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If you want your holidays to be jam-packed with fun, adventure, natural beauty, history and brilliant architecture; then plan a trip to South America. This continent has many surprises for the tourists. From the lively nightlife of Buenos Aires to the matchless natural splendor of Machu Picchu and Lima; everything is fantastic. Planning a trip to South America would be your most rewarding decision. It would be a life-time experience for you. I have just come back from my South America trip and I am very pleased to share my experience with you. I did this trip with my husband and this trip not only gifted us some beautiful memories but also brought us closer to each other.Travel to South America

Our journey started from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the birthplace of famous dance form, Tango. This city is famous for dance and music. You could also see many old buildings with magnificent architectural work. We visited Teatro Colon. It is a beautiful Opera theatre. The architecture of this theatre reflects lot of creativity. It is considered as one of the best theatres of the world and it completed its 100 years of establishment in 2008. The interior of this theatre is spectacular. Listening Opera music in the stunning hall was very delightful.Travel to South America

Palacio Barolo is another place that we visited in Buenos Aires. This building is another great architectural beauty of Buenos Aires. This is the only place from where you could see the 360 degree panoramic views of Buenos Aires. We were delighted to watch the spectacular views of Buenos Aires. We did our dinner at ‘We are Tango’. It is the best tango club of Buenos Aires. The food was very delicious and the best part was the Tango Show. Tango is an energetic dance and watching a tango show fills you with numinous energy. The show was brilliant. The performers were very talented and they were looking very charming in their eye-catching costumes. Buenos Aires is a paradise for every music lover.Travel to South America

After Buenos Aires, we headed to San Carlos de Bariloche. In this city of Argentina you could enjoy the extreme adventures ranging from hiking to paragliding. We enjoyed many exciting activities in this city. It is the highest ski of South America. The most memorable experience in this city was our visit to Cerro Tronador. It is a gigantic mountain which gives the incomparable views of Glaciers. The hiking demanded tons of vigor from us but we knew that our effort was going to reward us with stunning views of Glaciers. Cerro Tronador is awesome itself. It is called ‘Tronador’ because you could hear the thunderous sounds from this mountain when a glacier breaks. We were thrilled to see the views of the Glaciers from the top of this dazzling mountain. I was watching a glacier for the first time and it was fabulous. It was actually a black glacier with a lake in front of it. The views were breathtaking. We were delighted to see the nature at its best.Travel to South America

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Peru was next to follow after Buenos Aires of Argentina. Peru is famous for the incredible beauty of Machu Picchu. This site is located in the sacred valley of Peru. Machu Picchu is also called as the Lost City of Incas. Visiting this site was a date with the immortal limestone architecture of mid 1400 century. This incomparable architecture is hovering over a high plateau. Machu Picchu is actually a historic site which exhibits the ancient ruins. This site is located in a tremendously beautiful spot. I wanted to visit this ever since I had read about this magnificent place. I had very high expectations from this place and it really lived up to my expectations.Travel to South America

Visiting Machu Picchu was a dream-come true for me. We had read a lot about the history of this place and our knowledge made this place even more interesting for us. The history of this place would make you appreciate the strong determination of the Inca Empire to survive over the Spanish Invaders. This place is the greatest example of wonderful architectures. Watching the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the three Windows and the unfinished Temple gave me goose bumps. The surroundings of this place are phenomenal. This place is actually squeezed in the Cloud forests and Urubamba River. Looking in the upward direction gives you the breathtaking views of Cloud forests of Andes and you could see the twisty Urubamba River by looking down. The surroundings make you feel like being in heaven. If you really want to feel something out of the world then Machu Picchu is it. The magnificent scenes of this place still float in my mind.Travel to South America

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We also visited the Huayna Picchu. The trail rises above Machu Picchu. Only two groups of 200 people each are allowed to visit this place in a day; so you have to wake up very early. We didn’t want to miss the chance to visit this paradise; so we woke up early and starting hiking. We were mesmerized to watch the sunrise views from the trail of Huayna Picchu. It was the most wonderful sunrise view that I have ever seen. We finally reached Huayna Picchu after sunrise. It took us about 70-80 minutes to reach there. It was a little effort to get some matchless views. We also saw the Temple of the Moon and Gran Caverna. I really want to visit this place again. I feel that you must visit this place to see how heaven looks alike. The pictures and words could not justify the magnificence of this incredible place.Travel to South America

After bidding farewell to the magical views of Machu Picchu; we visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Every new day starts with a new theme and pace in this city. This city is home to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We were very eager to watch this huge and wonderful statue. We were stunned to see this statue. The location of this statue makes it more eye-catching. This statue is a magic of the architectural work. The huge statue of Christ has spread its arms as if it is ready to embrace the world in them. It is truly a wonder. We also visited the Sugar Loaf Mountain. We were not in the mood to hike the mountain; so we preferred the cable car ride. It was full of fun and we saw many splendid views of the backdrop. The views from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain were amazing. It is the best place to enjoy the stunning views of the city. We stayed there till the sunset. The sunset looks lovely from this place. So, if you want to enjoy the 360 degree brilliant views of the city and a lovely sunset then this place is for you.Travel to South America

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Florianopolis was another city of Brazil where we visited. This city is regarded as the best city to live in Brazil. It is famous for its lovely beaches and hiking trails. A beach is always the best place to relax. We wanted to chill out on a beach, so we visited Lagoinha do Leste Beach. It is the most beautiful beach of this city. There is an amazing hike to reach this beach. We enjoyed hiking to reach this gorgeous beach. After the hike, you have to descend to get to the beach. The environs of this beach are very pretty. You could see the marvelous joining of two rivers from this beach. We spent good time together at this beach with very less people around. This place doesn’t remain very crowded; so if you are looking for a place to spend some great time with your partner then you should consider this beach. Take some food and drinks with you because there are no shops around this beach. This beach is a tranquil beauty.Travel to South America

By the time, our holidays came to an end. Our South America tour was just like a roller coaster ride which started from the melodious music of Buenos Aires and awe-inspiring views of glaciers then it took us to the Macchu Picchu which was just like heaven on earth and finally Brazil, where we watched some wonders of our planet. The time that we spent in this tour is very precious for us. It was full of natural splendor, adventures and magnificent architectural beauties. You must see this part of the world; it is all awesome. I bet it would be the most wonderful holidays of your life!

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