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With the tourism slogan “Simply Beautiful”; Laos is one of the most charming holiday destinations in the world. Laos has everything ranging from natural beauty to pleasant cultural heritages. You could engage yourself in a number of activities like hiking, spotting wildlife and many more. Laos is an idyllic country to have fun holidays. Few days back, I got an opportunity to travel to Laos with my elder brother. I had not expected that being in this country would be so amazing. We enjoyed many different outdoor activities and had great fun out there. In our one week vacations in Laos; we had some superb experiences and I am very excited to share our travel experience with you all. Travel to Laos

The foremost charm of Laos is its interesting culture and beauty. The golden roofed temples and some magnificent architecture depicts its culture in the best way. We started our vacations with taking a glimpse of the impressive architectures and beautiful temples of Luang Prabang. It’s the former capital of Laos. Luang Prabang is the heart of Laos. Due to its cultural and historical significance; the whole city has been declared as a World Heritage Site. This city is really amazing. The spiritual sensation of this city would impart eternal peace to your mind. In Luang Prabang, you would see many monks collecting food from homes every morning. This sacred act really touched my heart. You could also participate in this, but firstly, you have to take some etiquette lessons from your hotel or from some locals. I did participate in this sacred act and I was rewarded with a mystical happiness and peace. Travel to Laos

There is a lot to explore in this Luang Prabang. We started from Wat Xieng Thong which is also known as Golden City Temple. There are some lovely landscapes on the way to this temple. The architecture of the Golden City temple is a marvel in itself. It was built in 1560 and is considered as the most enchanting temple of Laos. It looks awesome in its golden finish. The artistic work on the walls of this temple is tremendously beautiful and it makes this temple very unique. I had never seen a temple with such magnificent mirrored mosaics before this. The interior of this temple is also exceptionally impressive. You must see this temple when you visit Laos. It is really a spectacular temple.

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Apart from the spiritual and architectural beauty; Luang Prabang is also rich in natural beauty. There are some lovely waterfalls in this city. We were very enthusiastic to watch the natural gorgeousness of this city. So, we planned to see the two best waterfalls of Luang Prabang. Kuang Si Falls was the first waterfall where we visited. We reached this waterfall by tuk-tuk which is a three wheeler vehicle. To board a tuk-tuk is very easy in Laos as there are always many tuk-tuk drivers waiting for the travelers. They charge very less. It took us about 30 minutes to reach this waterfall. Travel to Laos

It is probably the most spectacular waterfall that I have ever seen. The flora and fauna around this waterfall adds to its beauty. The color of the water is also very lovely. We could not resist ourselves to swim in the lovely water of the lower pool. My mind was recharged with freshness after swimming in the lovely water of this waterfall. We decided to hike up to its top to see full views of this place. And this place didn’t disappoint us. We saw the spectacular views of this place from the top. The lower water pools were looking very pretty with many green trees and colorful flowers around it. If you want to see the amazing views of this waterfall then don’t forget to wear good shoes because the hikes somewhere goes slippery so it’s better if you hike up with precautions. There is an Asian Bear Rescue Centre in the premises of this waterfall. We were not aware of it before our visit. It was a big pleasant surprise for us. Watching the black bears eating ice was great fun. I just loved this place and I feel that you must visit this wonderful place whenever you go to Laos. Travel to Laos

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Tad Thong is another gorgeous waterfall near Luang Prabang. You can reach this waterfall by tuk-tuk or scooter. But we preferred to walk. It is about 6 kilometers from Luang Prabang. We saw some splendid landscapes on the way. Actually the path to this waterfall was hidden for many years but now it is easily accessible for everyone. The path includes a 45 minutes’ walk through a jungle and that is really very exciting. My brother and I were walking in a real jungle for the very first time and it was a pleasurable experience. A variety of trees with colorful flowers could be seen in this jungle. Travel to Laos

After the 45 minutes leisurely walk; we finally reached the waterfall. The views were awesome. Tad Thong is not just a waterfall but it is actually a nature conservation area with a beautiful hike. We were expecting some good views from the top of this hike and for this reason we hiked up to the top. We were amazed to see the views. You could actually see more than one waterfall from this hike. It was amazing. I think that this place is very romantic and I would love to visit this place with my girlfriend in my next Laos Travel.

Vientiane, the largest city of Las was our next halt after Luang Prabang. It is the capital of Laos. The trees – lined streets, French architectures and the Buddhist temples are the charm of this city. There are some amazing places in Vientiane that must not be missed. Xiang Khouan is best of all. It is also known as the Buddha Park. It is the most amazing park that I have ever been to. This lush green garden has been studded by around 200 Hindu and Buddhist sculptures. These sculptures reveal the glory of artistry. Every art lover would love this place. It was fun to observe the creative work on all the sculptures. It was very impressive. Make sure to visit the Buddha Park. You would definitely appreciate the artistic magnificence of sculptures. We enjoyed being in this wonderful park. Travel to Laos

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Wat Si Saket is another superb place in Vientiane. It’s a Buddhist temple. Visit this place for watching its splendid architecture and amazing 6,480 images of Buddha which are made up of real gold. My brother insisted to visit this temple. At that time, I was thinking that it might be a boring place but I was wrong! This place is superb. Even if you are not a religious person; do visit this temple to see its architectures. The sculpted windows and doors take the beauty of this temple to another level. It is one of the oldest temples of Laos and its architecture is awe-inspiring. Travel to Laos

Apart from the great architectural beauties; Vientiane Province is also filled with natural beauty. We didn’t want to miss it; so we visited Vang Vieng. You would find matchless natural beauty in this small town of Laos. Tham Phu Kham Cave and Blue Lagoon are the perfect examples of the natural glory of this town. We visited this place to watch the lovely blue water. It’s a nice place for relaxing. We both sat near the lagoon for some time. We saw some people were diving in the lagoon from tall treas. They were enjoying it and it was very entertaining to watch them. If you want to do something adventurous then you must go to Adam’s Rock Climbing School. They would teach you to climb on an antique rock. We did try this and it was one of the most enjoyable times of our Laos trip. Travel to Laos

We spent seven precious and fantastic days in Laos. We had fun and also we gathered loads of interesting information. I would revisit this charming country to see more of it.

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