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Travel to SingaporeSingapore is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists visit this hygienic and beautiful city to spend their holidays. There are many places in Singapore which would impart enormous fun and joy to your holidays. Last year, I visited Singapore with my best friend. We had a wonderful time in this gorgeous city. Singapore is jam-packed with many outdoor activities. So, if you are planning to visit Singapore to spend your holidays; your decision would not disappoint you. You would come back to your home with a big smile on your face and many wonderful moments in your mind.Travel to Singapore

We started our vacations in Singapore with watching the natural grandeur of Singapore Botanic Gardens. This garden is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of the world. You don’t have to pay any entrance fee to enter this garden. There are thousands of lovely flowers and trees. The greenery of this park refreshed my mind. We were delighted to see such lovely park. You could see a variety of different flowers and trees in this park. This park is extremely well managed. The gardens are gorgeous and the flowers look lovely. We were impressed by the Bonsai Garden and the Cacti Garden. Actually, every garden looks amazing with the count and diversity of plants. There is also a small lake in the park. We sat near this lake and enjoyed watching the beauty of this garden. We saw some turtles and a large catfish in the lake. This place is truly a tropical paradise.Travel to Singapore

We also went to the National Orchid Park. It is a part of Singapore Botanic Garden which displays the variety of Orchids. To enter this section; you have to pay 5 dollars as entrance fee. It is fair enough because the National Orchid Park is the main attraction of Singapore Botanic Garden. This place is very beautiful and you won’t regret paying a fee to watch it. There are a large number of Orchids in this park. Well, the different colors of Orchids look very lovely and you must visit the orchid section to soothe your eyes with the lovely and colorful Orchids. If you are a nature lover then this place is a heaven for you. It’s a lovely place to spend a few hours.Travel to Singapore

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Holidays in Singapore don’t make any sense if you don’t visit Singapore Flyer. It is the World’s highest observation wheel. Riding on Singapore Flyer would be the most exhilarating moment of your holidays. We visited this place in the evening. Dipped in the colorful lights, this observation wheel was looking a wonder itself. We were very enthusiastic to take a ride in the world’s highest observation wheel. When we took our seats, I crossed my fingers because I knew that it was going to be the most memorable moments of my life. My feelings were true. The views were matchless and they still float in my eyes. The 360 degree panoramic view of the city was miraculous. The city was looking extremely colorful and these vibrant colors were adding to the beauty of the city. We were fascinated to see the spectacular views of Marina bay to the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. This thirty minute ride was full of delight and beauty. We enjoyed every minute of it.Travel to Singapore

We both are adventure lovers and we wanted to enjoy the ecstasy of some adventurous activities in this beautiful city. MegaZip Adventure Park is the place in Singapore where you could enjoy the extreme adventure of Ziplining over the lush green forest of Sentosa. This zipline is a handshake between nature and adventure. This adventure park is situated on the cliff of a hill. We hiked up to the top to reach this park. The staff is very friendly and experienced. They explained us about the zipline and then they fitted us with helmets and other necessary safety measures. We were all set to experience this exciting activity. Once we started rolling down on the zipline; we were feeling like birds that fly high in the sky. In the extreme thrill ride, you would experience a speed of 75kms/per hour. The speed made our ride even more adventurous. The best moment was when we crossed the wild trees of the jungle. It is an incredible experience.Travel to Singapore

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If you want to feel like a Pilot sitting in a cockpit and flying an aircraft then you must visit Flight Experience. This company is located at the first floor of Singapore Flyer Complex. This company offers flight simulators to experience the virtual flight. The simulators are exact replica of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The authenticity of cockpit’s looks would add to your amaze. We were very excited to see this amazing and unique place. I enjoyed the one hour flight experience from Sydney to Hong Kong. The instructor was my co-pilot and my best friend was the passenger. After that, my friend became pilot and I was his passenger and the instructor remained the co-pilot. My friend took us from Hong Kong to Macau. It was very realistic and full of fun. I was really feeling like a pilot and same was the case with my friend. You might have travelled in an aircraft many times but believe me that flying an aircraft is an extraordinary and mind-blowing experience. I won’t mind going back to this place in my next Singapore Travel. This place is very unique and fantastic.Travel to Singapore

A stroll along Marina Bay at night is another pleasant experience that you should have in Singapore. The reflection of sparkling colorful lights in the water looks amazing at night. It’s an excellent place to spend your evening. Don’t forget to see the ‘Gardens by the Bay’. This is the largest and most splendid garden that I have ever seen. Apart from the natural beauty; there are some magnificent architectural beauties that would astound you. ‘Gardens by the Bay’ is divided into three parts: Bay Central Garden, Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. Each of three parts is extremely lovely. The panoramic views of the city enhance the glory of this park. I liked the Supertree Grove very much. These trees look exceptionally beautiful and attractive at night. The Bay East Garden has been designed in the shape of a leaf and the design of Bay South Garden is inspired from an Orchid. This garden is a fusion of nature and astounding architecture. It’s an amazing place and you would love your decision to visit this garden. The fabulous and matchless views of this garden and the city would become an eternal memory of your holidays in Singapore.Travel to Singapore

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Singapore Zoo is the place where you could enjoy viewing wildlife. You may either choose a day trip or a night safari. No matter what you choose but one thing is sure that you are going to have lots of fun. We visited this park in the morning. There were not too many people at that time and it was good for us because we both don’t like crowded places. The animals were looking very healthy and happy. We had taken bread for monkeys. When we showed the packet to them, they got very excited. It was fun to watch them eating. Monkeys are always very funny and sometimes they try to copy you. My friend was asking me to take his picture and when he posed for the photo; we noticed that a monkey was copying him and was posing like him. This broke us into laughter. We saw many animals and it was delightful to watch happy animals enjoying in their habitat. It was a pleasant experience.Travel to Singapore

We also visited Chinatown. This place makes you feel like being in China. If you love delicious Chinese cuisines then you would love this place. This place is very clean and well-managed. It was great to see small China in Singapore. We did taste some Chinese food and that were very yummy.Travel to Singapore

We had amazing holidays in Singapore. This city is full of eye-catching beauty and it offers countless outdoor activities to the tourists. I am very eager to visit it again. I’m just waiting for my next vacations to Singapore…

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