Travel to South America Journey

My Route So Far:
Montevideo->Punta del Este->Florianopolis->Curitiba->Ilha Do Mel->Iguazu Falls->Buenos Aires->El Calafate->El Chalten->Los Antiguos->Chile Chico->Rio Tranquilo->Cochrane ->Villa Cerro Castillo->Coyhaique->Futelafu->Esquel->El Bolson->Bariloche->Puerto Mont->Castro(Chiloe)->Cucao(Chiloe)->Ancud(Chiloe)->Valdivia->Pucon->Santiago->Valparaiso/Viña del Mar->Mendoza->San Juan->Valle Fertil->Córdoba->La Cumbrecita->Córdoba(Around: La Cumbre)->Rosario->Santa Fe->Salta->San Pedro de Atacama->Salar de Uyuni->Uyuni->Potosi->Sucre->Santa Cruz

Hey There,My Name is Lalo and I am 24 years old form Montevideo Uruguay.

In this post I will share with you travelers, my long travel experiences around south america.
I am traveling alone ready to meet in my travel lots of new people from other countries and cultures.
I also travel with no plan, just a general plan to know lots of new countries in south america,
Each time I change my plan according to people I meet telling me thier experiences, and places I should not miss, so I am very dynamic, and plan my next travel blog according to new recommendations.

I started the travel a month ago, and have 6 month to go (Actually my ticket is open to a year so I may extend the trip even more but for now it is 7 month).I will keep updating this post each time I get to new places and experiences so keep reading it each week and Stay Tuned… travel blogI will also put some pictures when I have time, for now it will be only text.

The Journy
After having some fun with my family in Punta del Este (Uruguay)
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I started my trip in 12 of Feburary 2009, Took a bus from Montevideo to Florianopolis – Brazil,It was a 22 hours ride, I did not care, since I like long travels with nice views, tuned my ipod to my favorite music and yes was ready to ride.

Florianopolis Brazil
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I stayed around two weeks in Florianopolis (till 26 of Feb), It has very cool beaches, I really liked the Praia Mole (Mole Beach) lots of hot brazilian girls, the waves were pretty cool as well.I went to Juaquina beach which you can do sand boarding that was pretty cool as well, broke my leg when doing a hard slope ja ja.Praia Jurere internacional was great as well lots of rich people with nice houses, it is like punta del este uruguay.The good thing about the beaches there are that the island is very green with lots of mountains, and the beaches are surronded by green mountains which is pretty cool.
The only downside, is that the island is not so small as it seems, and traveling with low budget, I did not rent any car, So the bus system is pretty bad, because if you want to get to beaches on the north (From the center of the island) you have to take 3 buses which take you around 2 hours, To the south is the same story lots of connections. I really suggest to rent a car if you have the money.

I have stayed also between 20 to 25 which was Carnival in florianopolis, make friends from Amsterdam, and one friend from Germany, and we went together to the Desfile in which you see the nice custumos of the brazilian, than we went to the blogos on the street and dance a bit.I was staying in Tucano House hostel near laguna de Consecau a very nice area, near the lake, which all the bars and restuarnts are. The owner of the hostel Cayo was pretty cool too, a young man with a lot of brazilian spirit. We had there great breakfast included in the hostel fee, and a dinner an optional for 15 reals. The dinner was great tasty and also it helps you know and get connected with other people, since there is not an easier way to know new people than eating together, and chatting.
I made a very good argentina friend there Eduardo, and we went to the beaches for 5 days together till he was back to argentina.

After Floripa, I took a 5 hours bus to The City of Curitiba (in Parana Brazil) I stayed there one night,Very nice city lots of park, and very ecological. The hostel was great as well, Eco Hostel, had a swimming pool, and very big space outside, the only downside is that it was far from the center about 35 minutes in bus.There I met Mario from Chile, and we got to be friends, we traveled togehter to Isla do Mel.

The day after we took a train from Curitiba to Morretes, the train was 4 hours ride, and you see amazing view of the mountains, it goes by like 30 bridges and 10 tunnels, and the mountain view that you see from there is spectecular !
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From Morretes we took a bus To Paranagua, and then from there a 2 hours boat to

Isla Do Mel (Honey Island)
We stayed in the hostel called Zorro hostel, which is great since it is right on the beach of encantadas, the only thing you have to do is go down 2 stairs and you are on the beach, 1 minute walk to the water, that is my first time that I am living on the beach, it is incredible so relax !
I did with Mario and a German guy (Bernard) the walking from the beach Encantadas where the hostel is, to the Fort (Fortaleza), it was 10 kilometers walk on the island.
The walk is very nice, since you cross lots of beaches, and some nice hills, the beaches in the island are very warm and great, even nicer than florianopolis, they are surronded by hills, and the best is that you are on an island, there are no cars here, no motobikes, the only engine you here is the boat, so the air is very pure.
The way back from the fort, we took a boat, since we were tired to walk back, after 10 kilometers of walk and swimming, we got to the hostel at sunset time, just a perfect time, to watch the sunset from our house (hostel), than we ate some delicious fish, as I told you very relaxing, to be in the island, after the crazy carnaval in floripa.
There are also some places to go out in the island, but very few people go, so it is a bit boaring, locals told us that in carnaval, there are more… But for me is perfect I do not wanna go out after crazy carnaval i had in floripa, the only thing is RELAX.
In the Island I have met two english guys, Sam and Alex, they where pretty cool,
Fortunatley they had the same plan as me going to Iguazu Falls, right after the Island.
So we decided to go together.
Getting there from the island was a nightmare, we had to take a 30 minutes boat to Pontal del Este,
Then a bus of 1.5 hour to Paranagua, then another bus of 2 hours to Curitiba, then a bus of 10 hours to Foz do Iguazu Brasil, then a bus to the border with argentina, doing some migration stuff, then a bus to Puerto Iguazu Argentina, and then a bus to the hostel Hostel Inn in argentina.
As you can see we had 24 hours of lots of buses.

Iguazu Falls
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Hostel Inn for me was an hotel, only costs around 13 dollars, and you have a great swimming pool and a room with air condition.
First day we went to the Brazilian side, you only need 2 hours for all the park, it is very small, but the devil throat is pretty nice from the Brazilian side.
The devil throat from the Brazilian side, is much nicer than the Argentinain side, however the Argentinain side is bigger and has more view angles and more waterfalls.
Then the other day we went to the Argentinian side, which is much bigger, and much nicer in my opinion, we did two attraction one is the boat that gets you into the waterfall, splashing a whole lot of water, that was cool, and another calm atraction of a rowing boat into the park jungle..
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A great experience was to walk the all way in the catwalk to the Devil Throat, and you see all of it from above very nice.
I really suggest going to the Argentian side 2 days, since one day is not enough to know all the waterfall parks, beside the view is so nice, and if you got to the north, why not visiting twice such a special place like this.
The third day we want to The Parque de las aves (The birds park) it is located in Foz do Iguazu, the brazilian side, right next to the waterfall park, this park was so great, since they let you get inside the huge birds cages, and you can see tucans, papagayo, and other nice birds just few inch from you, you can also touch them (it is not allowed, but you can, I touched the birds that was great), in this park there is also a cage of butterfly where you let you inn, and lots of butterflies just fly around you, great felling. At the exit you can take a picture with a snake, and with a big papagayo, with no additional cost.
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The enlish guys go from here to Pantanal, they really wanted me to come, but I saw in this blog that it is not the best time of the year to go, since it is the flooded season and you see less animals, so I decided to stick with my original plan, which is to go to buenos aires, and then to the south of argentina, then comeback later to the pantanal, in a better season so I can see more animals.

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After the english guys left, I went again to the Argentian side of the waterfalls park, and did some places that I had no time to do the first time, Like Camino Macuco, which is a nice trail of 7 quilometers (3 quilometers each way) just in the very jungle, you can see lots of monkeys, birds, coties, and there are even pumas there (which is not common to see, but they are in this jungle). I did it by myself and was a bit scared since you hear all the sounds of the jungle, and some noises you do not know to which animal they belong, it took me 3 hours to do all this trail. The good thing is that there are no deviation only one way on the jungle, so you cannot get lost.
I really recommend to do this trail alone, since when you are alone you do not talk, and much more likely to see more animals, and here the sounds of the jungle. Besides the experience to be alone in the jungle is something indescridable, very nice sensation. However to do it you will need 2 days in the national park, if you have only 1 day, I suggest to skip it, so you can see all the waterfalls.
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After Iguazu Falls, I took a 16 hours bus to
Buenos Aires
I have been more than 5 times to Buenos Aires before, so I really do not need to know the city again.
My idea here is to relax, and have lots of night life, go to party with the hostel, and hit on
some nice girls.
Day life is important as well, but in this case as I already know BA, my main objective is to go out at night. (since in the south of Argentina, there is no night life).
After Chilling out a bit in Buenos Aires, Having lots of Party, and Staying in Milhouse, a great hostel to know new people, for partying, I have decided to go to

El Calafate
The truth is that I have been there before, Two years ago, But I was so Amazed by the Glaciars there, So I have decided to go again.
I had to options, going by airplane which was cheaper or going by Bus, which was a bit more expensive, Guess what I chose?
No, You are wrong, I have chosen to go by Bus, even though the airplane is cheaper and shorter (3 hours instead of 40 hours) I chose bus you konw why?
No, I am not afraid of airplanes, I fly a lot each year (as my user name implies), But I travel as I told you with no rush, And I really like to see the scenery, and the bus is a full bed bus, booked the front seat on the second floor, so I had the whole view in front of me, put my mp3 on, and waching view for 40 hours, what you need more in life?
I really enjoyed this trip.
Then In el Calafate The first day I just went around the village, there is a very nice lake there called Lago Argentino, it is very big and has a large boardwalk along, It was really nice to walk across the village. I met in my hostel two german girls I already met in Buenos Aires (Milhouse), it was funny to meet them again in el calafate, and go around the lake with them.
The second day I did the 7 hours navigation across the Glaciars, Since I remembered I realy liked it 2 years ago, since when I did it last time, there was a really big falls of the iceberg walls, it was so big so the boat driver has to go back, since he was afraid, something will happen.
This time unfortantley not only there was no a big fall, but also We could see no iceberg breaking, so it was boaring compared to 2 years ago !
But still it is nice to see huge icebergs just next to the boat.
I have not gone this trip to Perito Moreno, because I have been there 2 years ago, and prefered to do instead the naviagtion, which you see much more glaciars and in my opinion they are nicer then perito moreno.
In el Calafate I meant a Holand guy called DJ, and we decided to go together to
El Chalten
Which is a small village in which you can do treking, The good thing about El Chalten, is that
you can trek for the day, and go back to the hostel (Rancho Grande was mine), then another day you can do totally different day, again for the day.
 First day we did the trek of Fitz Roy, a 8 hours trek, very nice view of the mountain, we did it with a couple from spain, and another guy of 50 years from chile, we met on the bus.
Second day we did the Lago Torre trek, with Suizerland girl, and some american.
Third day I did alone with a guide iceberg walking and claimbing which was AMAZING, I was very lucky with the wheather as well, And could see at 7 in the morning the mountains everything was red for 5 minutes and amazing experience !!
Walking on the glaciar was great too, you fetl on heaven !!
Than I really wanted to do a camping for a night, to go to lago toro, i could arrange Matias from Bariloche, Hanna from Sweeden, Hanks from the States and me, we walk along the mountain together for a day, and camp for a night, it was really cool since Matias had a stove so we made Pasta in the evening, and drink a lot of Mate, it was great to drink in the cold wheather Mate.
The view was great too, lots of colors because of the authom time. !
After this I went to

Los Antiguos Argentina,
a small village, I had to stay there for 3 days to catch the bus for chile chico, there I met to guys from spain Jema and Oskar, I just talked with them but we did not travel together, I also met some other guys, I went to the lake in los antiguos by myself it was fun, and there was a nice observatory in town, it was pretty cool to rest a bit in a small village, no rush, and rest for all the treks and high intensity of Chalten.
After that i took the bus to chile chico, along with some other guys from los Antiguos, it was funny casue when I got to CHile chico, I met Hanna, she was taking the bus to Cohyaique, along with the other guys, I did not want to rush to Coyaigue, since I wanted to go to cohcrane and from there to Tortel in the south, for this I had to wait like 2 days, So i went by myself to the lake, and to the observatory, there I met Jema and Oskar we talk again for a while, and that is how I had another 2 calm days !
Unfortunatly the bus to cocrane was full, so I had to go to rio tranquilo and from there to Chocrane, I stayed 1 night in rio tranquilo, there I have done with Jema and Oskar the murble cave that was interesting, we also did it with a guy from the states Matt we met in chile chico.
After finally getting to cochrane and from there hopefully to Tortel, I was told that the route was closed because of bad wheather, and I had to wait 4 days to see Tortel, I decided it was to much time waste, So i stayed in Cochrane only 2 days, one I have been to the city which was everything closed due to semana santa, and the second day I went to the reserve by myself which was pretty nice.
From Cochrane I went north to

Villa cerro castillo,
this place was amazing, surronded by montains, and had snow and glaciar at the peak of the mountain.
There First day I want to a wall that has some indian fingerprints and hands, that they did 1000s of years ago, there I was lucky and met a local guy he was actually from Santiago moved to here to have some money, we talked and make friends. His name was Alexis.
Second day I paid a guided tour to the Cerro castillo, We wented in the morning on a hourseback, till the sumit of the montain, that was a great ride, first because he let me run with the hourse, and as you know not all of them let you run, it was the low season so it was only me with the guide, that is why he let me run, I made the hourse run a lot, till it was so sweety, the guide told me gently let him rest a bit, you gonna kill him ja ja.
When we got to the pick of the mountian the scenery was amazing, we saw a turquise lake, just close to a big and beautiful glaciar, it was so worth it since to get there we ride like 3 hourse uphill on the hourse than two hourse walking, since it is a national reserve and there is a part they do no allow horses, the walking was so tough up the montains, since it was cold and had some ice on it, but it was so worth it.
The next day I was so exuasted, my all body acked especially the back i think because i ran a lot with the hourse. But I did not wanted to lose a great sunny days since in Patagonia, the wheather is impredictable, which means if there is sun you must go out, leave resting for a rainy day..
So I met up with alex my chilean friend and we went fishing from the morning, he tried to get me to a lake, but he really did not know where is the lake, so first we visit an old friend of him, he offered us fried salmon, it was so tasty, than he had guitar i played a bit, then we walked down the lake but it was a small one so we did not even try to fish there since we saw no fish, then we went again to his friend and met up with some village guys in his house, we helped them load the trucks with logs, and they in tern invited us to a really good dinner, that had cow meet, great salad and a whole lot of wine.
they took us home with the logs, we where sitting up the logs watching the carretera austral view, that was so amaizing, since because of the logs they go really slow, and i could take reallly good pictures from the upper angle, i really enjoyed. SO this day we did not fish anything but at least we eat fried salmon!
NEXT day as we did not fish, we went trying to fish again, this time after walkin a lot i was so esxxhausted of walking yesterday and the hourse ride, but still walked for fishing, we finally found a lake full of salmons, you could literaly see lots of them jumping, we thorugh are little fish, which they suppose to follow, but had no luck we were fisihing for like 3 hours and could not get anything, then somebody told us that we should tried flyfishing and not fishing with little toy fish, but anyway we had no equipment with it. so we cambe back to his house, by the way by this period i moved to his house to save the hostel costs ja ja. we were so hungry and the super was already closed and 1 hour walk from where he lived. So i convinced alex to let me slaughter his chicken, first time in my life I slaugthered a chicken, I chunked the chicken from the throat and broke her neck bone, it was so wiered to see how the chicken like kept moving her wings after i chunked her the death reaction probably, then we put it on a hot pot so we could easily remove its futher, and then we cut the chcicken and cleaned it from the inside, we gave the inside parts to his cats, then we gathered some wood and made fire, and cooked the chicken on the BBQ, we make some salada and fried potato it was a delicous meal, actually the chicken was not very tasty it was hard meet to eat, since she had lots of muscles, since generaly the chicken you buy in the grossery store is younger, and his chicken was older, but as the phrase in spanish say, when you are hungry there is no hard bread…
After the great time i had and really great experience in Villa Cerro castillo, I was heading to

 a big city, Stayed there for a while I went there to the national reserve and did the forest trekc for 5 hours by myself it was scary a bit since there where pumas there and i was the only one in the park because of low season, but the way was beautiful especiall LAGO VERDE the green lake, a lake with lots of trees around it. It was a great time to rest in coyaique since it was a big city, i was surpprise to see a big supermakret after long time in small villages, i was actually missing it.
From Coyaique I went to

And guess who I met on the bus, again the spanish guys Oskar and Gemma, we stayed in FUtaliefu together, went to the lake it was nice, we could not do the rafting it was off season, from there we went together to

stayed there 2 nights.
I really like Esquel first because it is in Argentina, and I was missing argentina, and second, because it was a very big city, I was surprised how big was it.
First day we just relaxed on the big city center, with all the shops, and went to a mirador a nice observatory on the mountain where you see the whole city, second day we where to the lake 2 hours walk a nice lake.
After Esquel I got to

El Bolson,
a really beautiful place, made me remember El Chalten, It has lots of treks to offer, they were not as nice of el Chalten, but still very pretty. El Bolson Village center was bigger though than el Chalten, and The icecream at Jauja was great, almost as the ice cream of El Turista in  Bariloche.
First day in el Bolson I was with the spanish friends, and we where walking around the city center and the market was pretty big and nice, I also met Jenny the American Girl I met before in Los antiguos.
The second day I had a farewell from the spanish guys they left, But I did the trek to Cabeza del Indio and the Cascada Escondida with two american girls Jenny and Julie, that was pretty nice, the way was amazing, the indian head was more or less not so similar to me to an indial head, the Waterfall (cascada escondida) was really nice since the river was great.
Second day I met an Australian girl called Tamara, and we did the Bosque Tallado, it is a way of around 4 hours when you go up the mountain, and you see trees sculptured as different figures, like monsters, angels etc.. not only the artists who did it, did a great job, because you see actually the tree coming up the ground and then the figure they made out of it, but also the way up to the mountain was amazing, the view around especially up to the top was incredible, from the forest we went to the refuge, and they offered us to stay, with an amazing view to the valley of el bolson and to lago puelo, unfortunatley we did not checkout from the hostel in el bolson and we did not want to pay double. From there we could walk 2.5 to the pick of the mountain but we had no time it was 18 and it was getting dark at 19, that is why we decided to go back to el bolson, we walked till 19, it was almost dark, then somebody offered to take us, we did not hijhicke but he offered, so we took the offer, and went tired to the hostel.
In the third day, we met one english guy and one Australian guy called Sean, and the four of us rented a bike, and we went 15 kilometers to Lago Puelo, an amazing lake, the bike ride was really nice as well, from there we did a small forest circuit with the bike, I felt like bike rally it was cool, riding the bike along the forest. And then we climed 30 minutes the mountain to an observatory. It was one of the BEST observatories I have ever seen, because it had an AMAZING view to the lake, and all the forests, the red yellow and green trees it was so great. The greatest thing was that the Australian and the English guys surprised us and took of thier backpack 4 beers, one beer for each one, that was the first time I drank a Quilmes Beer up the mountain, with an incredible view to lago pueblo, defently a place to go back, since there where so many trails in this national park, I really like this place.
From el bolson, I took with the Australian girl the 2 hours bus to

In Bariloche I stayed for 8 days. We stayed in 1004 hostel, it was pretty nice,
The best thing about this hostel is that it was in floor number 10, and the view was INCREDIBLE from this hieght, especially watching the sunset or the sunrise, an incredible experience.
Our room was good too, we had a 3 beds shared room, with view to the lake. And the best view was in the bathroom, you just have a shower in floor number 10, and you see from the huge window the enorums lake of Nauel Huapi Bariloche, taking a poo was great too, while watching the whole lake just in front of you, the best shower I have ever had….  travel blog
First day in Bariloche we were just walking around the city.
Second day I went with Tamara to Cerro Otto, a nice little mountain in the middle of Bariloche from which you can see the whole city. We were too tired to do the 3 hours climb since we were tired from the treks in el Bolson, So we just took the 15 minutes lift, besides it was not interesting to climb the steepy mountain since you walk just under the rail of the lift which is not nice way at all and very hard. From the lift it was nice to see the lake and how we get higher and higher…
Once we got up, we was lucky with the wheater, and could see the WHOLE Bariloche city and a very nice angle to the lake, We walked up a trail of 2 hours, to see another observatory, which had view to the lake of the other side of the mountain that was really fun.
The best way was to go back to bariloche, we did not go back with the steepy way, but we walked by the car route back to the city, surrounding the mountain a few times, it was my best walk, since the whole time you walk down, and it is easy, and you see the huge lake just in front of you, it seems as if you walk along the lake from the air…. It took us the whole way back to the city just 90 minutes!

Third day Tamara met some people that wanted to do the 7 lakes route, from Bariloche to San Martin de los andes, I have already done this route, but since I did not have to organize any group the guys just wanted to do it, I agreed to go with them.
We were for Tamara, and to Dutch guys, One dutch girl dancing teacher, and one Dutch guy both from swizerland. Nobody had driving license, I was the only one. So I had to drive the whole way by my self it was tirying. I drove from Barilcoh to San Martin the Los Andes, the way was amazing lots of lakes, and we really had an AMAZINGLY beautiful day. We had only one CD of Bob Marlyin and with no radio signal most of the way, we had to hear the same CD again and agani.
Till San Martin de los andes it was really fun driving, but from San Martin it was already dark, and we had to go back by the highway at dark till Junin de los andes, and from there back to Bariloche.
We stopped at Junin to have some dinenr, and then I have to ride 3 hours in the dark the whole way back it was really a killer and very hard way, especially when I was the whole way driving, I really wished to get home as soon as possible…
Finally we got home, this day we left at 10 and got home by 1:00 am. It was a tyring day, but we really had a lot of fun.
Forth day I went with Tamara and we did the Circuito Chico, which is basically renting a bike and going around 30 kilometers of uphill and downhill, while renting the bikes we met one boy from Switzerland and one girl from Sydney Australia, so we ended the four of us doing this route together.
The view along the route is very nice you see the Llao llao Hotel, and a lot of lakes in between, it is a hard bike ride since there are a lot of uphills, and the bike quality was average a lot of time I had the chain falling of the bike it was a shit. But it is a very good sport, especially since this muscle is not trained enough all the time I do trek and never ride a bike, so it is nice to train another muscle.
Some uphills we had to walk since we were so tired. We stopped for a big lunch time by the lake and it was so good, the problem is that we had hard time going back to ride after a big lunch. We ended this route at Colonia Suiza a small village, not so nice, but we had there hot choclate and a good cake, it was  a tough day but worth it.
The other day I went with some american girls to Cerro Campanario, we took there the bus and just stayed there for 2 hours, the view from there is amazing, it takes only 40 minutes to climb it, and it is rated number 1 mountain view in the whole world ! And yes after watching the view from this mountain you realize that you do not have to climb a lot to see the best view. Once getting there you find TONS of lakes, and you have 360 degress of beautiful view, and an amazing nature. Lots of trees, lakes, and nature colors we really enjoyed. After this we went down took the bus to llao llao hotel, had lunch on the lake, and went back to Cerro Campanario to watch the sunset, it was really nice to watch the sunset from the most beautiful view in the world, and see the sky turn into pink and red while having hot coffee with wiskey !
Last day in Bariloche I went shopping for some ski equipment like waterproof pants and stuff..
And I met up with the hair dresser Matias I met him in el Chalten, and he is from Bariloche, so I took advantage and had my hair cut in his place, I also put some blond color in it. It was a pleasure to meet Matias. Also I met him with Tamara few days before the haircut and we had dinner together, Tamara Sean Matias and Me. It was funny how Tamara new Matias as well from el Chalten, it seems that we have been in the same time in el Chalten, and we found it out through Matias the common friend. However I never met Tamara in El Chalten.
After Bariloche, I left with Sean to

Puero Mont Chile
It seems that both of us had the same plan to go to Chiloe so we traveled together.
We stayed two nights in Puero Mont, first half day just walking around, the second day we took an excursion to Puero Varas, a lake, A Mountain, and a national park.
The excursion was pretty good, we climed the mountain for like 2.5 hours, and could get some snow on the top of it, I had a little snow fight with Sean. After the mountain they took us to the national park which had really nice waterfall, and from there we went to a huge and nice lake.
We had not much time in the national park since we had to wait a lot in the mountian for 2 Colombians in our group, that could not catch up with the time told by the guide, so they make us lose a lot of time !.
After Puero Mont we traveled together to Castro the Capital of


first day was bad and raining we just walked under the rain upset and cursing the bad wheather.
Second day we traveled to Cucao, since we heard we can rent hourses there without guide.
The first day we rent a wild hourses, it was nice we could ride them along the beach go wild wherever we wanted, since we had no guide, we paid around 20,000 chilean for a full day, it was cool.
Before we paid for the hourses it start raining, so we were depresses, we thought we do not gonna ride today but then after 10 minutes it stopped raining, so we decided to go for it. Then at lunch time it rained like crazy for 35 minutes, but just after we finished lunch it stopped raining we were very lucky with the wheather that day. But very unlucky with the hourse. Each time I told my white hourse to travel blog it didn´t listen and go on waling, I had to pull the rope really hard to get him to travel blog.
Luckily I am a big guy and can pull really hard, so the hourse surrender and have to listen.
But even with the wild hourses we had so much fun, we rode all the way to the beach and there we make them run like crazy, we rode them on the beach really fast, and it was a big fun, going wild riding wherever we wanted without a guide which are always pain in the ass  travel blog, especially when it comes to hourses. So it was really a pleasure to be free to do whatever we wanted to  travel blog
After the ride my hands were gone, I could not feel anything. Both of us were really exhasted, and some muscle I did not know that existed in my body start to ach me. It was a really tyring day but was worth any effort, since riding on the beach and on the small forest was really good.
On our way back to Cucao, I asked some restuarant guy where can I rent for tommorow better hourse, he told me to go to Pancho Perez, so I told Sean that if it is a good wheather I gonna horse ride agian. Sean was not convinced wheather he stays in cucao and goes back to Castro the same day, But once we got back to Cucao it start raining like crazy and Sean decided to stay, I was happy he was stayin with me…..
Once we got to Cucao we have been offered from the same guy who rented us the hoursed rooms to stay for 6000 chilean, He tried to tempt us with good coffe and dulce de leche, We ate the bread coffe and dulce the leche, But I was so pissed of with the hourses he gave us so I did not wanted to pay him anymore money  to stay in his place, furthermoe it was not a good price for staying just a normal price…
So we found a hostel for the same price, We were so happy to get into a warm place, first thing we did was to take a very hot shower, after the good shower we sat near the hot fireplace and ate a DELICOUSE Casuela, which is a hot soup with meet beans potatos… Very good for the cold and rainy whether, it was so good soup and very satisfying, We were really happy with the portion and it cost us only 1500 chilean which means 2.5 U$S ! for a huge soup.
We stayed the night there, that was my longest sleep in the trip,
After the soup and some beers, I almost slept in the sofa, then I saw Sean just asleep on the table, I called him to go to bad. We went sleeping at 20:00 and walk up at 9:30, that means 13.5 hours of sleep, we were so tired, and we walk up with our bodies aching everywhere ! But it was a very good sleep, and a very good sensation to be at bed at 20:00 really exhasted, I felt like little kid that has to go to sleep early, but this time I was not complaining to my parents why going early to sleep…..

Next day the wether was amazing it was not raining and the sky was so clear, it has been a while since last time we saw a clear sky. (only in Bariloche).
So we went to the national park of Cucao and did some trails, it was very nice, it made me remember the rain forest of Costa Rica, since the national park had lots of trees and green nature.
We finished walking at around 12, and decided to rent hourses from this Guy known as Pancho Perez, after looking for him, we could finally find him.
He rented us hourses from 13 to 17 at only 13,000 chileans. His hourses were much much better, once I was on the hourse I could travel blog him and he actually responded to what I told him.
So we went again to the beach and start running with the hourses like crazy it was so good to run.
After 3 hours of riding we could not run with them anymore, no not because of the hourse but because of our bodies, we where so ached everywhere, each step of the hourse while he was runing we suffer, so we decided to walk the rest of the way.
At 17:00 we gave Pancho the hourses back, we thought he is gonna be happy, since we arrived 10 minutes earlier than planned, but it was the opposite, he was really mad at us, it seems that we lost one part of the hourse seat, he claimes he gave us more layer, and one layer fell, we have not seen any layer fell, maybe while we were runing. Anyway he claimed it cost 10,000 chilean and asked if we  could pay half of it, we did really not feel that it was our falult, he should have tied it better, and we did not agree to pay, we felt very bad for the guy, since he was a good guy, but from the other hand, we paid him 26,000 for the hourses, and he claim to lose 10,000, which means he still earned from us 16,000, which is 32U$S which is a very nice money for Chile, and beside he did not even had to come with us since, we were independent, and took the houses by ourselves, so I really thing he made a good deal even with the lose of the hourse seet. Anyway there was nobody else that rented this hourses this day, since it was low season.
So we felt bad for the guy, but not too bad….
After cucao, we went back to sleep one night in Castro, for there we went for a day to Ancud in the north of the island, left our staff in the tourist center of Ancud, and went for a day to know a bit the city. It was good to walk this day and not to ride hourses, since we did not felt our bodies, and it was really hard to get the mochile on, for the bus to ancud.
In ancud we saw the nice beach, went up the mountain to see the Mirador (Observatory) of the city. And went to the market. We bout two HUGE salmons, Of 1 kilo each. 1 salmon for each to cook at dinner. From there we went to Puerto Montt, cooked our amazingly HUGE Salmon, that was the best dinner I have ever had this huge salmon of 1 kilo cost only 1800, which means only 3U$S !! that was the most tastiest and the cheapest Salmon I have ever had.
After this amazing night, we went to

Which suppose to be a student city, We stayed there for one night, went around the city,
Went to the university, and to the Botanical garden inside the Uni, It was a nice and relaxing day, since we needed another day to rest from the hourse ride !
At night as it is student city we wanted to party, it was Tuesday, we went walking to the center, this night was really cold, and very foggy outside, after thinking a lot, we decided to go party eventhough the wheather sucks, After getting in this frozen night to the center, we found nobody was there, we where really depressed and went back to the hoste, the good thing was that we were really tired and we had to catch an early bus to

When we got to Pucon after 2.5 hours of bus, I fell in love with this place, it made me remember Bariloche, but much smaller, we went to the beach, and then went to another beach to see the sunset, the wheather was amazing, and we could see clearly the peak of the mountain Villarica.
We booked a tour for the following day to climb villarica mountain, it was an expensive tour of 30,000 chilean pesos.

I am still In Pucon, and tell you more experiences next time……TO BE CONTINUED…

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  1. Punta del Este (Uruguay) is beautiful. I would love to book air tickets to this place with my family within the next 6 month. :travel Forum:). The savings from individual travel components, such as flights, hotel, car hire and destination activities, you not only take advantage of combined savings, but it makes planning your trip a breeze.

  2. My family really wants to take a vacation to South America, but we are a little concerned for our safety.  Is the violence that is hitting Mexico affecting all of South America? We would really like to look into some travel arrangements, but we want to ensure we won’t run into any trouble.

  3. Dear Saurus,
    The violence that is hitting Mexico doesn't affect all south america.
    Firstly there are even safe tourist places to go in Mexico, so not all Mexico is violent.
    It is true that Mexico is more dangerous than other countries in south america.
    I can personally tell you that I have been to Argentina, Chile Bolivia and Uruguay and felt really safe there.
    I also been to Colombia and Peru and felt less safe..

    Safety depends also in personal experiences, I was lucky and never got mugged, after touring most of the continent.
    You always have to remember that the safest thing is to lock yourself in a box and stay home…
    Travels always involve a risk even in modernized countries.

    In short don't worry about traveling to South America it is too beautiful to miss….
    You will find this link handy:

  4. I would really love to visit Brazil. However a friend of mine travelled there a few years ago and got bitten by an unkown insect on Iponema beach, three months later his heart was destroyed by the exotic poison this insect left behind. He will now need a heart transplant. I know this is a one in a million chance but travellers beware and amke sure you wear plent of insect repellant!

  5. i was wowed in how you captured the Iguazu Falls. It is so perfect with a rainbow in it.
    what a great adventure your travel was. thanks for sharing some very good shots. 🙂

  6. “My family really wants to take a vacation to South America, but we are a little concerned for our safety.  Is the violence that is hitting Mexico affecting all of South America? We would really like to look into some travel arrangements, but we want to ensure we won’t run into any trouble.


    No I don’t think that trouble in Mexico is going to affect any part of South America. Infact there are places in Mexico that are safe to visit. You just need to stay away from troubled areas; else Mexico is ok to visit. Try to browse local Mexican news websites to get a better idea. So if you want to visit South America go for it, just gather information about the places you are going to visit and stay aware as a tourist.

  7. These are lovely pics. I never travled south America but now dying to go there after knowing your experience. I will soon plan a trip there as after you all have cleared that there is no problem in South America due to Mexico so I ma feeling free to go there. Hope to soon sharemy experience with you…

  8. AWESOME pics dude,

    specially  the ”guazu Falls” picture was very beautiful.

    I think your trip is awesome , best trip in the world……

  9. Bus travel is the most common form of transport in South America, both for travel travel.Air short distance and long distance is even more expensive for Americans in the South, and most travelers take buses, often on longdistance routes and night. Train travel in South America is mostly limited to commuter trains in metropolitan areas.

  10. Wow! Good pics man!! You have really inspired me!! Travelling from 2009, thats amazing and surprising and envious!! I love travel too, will post my pics here after that…

  11. Hey, The pictures of given places are really amazing i like it a lot, wanna go there in future!!! thanks for posting such a amazing pictures here!!!

  12. International train travel around South America

    Unlike Europe or even parts of Asia and Africa, Central and South America simply do not have a developed international rail network.  International train services are almost non-existent, and most journeys must generally be made by long-distance bus or plane.

  13. You have a great travel experience…I love the pictures especially the one with butterfly so cute…

    I also enjoy reading your stories and journey…

    Thanks for sharing nice travel experience…^_^

  14. hey, its a great travel exprience , i have seen all pics in this post and i want to go there in future.Bus travel is the most common form of transport in South America. but i want to hire a car there so can anyone tell me how i can hire a car there or if possible than tel me that is car hire insurance is necessary for me.

  15. Very very nice tips buddy.

    Your all pics are just wonderful and awesome, you know in fact i have set one of these picture as my desktop wall paper.

    You are really lucky you have have visited so many nice places of the South America.

  16. Wow……….

    Another few things you can do in chicago-
    1. Visit the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
    2. Reggie’s Rock Club and Record Breakers i
    3. Paseo Boricua and Humboldt Park
    4. Robert J. Quinn Fire Academy
    5. Brown Elephant Resale Shop

  17. Hello,

    Arrive at any time.

    ravel by bus to Pisco. Optional visit to Ballestas Islands before travelling to Nazca. Stop at a winery en route as well as at the Oasis of Huacachina. Optional Sandboarding. In the evening take part in a traditional Pachamanca meal. Optional flight over the Nazca Lines before the nightbus to Arequipa.

    Free time to explore Cuzco or take an optional city tour. Active options include whitewater rafting, horseback riding and mountain biking. Travel to Ollantaytambo through the Sacred Valley. 4-Day, guided Inca Trail hike with visit to Machu Picchu. Optional climb up to Huayna Picchu or a visit to the Inca Bridge before returning to Cuzco.


    Amazing places to travel across South America and what is really admirable is the soothing and calm weather. Boston is no doubt but my favorite pick


  19. So beautiful and Amazing place all over the world.what is truly amazing is the comforting and relaxed weather. Your sharing method is great. From the way the images are made up, I have very delighted.

  20. “Punta del Este (Uruguay) is beautiful. I would love to book air tickets to this place with my family within the next 6 month. :travel Forum:). The savings from individual travel components, such as flights, hotel, car hire and destination activities, you not only take advantage of combined savings, but it makes planning your trip a breeze.


    Strongly agree with you!! One of the wonderful place to spend the best time of life with family.

  21. South America has great attraction for tourist. Your all photos are just amazing and amazing and you are really fortunate you have frequented so many awesome locations of the Southern The united states.


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