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In January I’m thinking of flying over from England to Brazil and then traveling around South America for 4 or 5 months and then flying out from Santiago to New Zealand where I shall travel for a bit and then try to find Graphic Design work on my working holiday visa.

Has anyone got any tips for my South America route and the cheapest way of doing this including the flights? I don’t necessarily have to fly into Brazil, as long as it’s in the route somewhere because I would like to go to some carnivals. I have around ?8k saved up but I would like to spend about half this. I’m also a bit worried about the dangers of traveling by myself in this part of the world.


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2 thoughts on “Traveling Around South America”

  1. Hi there,

    Coming from NZ Santiago is the most convenient place to fly into.
    If you fly with LAN you can also get a South American airpass then lets you get cheap domestic flights within South America.

    A strong word of advice… the south Chile Argentina and Brazil are phenominally expensive compared with the Andean side (on par with European prices).

    If you want your money to stretch as far as possible, head up to
    Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia,
    where you can live like a king on a very modest budget.

    I am actually a tour guide in South America and have worked all over the continent – if you want to see some of the itineraries we run for these destinations to help you with your planning, drop me a line on and I'd be happy to send you some samples. Alternatively, look at the Wild Frontiers website.

    All the best and happy trip planning

  2. hi Doroty x, i  did a six month trip in 2002 from quito (equador) to buenos aires, pure backpacking,planes,trains,coaches and small jungle boats.had a brilliant time. planning to go again next march/april on my own. the lonely planet guide was a very worthwhile bit of kit .the whole trip for me and my ex was around the ?5000 mark.this included flights,board,food and everything,we even managed to visit the galapagos islands while we were there(included in this budget). avoid tour operators of every  discription as they will try and fleece you. (sorry to offend  any genuine ones reading this). if you want to know of what routes and stuff i took then pls email me.or if you want to leave a couple of months later than when you planned, i might come with you part of the way.take care x nigel


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