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travel to ThailandMy fiancée and I needed to get away to an exotic escape and we could not think of any better destination than Thailand. When we were planning for our travel to Thailand, I could not help but think of the Thai cuisine and the amazing beaches that have kept visitors flocking to this country over the years. One of the peculiar features of Thailand is that they consider hospitality to be an art that is intertwined with culture as we learnt the moment we set foot in this beautiful country.

The trip to Bangkok was quite exhausting and after travelling across different time zones, jet lag had taken a toll on both of us. We fought the urge to fall asleep and soon after arrival in Bangkok we checked into the glam Mandarin Oriental hotel. After a quick shower and an hour’s rest, we went for dinner at the hotel’s Riverside Terrace. The restaurant overlooks the Chao Phraya River that provides a beautiful view to compliment the delicious international travel to Thailandbuffet that is served. The highlight of the evening was the entertainment by the live band that left us feeling a little relaxed before going back to our hotel room for the night.

My fiancée had arranged with a local tour company to show us around the city so that we do not miss on any major attractions. We got up early the next morning, got ready and took breakfast in readiness for the day’s activities. Our tour guide arrived just after we had finished our breakfast and we set off. We first began by travelling by the long tail boat across the various city canals. This gave us a feel of how the Thai people live by the banks of the river before we stopped at the Royal Grand Palace that is also the city’s most famous attraction. This landmark building that also served as the Thai king’s home for over 150 boasts a beautiful architecture that has intricate detail that is quite appealing. In fact, as an art lover I could not help but appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of the Thai people.

From the Royal Grand Palace, we went to the Wat Pho temple that I would recommend to you is you are planning to visit Thailand. This temple that is also known as the temple of reclining Buddha is massive and the huge reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters is what makes it famous. While here we both got a chance at the traditional Thai massage that is therapeutic and invigorating. In fact, it went a long way in helping us adjust after the tiring journey the previous day. The guides at Wat Pho are the best I have ever met as they are well equipped with vital information about the temple and beyond. After the massage, we went to Wat Arun that borders the Phraya River. This temple is significant as it once enshrined Emerald Buddha that has since been removed. Just like the Royal Grand Place, this temple has great architecture that is outstanding and great for treasured photographic moments that we took advantage of by capturing just about every great moment spent here.

After the tour of the Wat Arun Temple it was time to sample Thai food at one of the food courts that also doubled as our late lunch, whose name I do not remember, where shopping and eating merge seamlessly. If you want to have a taste of the Thai cuisine then these food courts are an ideal place to dine as they are a conglomeration of different smells, sights as well as tastes that will leave you yearning for more. We had one more stop for the day so we did not spend much time here before proceeding to the Vinmanek Royal Mansion that is known as the world’s largest teakwood building and was initially used as the royal residence in the early twentieth century. Although we were looking forward to seeing the galleries and buildings, we were a little disappointed to be denied admission because I was in a sleeveless top while my pants height was above the knee and this is considered improper attire. You will be surprised to know that although the admission fee is just USD 3.25, all visitors must dress modestly. Other travel to Thailandinteresting requirements of this attraction are that you cannot take photographs indoors and shoes are not allowed inside. Even then, the mere fact that we had arrived there gave us contentment and yes I would recommend that you visit this historic building after checking all the requirements on the internet to avoid being inconvenienced.

Having had too much for the day, we went back to our hotel room for a shower before going for the famous Bangkok Dinner Cruise on Chao Praya River. The view of every direction of the city from the cruise is spectacular while the dining surroundings are luxurious. The romantic candle lit ambience coupled with the cool tropical breeze made this one of my unforgettable experiences. To crown it all, my fiancée pulled a surprise by presenting an awesome birthday cake and gift that I least expected effectively ending the day as we went back to our hotel room.

The second day was as busy as the first and we began by going to Chinatown that stretches over one kilometer and is popular among tourists. This strip is vibrant and is known for its street side cuisine even though we did not get to sample any as we were still full having had a heavy breakfast. We also got to check the gold shops where I got the opportunity to own a beautiful gold chain as an additional gift for my birthday. From Chinatown we went to the one of kind Bangkok floating markets that is known for fresh vegetables and fruits. Here we both enjoyed some ready to drink coconut juice as we watched the floating kitchens in amazement. Next time you travel to Bangkok you should check these markets.

Other places we got to visit include the Jim Thompson house that is home to a collection of antiques. We could not complete our travel to Thailand before visiting the Bangkok Theme parks that offer a fun filled environment for both adults and children. In fact, this park can only be compared to Disneyland and we engaged in all manner of fun activities while indulging in some snacks as we watched the afternoon fade away. Our evening was equally busy as we got to the hotel, took a shower and dinner before setting off for some karaoke and later bowling before we called it a night.

On our last day in Bangkok we wanted to experience the tranquility and peace of the fine beaches of Thailand so we released the tour guide. Not only did we enjoy lying on the beach, but we also engaged in numerous other activities that include snorkeling, scuba diving and big game sport fishing. In the evening we went back to our hotel where we opted for a relaxing massage before proceeding for a private romantic dinner at the hotel’s Riverside Terrace restaurant. This was a perfect way to end our travel to Thailand trip as we had booked our flight back for the following morning. All in all, Thailand is a truly amazing place that is worth spending your holiday so go ahead and make that visit.

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