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Travel to SpainMy best friend and I chose to travel to Spain for a few days as a way of taking a break from our ever-busy lifestyles as business people. Spain is a country we had longed to visit for some time and so there was no debate between us on whether it was the ideal destination. Owing to the fact that Span has numerous destinations we had to agree on one destination and we settled on Valencia. Our time in Valencia was worth every while as this city has numerous monuments, cinemas, museums and theaters where you can hang out and have fun.

One of the amazing things about Valencia is that the hotel charges are far much low compared to most of the cities I have visited and this was a plus for our budget. We booked a room each at the Primus Valencia that is a beautiful hotel with high quality finish. The hotel is tucked in a convenient location with amenities great amenities. The auto curtains, the bathroom and the spacious rooms made every night worth looking forward to. Above all, the rooms were always clean and the linen changed daily. I definitely recommend this hotel for your stay when you travel to Spain.

Our holidays in Spain were full of adventure as we visited so many places that we have fond memories of. Among the attractions in Valencia that I recommend is Antiguo Cause del Rio Turia. This amazing park was initially the path of River Turia whose creation is attributed to the diversion of the river to one side of the city owing to flooding. Thus, the park has lawns that are well watered, numerous flowerbeds as well as trees. There are many activities taking place in this park with cycling being the major one. We too took some time to rent some bikes that we rode on the cycle track. Cycling in this beautiful green park is quite an exciting experience that you should try. Besides walking, you can also enjoy a walk in this park.

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Travel to SpainAlthough it is less publicized, we took a gamble and went to Bioparc. This is a modern zoo where animals are kept in large enclosures as opposed to cages in a bid to create a more natural environment for them. What was even amazing is the fact that the animals are well organized and well cared for. To access this zoo, you will need to pay an admission fee of 23.80 Euros for adults. Going around the zoo takes approximately two and a half hours. The Oceanografic is another great place that you must consider visiting while in Spain. This aquatic zoo presents excellent conditions that include shark tanks as well as underwater tunnels and many animals. The dolphin show was so amazing that I cannot stop talking about it months after our visit. We also enjoyed watching aquatic birds, penguins among other aquatic animals.

I also recommend that you visit the massive city of the Arts and Sciences whose architecture will blow your mind away. What makes this building even more spectacular is the fact that it is surrounded by water as well as an awesome open space where families go for outings and events. This ground is also ideal for walking, cycling and even jogging. In addition, there are also many exhibitions that you can spend some time looking through besides the fascinating buildings.

We also went to the Valencia Cathedral that also attracts many visitors because of its architectural design. The cathedral presents a lot of art inside its rooms will be particularly good sight for art lovers. Even then, you must brace yourself to meet crowds of tourists who come to marvel at the mix match styles of this cathedral that is said to have been built in different phases and times. Equally worth visiting is the Palace of Arts that presents architecture that is not only daring and bold but also elegant. You can be sure to click away as many pictures of the building while getting views from different angles. To access Travel to Spainthis palace you will need to purchase your tickets online. Most importantly, watch out for some refreshments at the intermission.

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We spent our evening enjoying drinks at Plaza del Mercado that is a beautiful place complete with a waterfall that also makes it a great site for pictures. The lighting and ambience of this place is what drew us here during our stay in Valencia. We loved watching people and the Plaza was a great place because it is constantly buzzing with activity. It is also a great resting point that I recommend that you stop here after a tour of town before going back to your hotel room. Jardi Botanic, the lovely botanic gardens in Valencia is another great place for relaxing especially since it is outdoors. In fact, it offers a feeling of relaxation in the middle of the city. The gardens are well maintained and you can choose to walk or identify a spot and pass time over some snacks as we did before embarking on our escapades in Valencia.

You cannot leave Valencia without visiting the beach. We went to La Dehesa del Saher that is a local beach even though you need a car to get there. We spend some time sunbathing and enjoying beach games before taking to one of the eateries to grab some really tasty Spanish delicacies. You need to go down this beach to experience some real fun. Away from the beach fun, we also went to Puerto de Valencia that is a modern part of Valencia near the Malvarossa beach. There are numerous restaurants where you can grab something to bite and also enjoy some delicious seafood. It was great to learn that the Formula 1 competition is usually held here in June.

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If you are interested in catching up with some history of the industrial heritage from 1900 then you need to pass by Museo del Arroz that was formerly a rice mill but has been restored by the University and is complete with guided visits in both Spanish and English. It was amazing to see some of the old machinery working and compare it with the latest technology. If you are interested in seeing the rice processing process then be sure to pass by the little laboratory. The highlight of our travel to Spain was the Tapas Tour that exposed us to a wide range of food delights even as we went around the city. This tour is definitely necessary especially if you want to enjoy the best of Valencia. We visited three restaurants where we enjoyed three drinks and three Tapas. We were also let in on the history of the different monuments, the gastronomic tradition as well as other curious anecdotes along the way. Generally, this tour helped us to not only feel but also hear and smell the real sights and sounds of Valencia. Based on our experience, our travel to Spain was a great success we definitely have many memories to cherish. If you are planning to travel to Spain, take your time and plan because I can guarantee you there is so much to see and do.

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