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travel to rio de janeiroChristmas is of course our most awaited day of the year and I always wish to celebrate my Christmas holidays at a different place with a different style. Last year, I celebrated my Christmas holidays in Rio de Janerio. It is the most beautiful city of South America. In Rio, every morning starts with a new theme and swiftness.

It was a three day tour to Rio. On day one, I oriented myself for scenic overviews. I started with Corcovado. It’s a stunning mountain, situated in a National Park, Tijuca Forest. The scenery was amazing. When I reached there, the mountain was in the lap of fog. But I was lucky because very soon Sun started wiping the fog away. Sunlight was striking the mountain and the moment was simply magical. There is a beautiful statue of Jesus Christ on the top of the mountain. The statue is all awesome. It is a perfect piece of manmade artistry. There is also beautiful hiking area. So, if you like hiking, it’s a boon for you. It’s a great point to start your journey in Rio. You would love it.

Christo Redentor was my second stop. Everyone knows about the miraculous beauty of this place. After all, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I used to see the pictures of Christo Redentor on the Internet. I always travel to rio de janeiroappreciated the beauty of this place and it was one of my life’s dreams to see this place. I was truly amazed. It was an emotional moment for me. I was feeling like it was a dream but there was no one to pinch me and wake me up. I was standing next to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer and I was totally lost in that magical moment. When you look at the statue you would certainly feel that Jesus has held the world in his lap. The view took my breath away. Everyone must come to this place once in their lifespan to feel the most beautiful and the most magical moments of the world. You could never find something like this all around the world. This place is highly recommended to all. It will add to the beauty of your Christmas celebrations. Visit this place and get lost in the immense charm and love of Jesus Christ.

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Corcovado Mountain is sometimes confused with Sugarloaf Mountain. I decided to see that place also and I think that I made an excellent decision. The views from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain were stunning. You could see the best of Rio from the top of it. The cable car journey was awesome. The sunsets from the mountain looks incredible. It was the most beautiful sunset view that I have ever seen. If you are planning a tour to Rio, then you must visit Sugarloaf Mountain. Morro da Urca is another awesome place situated just one hill up the way to Sugarloaf Mountain. It is all awesome. The view was breathtaking. This way, my first day in Rio ended with a happy note. I travel to rio de janeirowas so amazed at the incredible beauty of Rio. I was eagerly waiting for the dawn so that I could start my second day journey.

Next day, I woke up early in the morning. I decided to devote my second day to Cultural and Historical highlights of Rio. The first place I visited on the second day of my journey was Sao Bento Monastery. It’s a stunning church. There are beautiful carvings dripped in gold. The interior of this church is spectacular. It is one of the most beautiful churches that I have ever seen in my entire life. You may add this place to your list.

The second place I visited was Sitio Roberto Burle Marx. I had made the reservation in advance because reservation is compulsory to get in. It’s an extremely beautiful garden which holds a great history too. It is a perfect place for nature lovers. There are more than 3500 species of plants in this garden. It’s a fully fledged package of flora and fauna, art and culture. I was amazed. It was more than I was expecting from this place. You must visit this place. It is absolutely amazing.

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After capturing this wonderful beauty in my eyes and my camera, I headed to Teatro Municipal. The building is spectacular. I explored every part of it. There were many statues, gilded and stained mirrors. Every statue was a masterpiece. This place has been beautifully renovated. Renovation has brought back its glory. It was great to be at this place. You could choose for an opera show also. I am an Opera lover so I chose to watch the show. The show was awesome and I was quite happy with my decision. Well, if you visit Rio, you should come to this place. You would definitely appreciate your decision. That was all about the second day of my tour. I went back to my hotel and started waiting for the next day.

On the last day of my tour, I decided to chill out at some beautiful beaches and islands of Rio. I made my first stop at travel to rio de janeiroPrainha Beach. This beach is exceptionally beautiful. It is located in a forest area. Away from the crowd, this beach gives you splendid beauty of nature to fill in your eyes and soul. You could feel the intense calm on this beach. I just loved this place. It is great for surfing. I recommend you to come at this place. It is beautiful and will fill you with freshness.

Ipanema Beach was my next stop. There is a famous song “Girl from Ipanema” that took the popularity of this amazing beach to cloud nine. It’s a long beach besides an urban area. Mother Nature has blessed this beach with abundant beauty. It has stunning background. The offshore islands and splendid mountains add to its beauty. You may not find it very interesting at first sight because this beach remains crowded and hence noisy. But once start observing it, and you would start loving it. Your travel to Rio is not complete without a visit to Ipanema Beach.

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When you are in Rio, one thing that you must do is watch a Samba dance show. It would bring you closer to the culture of Brazilians. To watch and enjoy the best Brazilian performances, I visited Rio Scenarium. Everything at this place was amazing. I just loved the costumes of the performers. They were so eye – catching. They offer great Samba music. You would get lost into the melody of the music. You would love to see the decoration. The electro music area was also awesome. It’s a great place for a great night – out. You must try this.

Late night when I came back to my hotel, I could feel the hangover. This hangover was not only because of the drinking at Rio Scenarium but it was the hangover of those three wonderful days that I spent in Rio. Every corner of Rio is magical. Life runs ahead of time in Rio. I didn’t even realize when those three days passed away. Every minute of my travel was a memorable experience. Well, I am planning another tour to Rio! Cheers!

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