Dhaka City. It is the fort of Aurangzeb. It is fondly known as Lalbagh Fort. We also hired a guide who told us each and every small thing about the Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka City. He told us that this magnificent fort was built in 1678 AD (Anno Domini). It was built by the Viceroy Prince Mohammad Azam who was the son of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The fort consisted of a three storied huge and magnificent building.

The lastly, when we were packing our bags for our flight next day, we all got up and quickly visited the National Museum, as it was suggested by most of my friends and relatives. There we met the same guide that we met on the fort, so we were all happy and knew that he would tell us the truth so we hired him again for the Bangladesh National Museum. He told us that this National Museum does preserve as well as shows cultural property and also its heritage. It also showcased the specimens of some of the natural history of the country Bangladesh.

So, at last I just want to say that if you ever get this golden chance to make a visit to Bangladesh then you must not let it go. You must for sure go to Bangladesh once in a lifetime. When in Bangladesh you will often think that what will happen if somehow you could never leave this place. So you must visit Bangladesh and enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh, it’s a sacred place full of memorial monuments and nature at its best.

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