Travel To Micronesia

Although it is not popular among tourists, the Federal States of Micronesia is a great pacific destination if you want to getaway to an exotic location for your holidays. My girlfriends and I went to Micronesia for a week long holiday that we usually embark on at least once every year. We were out to have fun so we came up with an extensive but exciting itinerary that took into consideration all our hobbies.

Travel to Micronesia

When we arrived, we went to our hotel since it was already late in the evening. We checked into our rooms after which we freshened up before heading out to a nearby restaurant for our first dinner in Micronesia. We then went to bed early to get enough rest from the long flight and also get ready for the next day that would no doubt be busy day. We began our holiday in Micronesia by visiting the Ethnic Art Institute of Micronesia that is located at the resort grounds and is dedicated to the preservation as well as revitalization of indigenous customs and arts of Micronesia. Based on our experience, this is the best place you can buy authentic Micronesian art to take back with you as keepsake. One of the notable things about this place as well as the arts is that the locals are taught how to use techniques and materials that their ancestors used in preserving the various aspects of their culture thus the items do not target tourists alone. Overall, I recommend that you visit this place even if you are not into the objects of art.

Travel to Micronesia

The other amazing place that we visited with the girls is Beyond the Reef that is a small company that runs a professional dive shop where we had lots of fun because we all love water sports. We enjoyed the company of two guides that were very patient with us by ensuring that we saw as much as we wanted. The beauty of this place is that it was not crowded so you can be sure of having much fun. We went over Manta Ray Bay and we were happy with the choice because we got customized service. The Mantas were in abundance and it was totally amazing to dive with the beautiful creatures. By the time we were leaving here, we took away any happy memories of the time we had at the sea life.

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We also went to Stone Money where we learnt about Micronesia’s cultural heritage as well as the Stone money banks. The locals were quite eager to share stories of stone money with us. We learnt that there are specific banks that with specific family affiliations and unique stories making it a place that must not be missed. The massive pieces of stone money line the stone pathway in villages thereby displaying the villages’ wealth. Interestingly, the size of these stones does not matter as the value of every piece is determined by where it was taken from and how it was made. You definitely need to visit this place.

Travel to Micronesia

Another place that must not be missed when you got to Micronesia is Lelu Island that is accessible using a causeway. The first inhabitants of this island are believed to be missionaries who also planted three pine tree that still stand tall on the pit of land where there house used to be. Even then, there is no signage and the life here is very simple. In fact, when you go there do not expect any touristy stuff because it is more about the people. Truk Lagoon is also another great attraction that we went to in Micronesia. We had a great time at this famous diving site where Japanese shipwrecks sunk during the World War II. In fact, we found a local here who shared with us a bit of the history of this place.

Travel to micronesia

It was amazing to learn that Truk was the largest Japanese Naval base outside Tokyo but the Americans launched operation hailstone that attacked the truck where a over 60 wrecks were sank even though more are in depths that are suitable for sports divers. In order to get the best of Truk Lagoon, you will need to be an experienced diver who can handle depths of up to 40 meters or more so that you are comfortable with decompression. One thing that I can guarantee you is that this experience is a great once in a lifetime opportunity. Overall, the place is breathtakingly beautiful that we all were in agreement that is it more of a paradise. The scenery is great that you may be tempted to spend hours enjoying the beauty that this place offers. In fact, you need to bring your camera to capture memories.

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Travel to Micronesia

Another amazing place that you need to visit in Micronesia is Kuop Atoll that is an awesomely fantastic place. Kuop Atoll is also referred to as Kimishima Atoll. This is not very far from Truk Lagoon but you only need to go there when the wave is calm to avoid being swept away. I could not fail to notice the fact that the color of water here was more beautiful compared to that at Truk Lagoon. Instead of diving like we had done in Truk Lagoon, we opted for snorkeling and a little bit of sport fishing that was really fun.

We also went to the Japanese Zeros, a tour site of battle. Here, we found an aircraft that has been cut in half with the wings, legs, cockpit and other parts being seen as the remains. It is believed that the aircraft was left here after taking a bullet even though it is not clear when exactly it was damaged. Besides these aircraft remains, there is nothing much to see but we were happy to have made it to the historical site.

Travel to Micronesia

We could not leave the Federal republic of Micronesia without visiting the Yap Art Studio gallery where we did not only see beautiful Yapese watercolor paintings, woven products and wood carvings that are done by the Micronesian artists. Although the art gallery is housed in a very small house, there is so much to see and buy especially the local items that you can take home as gifts as well as souvenirs. Some of the items are decent and interesting while others are more of products of an art class. The last place that we went to as we concluded our holiday in the Federal States of Micronesia is the Colonia Bridge where you are guaranteed of a lovely view. This place is awesome for a pre dinner stroll as it can be easily accessed from the nearby hotels located in downtown Colonia. Even then, you will need to know that Colonia is a little town with countable shops, a bakery, about six hotels, the harbor and a gas station so you do not need to expect so much from this place. In general, we had a great time during our holiday in the Federal States of Micronesia. If you are planning to go there for holidays then you need to go there and have an amazing time as you relax and explore the place.

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