Trip To Getaria

My spouse one day made very well-chosen. While we were resting in bed, he told me he had organized for a trip for the two of us to Getaria, Spain. Surprisingly he had booked a flight to Spain and he showed me the tickets as a proof. I was energized by the good news given to me by Simon, I felt loved and I couldn’t wait for that day. I had never been to Getaria, I just had illusions about the place. Simon told me he had travelled to the place while he was a teenager, but he had forgotten the place. We had a prissy time in Getaria and here is a short description of our journey to the place, which will make you next time to choose Getaria for a place of visit.

Trip to Getaria

Getaria is in north of Spain, it is a coastal township situated in the province of Gipuzkoa. Getaria has many tourist attraction sites. One of the best in this place is Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. It is placed number one in the attraction sites in this place. Most people who visit Getaria go to this gorgeous museum. Also the place the place has many hotels and restaurants which are very enjoyable to be.

Trip to Getaria

The day of our trip came, we took our flight and arrived at the place very early in the morning. Our first place of visit was Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. The first impression of the museum was beautiful, so all along we expected good things till the end of our trip. The museum is committed to a style which is very occupying. I was excited about this place so much, my spouse too could not hide his happiness. The construction on which it is located is very telling, this place would host many present-day art expos. It contains the entire collection of designs of Cristobal Balenciaga, who was born in Getaria. The fashion in the museum took us through the contributions made by Balenciaga’s life in the fashion industry. Indeed he was a pioneer of many fashion trends design. The designs we saw we heard were those from ’20s to around ‘50s. The museum had its information displayed in four languages. I loved the scene in the museum and the beauty the fashion inside it had.

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Trip to Getaria

After spending two hours in our first visit in Getaria in the museum, we took a stride in the town. The scene of the town was very beautiful. People in the place are very friendly. We learnt that others were conmen and they usually take advantage of the tourist to get money. The weather that day was friendly to us and it allowed us to walk around the town and look at various buildings and the lifestyle of the people in Getaria town. People in Getaria town speak Spanish, since I do not understand the language, my spouse understood the language and therefore he translated for me. As we strode around the town we bought many traditional ornaments from the people of Getaria. The prices were very high, but because of their beauty we could not have left them. I still have the ornaments I bought in my house and every time I see them it reminds me of memorable instants in the township of Getaria. I can’t forget the setting of Getaria, they keep on ringing in my mind. My spouse Simon was also thrilled on the cool environment. Although he had been there while a teenager, at the time we were at the place he couldn’t believe. He said it was more beautiful and fantastic place, maybe because at this time he was more mature.

Trip to Getaria

While taking a walk in the town, it was launch hour and we had to fill our stomachs after getting tired. Azkue Hotel was not far from where we were. Before we went to Getaria we booked this hotel in their website. We had a good reception at the hotel. The staff were very friendly, and they directed us to our room. We found white wine to be great at this hotel. Rustic cuisine was our lunch and we found it very delicious. At this time we did not go to attraction sites but we decided to have a good moment at the hotel. Our room was very clean and well provided with some antiques and some advanced pieces and the beds were very comfortable. Everything in this place is homemade, novel and local. Simon likes this kind of food and he enjoyed the hotel so much. The room was spacious and had very nice flowers. We slept in this hotel till the next day for other places to visit in Getaria.

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The next day we woke up, and paid 65 euros, this amount was sensible since the hotel was very fantastic. We continued with our tour in Getaria, we boarded a taxi to take us through the places we had not gone into the town. We went all around the town while the taxi driver was showing us some places and explaining to us what was it and its functions.

Trip to Getaria

Later we decided to go to the restaurant. One which came to our minds was Restaurante Elkano. This restaurant is placed one among all the restaurants in Getaria. The restaurant is hospitable and has moderate services. It has great meals, most of the food is fish and seafood, and that is what I like most. Since we did not know most of the dishes there, the owner suggested for us what to take, this made us very happy since for the first time in our trip, the restaurant owner in Elkano suggested for us. He also explained how they were cooked, and I took some tips so as to cook it at home when we returned. Eventually we were brought readymade kokotxas which was very delicious and it is the best food I have ever tested. We also ordered forAlbariño which we paid for a price which was very friendly. We then went for some entertainment where there were traditional dances. The dance was very interesting and I and Simon found ourselves joining them for the dance. We then slept early knowing the next day we had to catch a flight back home.

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Trip to Getaria

The next day we boarded a car which took us to the airport where we caught a flight we had booked. As we left, we saw Getaria at a far place. It was very beautiful and I felt bad leaving that place. We arrived home and we had a lot to tell our families and friends.

Since our travel to Getaria, our love with my spouse gained momentum and I love him so much and I can’t do without him. Getaria is a nice place for couples, and I will advise any couple who want to spend good moments with their spouses far away from home, Getaria is the place. The fashion museum we visited was fantastic, very beautiful place to see historic designs that one can ever imagine. The restaurants in Getaria are very good, they make delicious food stuffs and traditional wines.

Trip to Getaria

People in Getaria are very friendly and you will find the place very interesting to walk around. The pictures we took in Getaria still remind us the how that place was very nice, they are very cool and we have placed them in our house. The trip refreshed our minds and after that trip we returned to our works having something substantial to describe to my working mates.

When I told the story of Getaria to my friend Ruth, she became interested and she said she was going to propose to his husband so as to go and have a feeling of that place like we had. For me, I appreciate Simon so much for organising for a very memorable trip. Next time never think twice when you plan to have a visit to Getaria.

Trip to Getaria

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