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Mongolia is one of the last few locations on the earth where nomadic lifestyle is still a residing custom. The enormous rolling-hills and vast blue sky makes it the most serene place of our planet. Magnolia is heaven for peace lovers. If you are fed up of your daily routines and want some peace and serenity in your life; then you just need to plan your vacations in Mongolia. The eternal serenity is waiting for you in this peaceful country. Mongolia is bliss for horse riders. Horseback riding on the endless lush green lands is the major temptation for tourists in Mongolia. Thousands of tourists visit this charming country during Naadam festival. It is the traditional festival of Mongolia during which three main games are organized throughout the country. These three games are: Horse Racing, Archery and Wrestling. Being a spectator of these exciting games is an amaze in itself. Last year, I visited Mongolia with my wife to experience the uniqueness of Mongolia. We visited this serene and beautiful country few days prior to Naadam festival so that we could attend this traditional festival of Mongolia. Visiting this country was a unique and memorable experience for us. Travel to Mongolia

I would tell you the five experiences that you must not miss during your Mongolia Travel. You could really make Mongolia Travel your most memorable holidays by having these experiences in your vacations. The first thing that you must not miss in Mongolia is to stay in a nomadic family’s ger (They call their home as ger). We started our journey in Mongolia from Ulaanbaatar. It is the cultural heart of the country. We wanted to start our vacations with feeling the charm of Mongolian Culture. So, we decided to spend our night at the home of a nomadic family.

In Ulaanbaatar, more than half population relies on movable homes to keep up their nomadic lifestyle, so, it is very easy to make your stay with them. It was a great experience to stay with a Mongolian family. Mongolians are known for their hospitality and they really made us feel special in their country. We were overwhelmed. The family with which we stayed was living with their flocks and they had many camels, horses, goats and sheep. We deeply observed their lifestyle. The family was very polite and they even gave us chance of milking camels. It was fun for us. If you really want to get in touch with charming Mongolian culture and see observe their lifestyle then you must plan to stay with a nomadic family of Mongolia. We enjoyed staying with them. Travel to Mongolia

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Next day, we left for the Gorkhi – Terelj National Park. It’s the prominent attraction of Ulaanbaatar. You could enjoy many activities including hiking and horseback riding. This lush green park has beautiful surroundings. Splendid green mountains and some beautiful rock formations together make wonderful scenery. We decided to hike a small mountain to watch the bird eye views of this beautiful park and our decision didn’t dishearten us. We saw the full views of this park and they were amazing. We observed some people enjoying the horseback riding and we got inspired to do the same. It was the first time when we did horse riding in Mongolia and we were really blown away by the experience. Travel to Mongolia

You could feel closer to nature when running horse through the stunning environs, rolling green hills and the dazzling water streams. Nature has blessed this park with enormous natural beauty. It was not just the horse riding but it was a beautiful date with nature. We took the horse riding trip to visit the Turtle rock and we had a mind-blowing experience. The rock actually looks like a turtle. There is another wonderful rock formation which looks like an old man reading a book. We were astounded to watch some magnificent rock formation. During our ride, we passed through some water streams. It was simply amazing to cross a water stream while riding. Don’t miss this place! Make sure to pay a visit to Gorkhi – Terelj National park to enjoy the amazing horseback riding experience. You would love it! Travel to Mongolia

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Well, Horse riding is the second thing that you must experience in your Mongolia Travel. This country is the probably the best place to enjoy horse riding. We had already done this for one time and now we were looking forward to take pleasure of horse-riding again. We chose Lake Hovsgul this time. Lake Hovsgul is the largest fresh water lake of Asia. The crystal clear water and tree-lined shores makes it look very lovely. This beauty makes the experience of Horse Riding even more joyful. We enjoyed horse riding along this lake. At night, we camped under starlit sky. It was great to camp along this dazzling lake and watch the twinkling stars in the sky. We loved this experience.

The third thing that you must not miss in Mongolia is to visit Gobi desert’s singing sands and take pleasure of a Camel Trek. It has been named as singing sands because the blowing winds produce whistling sounds at this place. It’s a unique and wonderful place. We visited this place to actually listen its natural whistling sounds and we really had an enchanting experience. We also enjoyed camel trek across this place. It was great to rest on the camels’ back while watching the sand dunes and listening to the natural whistling sounds. Take lots of water with you while visiting Gobi desert’s singing sand.Travel to Mongolia

If you really want to observe the real colors of Mongolia then the fourth thing that you must do is to attend Naadam Festival. This traditional festival is a full – fledged package which gives the overview of Mongolian culture and it tremendously presents the specialties of Mongolia. It’s a summer festival. If you are visiting Mongolia in summers then you must attend this festival to see what Mongolia is up to! We were very lucky to be the spectators of Naadam Festival. It was very delightful experience. We have watched horse races in many horse courts but watching the horse races in Naadam festival was something very unique and amazing. Travel to Mongolia

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I really appreciate the horse riding skills of Mongolians. Even the young children were very much skilled and impressive. It was pleasurable to watch them. Watching the tough competition of archery was very entertaining. My wife and I were cheering for different participants and finally my wife’s favorite won. We had great fun while watching the archery competition. We also watched the wrestling show which was full of entertainment. All the participants did their best to win their respective competitions. This festival continued for three days. Travel to Mongolia

To make your Mongolia Travel more exciting and adventurous the fifth thing that you must not miss is to visit Altai Mountain range and experience eagle hunt. The roads to this mountain range are somewhat bad but your little effort would reward you with awesome life-time experiences. Baby eagles are captured from their nests by the hunters. After capturing them, hunters train them to hunt down wild animals’ likes wolves, rabbits and marmots. A hunter keeps an eagle for 10 years and then sets it free in the sky. We wanted to witness these wonderful hunting scenes; so we met with a hunter. Next day, we woke up early in morning and left for watching the early morning hunt. The local hunter had loads of knowledge about his area. Finally, we reached the desired site and luckily we got to see an eagle hunting a rabbit. It was just like watching some hunting program on Discovery channel. We were amazed. If you want to add thrill to your vacations then add this place to your list. Travel to Mongolia

Our travel to Mongolia was full of unique and wonderful experience. This country is really a heaven for the horse riders. If you love horse riding then you must visit this place.

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