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I always thought that Disney World is the only attraction in Orlando. This is because it is the much talked about attraction that everyone who desires to travel to Orlando desires to see. While this is absolutely true, it was surprising for me to learn that there are numerous other attractions to be enjoyed in Orlando during my recent travel with my husband as we celebrated our tenth marriage anniversary. It was amazing to discover that Orlando has a lot of sights and activities that people of all ages can enjoy ranging from culture, arts, scenic beauty and adventure.

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One of the places that we went to is the Silver Springs nature park that is a great place to see wildlife. There is also a petting zoo and an alligator farm. Besides seeing the animals, we also went on both rides in the company of captains that are very knowledgeable on the different fish, plants and animal species that are within the park. The captains ensure that you have a good view of the turtles and gators by slowing down whenever they see them to ensure that you have a good view.

iFly Orlando is another great place is worth exploring when you travel to Orlando. The experience here is close to skydiving even though you do not have to jump from a plane. The staff here understand too well that not everyone loves heights thus they will encourage you to give the experience a shot without pushing it down your throat. My husband and I took the challenge and we were not disappointed. The icing on the cake is that you are given a certificate that you can brag to your friends. Overall, the experience is worth the price and you should try it not only for the fun but also to kill your curiosity.

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We also spent some time at the Harry P. Leu Gardens that stretches over 50 acres. This botanical oasis is a not too far from downtown Orlando and it’s a great place for those people who love plants to appreciate. It was great to see camellia and azales in bloom. The garden is a great place to spend the afternoon especially when it is not too hot. Apart from the beautiful plants, there are also pretty pathways as well as butterfly and vegetable gardens. If you want to best enjoy this garden you will do well to stay longer to explore the mazes that are truly amazing. The garden can also serve as a picnic destination as it is complete with tables and benches. In addition, it is also a good place to take breathtaking photos.

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Daytona Beach.

I love ballet so much that we could not fail to go to the Orlando Ballet even though we had not included it in our itinerary. This company is a great place to learn ballet including the family series. The best parts are truncated to one hour performance. We had a great time here because watching ballet is something my husband and I like doing thanks to my influence on him. Moreover, it is a great cultural experience.

A visit to the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre is also rewarding especially if you read some of his works. We were able to see Othello and I can guarantee you that the acting as well as production was nothing short of outstanding. It is advisable to get your tickets in advance because the number of people coming to this theatre is huge. The theatre seats are comfortable therefore you can seat through three hour productions like we did without complaining. If you have lost track of live theatre and would like to reintroduce yourself to this amazing experience then I highly recommend Orlando Shakes to you.

Daytona Beach.

The John F. Kennedy Space Centre is also worth a visit when you travel to Orlando. This centre is home to every manned space flight from the United States since 1968. This centre can accommodate both adults and older children. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the launch pads as the Saturn V that was simply amazing. There is also a mirrored granite memorial that is somber and profound considering the kind of service that the astronauts made in the name of exploration and education. The staff at this centre are not only friendly but also helpful. There are other exciting things at the visitor centre. Walking around the historic rockets makes you feel the moment Neil landed on the moon. There is also a bus shuttle that will take you around the area because it is very huge. It is during this ride that we were told how rockets are made.

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Orlando also has beaches and we took advantage and went to the Daytona Beach. Although this beach seems intimidating at first, it is truly an amazing place. This beach is clean and the beach front has quite a number of hotels, shops and restaurants. There are also child oriented museums and theme parks along this beach and this draws families. Other activities that take place along the beach include fishing, golf, strolling and relaxing.

Also not to be missed is Disney’s Boardwalk that is a great place for shopping, drinking and shopping. This is a laid back place away from the amusement traditional Disney amusement parks. We had a lot of fun and a great walk around the lake. It was also exciting to know that is this the place where you can find anything Disney. This stretch is somewhat busy and there are too many shoppers who are interested in sampling what the restaurants around this place have to offer. The views are great and it is fun to be on the water taxi. This place is a great place for an evening visit.

Daytona Beach

The Universal CityWalk is also another great place in Orlando that you need to visit. This place covers 30 acre and is great for a stroll or partying as there are numerous clubs here. Alternatively you can opt to go to the theatre to catch a movie. As for me and my husband, we ate at Hard Rock before wandering around the shops for a while. the place is extremely busy and the atmosphere festive. On the contrary if you need some serenity then you need to visit Lake Eola Park. This park is ideal for holding events but you can also visit just to have some fun. It is also ideal for leisurely. There are many other places that you can visit in Orlando including Disney World. When you travel to Orlando, there are many places where you can spend some time and have some fun ranging from the forest, beaches, rivers as well as parks. In fact, Orlando is home to the bulk of the attractions in Florida. It is a great holiday destination for different groups of people like families, children and even couples. The only thing that you need in order to have some good fun and a memorable holiday when you travel to Orlando is a good budget because you will need to pay admission fee in order to access most of the facilities that will ensure that you make the most of the opportunity.

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