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travel to VeniceVenice- The finest city in the world – that seduces you! What more for a married couple to bring back the romance and thrill in a monotonous life and relationship.

Hence I and my husband decided to make a trip to Venice in Italy to revive the spark in our marriage of 7 years. The city which is separated by canals and linked by bridges is listed as a World Heritage Site and is undoubtedly ‘the most beautiful city built by man’ – well said by Luigi Barzini Jr – a well-known Italian Journalist.

We both were very much excited and looking forward to explore Venice through our eyes – the famous Islands, Grand Canal, the beautiful cityscape along with wine tasting, gourmet dining and much more.

We arrived in Venice early morning and boarded a train to Venezia Santa Lucia Railway Station. It is a terminal station which serves the city of Venice. The 1st thing which we observed when we landed was the beauty of the place. The city looked like a movie set, full of character. We were only taking photographs of the city from every angle for a couple of minutes.

After checking in, we had a quick shower and started our adventure cum romantic trip with a Gondola ride through the Grand Canal. It’s a beautiful forty minute joy ride and we were accompanied by 6 more people. The Gondola in which we were taking a ride was lavishly decorated and had comfortable seats. The Gondolier was kind enough to give us interesting information about Venice and its history during the ride. He showed us all the important landmarks like Fenice Opera House, the Guggenheim museum, Mozart’s House and the beautiful baroque Salute church. We thoroughly enjoyed the Gondola ride through the narrow canals of Venice.

After the Gondola ride, we headed towards St. Mark’s Square also known as Piazza San Marco which is the symbolic heart of Venice. It is impressively beautiful and an ideal place to enjoy a lovely afternoon sipping a hot cup of coffee adoring your loved one. We both enjoyed taking snaps and feeding the pigeons there. The grand Saint Mark’s Church is located at one end and surrounded by elegant sidewalk cafes and boutiques at the other end. We even covered the Rialto Bridge. The Rialto Bridge is designed by inclining two ramps covered by a doorway with small shops on both sides. It is one of the most famous bridges crossing the Grand Canal and is also a tourist attraction place since we witnessed a lot of crowd there.

travel to VeniceWe had some nice lunch in the local Pasticceria where we tried some local delicacies. Post lunch, we explored the Museum of 18th Century in Venice. The museum has a very lavish exterior and interior look. It contains important 18th-century Venetian paintings as well as valuable furnishings, grand ballroom, chandeliers, murals, and paintings. This museum is actually a magnificent palace which was designed by Baldassare Longhena who was the greatest Baroque architect of the city. The work was started but unfortunately came to a halt due to Longhena’s death. This palace was then purchased by a Merchant who employed some of the most famous and well-known artists to finish the building work. This museum is an absolute visual treat for someone who has an eye for architecture and modern art.

We then headed towards the Vaporetti and witnessed the sunset amidst the crowded city. Vaporetti are public boats in Venice and you will rarely have to wait for more than two minutes for one to come along.

Venice at night is also a sight to see, with the lights gleaming on the canals, the domes of the churches lit up like crowns and the city bejeweled by lights. The nights at Venice are definitely the most romantic since darkness also has a distinctive aura of magic, mystery and a desire to love and be loved.

travel to Venice

We found a very cute roof top bar near our hotel where we sat with a sigh to cool our heels. The day ended by listening to the local music and viewing the whole of Venice city from the roof-top bar. Venice resumes its position as Europe’s most romantic city.

My husband is an outdoor person. He has always been actively involved in Badminton, cricket, table tennis and many other sports but had never tried his hand at Golf. So we decided to have some Golf sessions the next day. Venice has more than 10 public-play golf facilities, so we decided to visit the Lake Venice Golf Club, adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. The Venice Golf Club was voted the Best Local Golf Course in 2009.This course is open to public and tourists like us. While my husband was busy getting his beginners lessons for golf, I was admiring the beauty of the whole golf course, the green landscape and warm sunshine.

After getting a few golf sessions and hitting a few golf balls, we explored the deep-sea fishing on the charter boat legacy on the Gulf Course of Mexico. The Gulf of México, offshore of Venice is famous for its peaceful sea surroundings and brilliant round the year deep-sea fishing. Venice, Florida, located on the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect way to enjoy this awesome travel to Venicedeep sea fishing. Our deep sea charter was a 33 feet long one .On our arrival, we were greeted by experienced professionals who have been fishing the offshore waters for many years. We had opted for a 4 hour deep-sea offshore fishing trip. Fishing equipments like bait and tackle were provided to us. The Captain showed us some pictures of fishes caught by tourists. These photographs made us excited, enthusiastic and totally ready for some BIG FAT CATCH! The adrenaline rush which we got from the achievement of catching a fish held more value to us than achieving anything else in the world at that moment of time. I and my husband were actually bragging about the kind of fishes we caught even after our trip got over! We had amazing catches like black drum, red fish and bull reds. These 4 hours of deep sea fishing would be the most unforgettable part of our trip to Venice.

After deep sea fishing, we dived into nice and yummy sea food. After lunch we headed towards the Santa Maria Della Salute. It’s a beautiful church in Venice which was visible to us when we were having a tour if the Grand Canal on the Gondola yesterday. This Church has a beautiful history which was told to us by our Gondolier. The epidemic of plague had spread in the whole of Venice and had killed almost one-third of the city’s population. That’s when the church was proposed by the Venetian Government. They promised to build the church in honor of Mary if she would free the city from the epidemic. I experienced peace and serenity as I entered this holy place of exquisite architecture and work.

We concluded our trip with a romantic musical evening – The Baroque Music Concert by Interpreti Veneziani. They are a talented group of musicians who played Opera, classical as well as Modern music with élan. We enjoyed the sound of the violin and the romance and tranquil in the atmosphere.

Thus, a beautiful and mesmerizing trip to the ‘City of Bridges and Canals’ has really helped me and my husband to bridge our relationship. The fact that we both were together enjoying exploring the beautiful city itself was very romantic.

Venice teaches you to be young forever just like the city.

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