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Plan a trip to Vanuatu and feel the real wonders of life. Get ready for a splash of beauty and adventure. Vanuatu is like the heaven on earth. Its matchless beauty and thrilling adventures make this island unique and incomparable. The picture perfect beaches, splendid hikes and gorgeous surroundings are the jewel of Vanuatu. You might have experienced mountain hiking and underwater diving many times but visit Vanuatu for the extraordinary experience of hiking and diving. The immense natural beauty will stay in your mind forever and you would love to visit here again and again. Fun, Adventure and Beauty are three things that I always want to be fullest in my vacations. Vanuatu is my favorite destination for spending my holidays. Recently, I visited there with my girlfriend. It was the best holidays that we ever had.Travel to Vanuata

Vanuatu is a pearl of the Pacific. Nature has blessed this island with the best of natural beauty. We started our vacations in Port Vila city with a sip of adventure. We visited Vanuatu Jungle Zip line. It’s a recreational activity in which the participants are made to wear harnesses and then they are attached to zip line. Then the participants are all free to roll down and enjoy the scenic beauty of jungle from great heights. My girlfriend is not very good with heights but the staff was very experienced and they ensured the safety and made my girlfriend ready for this exciting activity. We wore all the harnesses and then they attached us to the zip line. I got little scared when I started rolling down but then I was enjoying being on the heights and watching all the scenic beauty. It was a mind-blowing experience. Even my girlfriend enjoyed it very much. We were feeling like the birds that fly in the sky and watch the wonderful beauty of earth. It was a superb feeling. We got an amazing start to our travel.Travel to Vanuata

If you want to feel like being in heaven then you must visit The Summit Gardens Vanuatu. This place is a tropical paradise. It is the largest tropical garden in the lap of the South Pacific. The flora and fauna of the garden would add some magical moments to your travel. There are some small hikes having outstandingly beautiful flowers on both sides. We went up and saw the views of the ocean. The views were extremely incredible. This garden has been set in a stunning way. I never liked gardening but this garden inspired me so much that now, gardening is my favorite hobby. We both loved this place. Travel to Vanuata

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Vanuatu Island is so exceptionally beautiful that sometimes you feel that you are dreaming but no one pinches you and say ‘wake up!’ We had such dreamlike experience at Mele Cascades. It’s a marvelous waterfall that would make you love this Island. We enjoyed walking in the pretty pathways to reach the waterfall. We clicked many pictures of the surroundings. The views of waterfalls were spectacular. We just lost in its pleasant beauty. We sat underneath the waterfall. It was very refreshing. We also walked through the water and went up to the falls. It was a tremendous experience. Visit this place with your best cameras because you would love to capture this matchless beauty in your camera.Travel to Vanuata

Ekasup Village is a heavenly place in Port Vila. It’s a superb way to explore the history of Vanuatu and have a glimpse of the village life of this splendid island. Ekasup Village is extremely beautiful. The people of Vanuatu are also very welcoming. They always make you feel special. We visited this place in the morning and we really enjoyed being in the typical village of Vanuatu. They served us the excellent quality of food. It was very delicious. They are very talented also. They put a lot of creativity in their handicrafts. The village people shared their stories with us. It was entertaining to listen to them. We enjoyed watching their traditional dance around a bonfire at evening. This village is a perfect place whether you want to enjoy a day trip or a night out. This village and the villagers would gift you some undying beautiful memories that you would love to recall throughout your life.

We both love zorb riding and we had heard about Wild Zorbing park. This park offers the most exciting zorbing rides on the beautiful Mele hills. We decided to visit this park for having some fun. We booked the tickets in advance to ensure our ride. There were many people enjoying zorb riding. A zorb ball is a huge and transparent hydro ball. The staff would make you sit inside this ball and they would add some water to the ball. You would be inside the ball and would slide and slip it your way. A short ride in zorb ball down a steep hill was extremely enjoyable. We did it for three times and we enjoyed each ride to the fullest.Travel to Vanuata

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When we talk about adventure; abseiling is the one thing that pops up in mind. I have enjoyed the thrill of abseiling many times, but Vanuatu offers this exciting activity in a different way. You could enjoy the cascade abseiling in this beautiful island. If you want to add this escapade in your travel then visit Edge Vanuatu. It’s an award winning company that organizes cascade abseiling tours. The staff is very experienced and helping. They enrolled us in a group of 8 people. They drove us to the 8 meter practice site where they explained about the abseiling tour and made us practice for it. We were fitted with helmets to ensure safety. After practice, they took us the 50 meters waterfall. We were little scared but the guides cheered us and we started this ecstatic activity. It was full of thrill and fun. We were enjoying the descending. The guides took many photographs of us. They gave us those photos after the end of the tour. This was truly the highlight of our travel. I love seeing those photographs and memorizing that wonderful time.Travel to Vanuata

After enjoying the colossal beauty of Port vile, we headed to the next island of Vanuatu. It was Loganville. Likewise Port vile, this town is also filled with dazzling splendor. There are abundant tourist spots where you can have fun. We started with Nanda jack hole. It is also known as Jackies Blue hole. You would fall in love with this place. The water is extremely blue and it looks lovely. It is so clear that despite of being deep; you could actually see the bottom. The scenery was breathtaking. We could not resist swimming in the beautiful blue water. It was a phenomenal experience. This place is truly a magic. We would definitely return to this place in our next travel to Vanuatu.Travel to Vanuata

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Millennium cave is another amazing place in Loganville. We enjoyed walking through a lush green forest. The cave was magnificent. It was fun to get inside the caves. We enjoyed every bit of this tour. We loved the climbing and getting through the huge rocks. The surroundings were amazing. We also visited Mount Hope waterfalls. We had booked this tour with a company. They took us to the top of this waterfall and fitted us with helmets. From the top, we slide down with the stream of the waterfall. It was exceptionally adventurous. We were little afraid but it was a very delightful experience. It was a half-day excursion in which we were taken to river snaking through fantastic rainforest. We passed through stunning gardens and villages. This tour was overloaded with fun and adventure.Travel to Vanuata

After Loganville, it was time to move to Tanna Island. This is the place where you could see one of the active volcanoes of the world. Most of the tourist visits this island for watching this volcano. It is located in Mount Yasur. It was the last stop of our travel. The volcano took my breath away. It was the most incredible experience of my life. Standing on the rim of an active volcano was the most wonderful moment of my life. The volcano was shooting ash and magma in the air. It was a lifelong experience. I love to narrate my experience to my family and friends.Travel to Vanuata

My travel to Vanuatu was the most beautiful time of my life. The natural beauty of this island is matchless. Vanuatu is really the heaven on our planet. You must visit this island once in your lifespan. You would surely love it!

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