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travel to palauMy fiancée and I love marine life. Diving and snorkeling fascinates us. We both love the three ‘S’-sea, sand and surf. We keep travelling from one part of the world to another to get the best of it. In order to fulfill our zeal of being at a place which offers extraordinary oceanic wonders, we visited Palau. It was our ever best decision. Palau is a tropical paradise filled with natural wonders. The breathtaking beauty of Palau works as a magnet which pulls you towards it again and again. This is the reason that just after two months of our first travel to Palau, we are planning to go there again.

Palau is truly a pearl in the Pacific. Our memorable journey started from Koror Island of Palau. The first place where we visited was Jellyfish Lake. This lake is situated at a small hike but the beauty of this lake is totally worth it. This place is very unique and special. You could enjoy the delight of underwater diving. Also, you could have the ultimate experience of touching a jellyfish. Make sure to take an underwater camera with you so that you may capture those special moments in your camera. We enjoyed the underwater diving to the fullest. We also clicked many photographs of jellyfishes. It was an amazing experience. This place is really unusual and not to be missed. Make sure to visit Jellyfish Lake when you go to Palau. It would be a lifetime travel to palauexperience for you too.

Another wonder of Koror Island is Ngardmau Falls. I have seen many stunning waterfalls all around the world but this waterfall was very unique. Likewise Jellyfish Lake, it is also situated at a small hike. This hike looks very scenic and it adds to the beauty of this waterfall. We had a great time at this spectacular waterfall. I would surely recommend this place to everyone. The only zipline of Palau is also situated in Ngardmau District. This zipline is operated by Palau Eco theme Park. They have different types of zipline packages. You could choose whatever suits you. We both are adventure lovers and zipline is our favorite activity. The specialty of zipline is that it makes you feel as if you are flying in the sky and it’s an amazing feeling. We have done this several times but the experience in Palau was completely different. The beautiful surroundings just added to the amaze of zipline. If you love adventure then you would definitely love this zipline. I recommend this to all adventure lovers.

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Palau is nothing less than heaven. It has abundant natural beauty in its lap. This beauty is not only scenic but also holds medication significance. Milky Way is an example of this. This lake is a natural spa. When you go there; your guide would scoop up some mud from the ocean and place it in the boat. You may put this mud all over your body. This mud is very beneficial for skin and also used in making of some beauty products. The experience of this lake was just like going to a spa. The only difference is that you need not pay heavy bills. It was a very unique experience at this place. I had never done something like that but I loved it. The mud was so soft. You must try this. Highly Recommended!

Dolphin Pacific is another attraction of Koror Island. This place would add charm to your travel. Dolphin symphony is the real travel to palauattraction of this place. During the session of Dolphin Symphony, you would get a chance to swim beside Dolphins. We had booked a session in advance and it was delighting to swim with dolphins. You must visit there when you go to Palau. If you want to know something more about Palau then you must visit Belau National Museum. Although I really don’t like museums yet I went there because my fiancée was insisting to go there. Well, this museum was a pleasant surprise for me. I wanted to pat my fiancée‘s back for bringing me here. This place is not actually a tourist spot but it is truly worth a visit. The displays and stories are quite interesting. You could gather a lot of information about Palau from this place. This information would surely add to your interest to explore Palau.

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For enjoying the breathtaking view of this splendid Island, Stone Monolithic is your place. I had never expected that this place would be so beautiful. We just loved its stunning location. The surroundings of this place are awe-inspiring. The flora and fauna look amazingly beautiful. We really enjoyed the splendor of this place. The scenery is breathtaking. The blue water and green surroundings makes it a true inspiration for an artist. The stunning rock formations enhance its beauty. This is truly a great place to enjoy the natural beauty. We were stunned to see the splendid views. Just add this place to your ‘must do’ list in Palau.

Sea water has many different shades of blue and green. You might have seen some of them but if you want to see all the different shades of blue and green sea water, then Mandarin Fish Lake is your place. This place is famous for Mandarin Fish and travel to palaubeautiful shades of sea water. People say that it is hard to see a Mandarin fish but we were lucky because we actually saw a Mandarin fish. It was a great experience. This place also offers the opportunity of snorkeling. We availed this opportunity and enjoyed very much. The best fact about this place is that it does not remain very crowded. You could really enjoy some quiet time at this great place. I would love to recommend this place to all.

We also explored Chelbacheb Island of Palau. This Island is also extremely beautiful. There are some great places to explore on this Island. The place we liked the most is German Channel. This channel provides great opportunities of wall diving. The water is very clear. It was the most adventurous experience of wall diving that we enjoyed in the German Channel. We also saw some sharks and turtles. It was an amazing experience. I would surely visit this place in my next trip too. I recommend you to go there and feel the thrill of wall diving. You would love it for sure.

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Babeldaob Island was the last stop in Palau. It’s a small and beautiful Island. The most liked tourist attraction of this Island is Big Drop-off. This place offers wall diving from a height more than 100 feet. I had never dived from such great height but I badly wanted to do this. My fiancée was scared so I did not insist her. I did this wall diving alone and I was happy that I succeeded. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. We swam along the wall of Big Drop-off. The water currents were gentle to swim and snorkel. You could see many fishes and corals in the crystal clear water. The vibrant colors of water add an amaze to your swimming. The experience of swimming and snorkeling was travel to palauabsolutely amazing. If you have a craze for wall diving and if you love to swim and snorkel, then this is the place you are looking for. Don’t miss this place in Palau. It is fantastic!

We spent 10 days in Palau. These 10 days will remain very special for me and my fiancée. No other place could be the better option for me to get closer to my fiancée. We gathered lots of memories in Palau. We are planning another trip to Palau. I would surely recommend you to visit this tropical paradise. You would definitely love Palau for its wonderful oceanic and natural beauty.

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