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     I got to know marrakeshtrips from Amar who is studying in Finland. After getting to know Amar at the university we had a long talking about Morocco . Once, Amar invited us to dinner at his place, he made a very delicious tasteful tagine (famous Moroccan meal) thus i get to fall in love with Morocco even before I travel to there. Due to the delicious tagine and Amar´s hospitability, I decided to visit Morocco. Amar has a very big experience in planning tours to Morocco cause he worked in this field before he moved to finland to continue his study.  He planned a perfect itinerary, selected wonderful authentic hotels and then he gave us to his brother Rachid a travel guide in Morocco. Our itinerary was: Marrakesh – Ouarzazate – Tinghir – Merzouga – Midelt – Fez – Rabat – Casablanca.
Rachid picked us up from the airport with his 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. He stayed with us the whole time as we sped across southern Morocco, stopping in tiny Berber villages along the way. He also arranged a 2-day camel trek into the desert, along with sandboarding – one of the most amazing experiences we have ever had.
Rachid speaks Berber, Classical Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, French, English and Spanish, and has a degree in Linguistics from the University of Meknes. He is a knowledgeable, friendly and very competent guide.
We never felt uncomfortable with Marrakeshtrips, and in fact we became very good friends with Rachid as we are great friends with Amar too. If we ever took a local guide in one of the big cities (local guides are required by law in each city), Amar personally informed about him in Finland.
Due to Rachid’s knowledge and hard work, we felt like guests in Morocco, not tourists. He introduced us to numerous locals in a way that you are never able to in groups. We had tea with a Berber woman who lives in a cave and has 11 children. As Rachid put it, She has very little money but a very big heart.
This trip really put into perspective the diversity of life in our world, and we returned to Morocco amazed in every way; by the rich culture, geography, language, cuisine, and hospitality. We could never have had such an amazing experience had we not had the good fortune of finding (Admin: Link Deleted, No links are allowed in posts, only in signature)
special thanks to our classmate Amar.

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  1. Hi thanks for posting the info – nice to hear you guys enjoyed yourself.

    Would be nice to hear from others who have been to Marrakech or even the sahara desert.


    Best 🙂


  2. Personally I have seen such posts before (many times) and my opinion is that it has been written by Amar or marrakechtrips or someone closely related to one or the other.

    It is a fake review intended as advertising and you should not be taken in by such guff.

    Such posts are very common on tripadvisor and similar travel review sites and are immediately removed when noticed.

    Reporting fake reviews should be a facility available to readers after which the moderators should decide whether or not to remove such posts; advertising should not be allowed in travel review sites.

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