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travel to ItalyItaly is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe Continent. It is ranked among the top five countries in terms of tourism. The scenic lakes, stunning beaches, royal history and revitalization are the real sparklers of Italy. Every year, thousands of tourists are tempted by the charming attractions of Italy. You could engage yourself in watching the magnificent remains of its regal history or simply enjoy the alluring beauty of Nature. This charming country would make your holidays laudable. Last month, I travelled to Italy and now I am very glad to share my amazing experience with all of you.

There are myriad tourist spots in Italy. I knew that it won’t be possible to see all of this beautiful country in one tour; so I made a list of some famous places that I didn’t want to miss at any cost. Rome was on the top of my list. It’s the capital of Italy and the fourth most populous city of Europe. Due to the uniqueness and perpetual wonderful history of this city; it has been nicknamed as ‘The Eternal City’. The most magnificent and eye-catching architectural wonders of the world could be seen in this city. I started from Centro Storico. It’s a tangle of narrow streets which makes you witness the classical architecture of Rome. I was lost in the lure of this place. I really enjoyed walking in the narrow streets and it was a very inimitable experience. A colossal history belongs to every stone of Rome and this place is the biggest example. Centro Storico is one of most fascinating places of the world. This place could never be described in words. It is beyond any explanation. This is really the biggest open space museum of the world. You must visit this place whenever you travel to Italy.

travel to ItalyArt and architecture are the two foremost temptations of Rome. I am an art lover and I wanted to see the best of art. I had heard a lot about Church of San Luigi dei Francesi. It’s a French church. This church is famous for its three paintings that beautifully portray the life cycle of St. Mathew. These paintings are the masterpieces of renowned artist Caravaggio and are filled with superb naturalism. I was amazed to see this finest example of artistic beauty. The interior of this church is awe-inspiring. I kept observing the magnificent art work on its ceiling for almost 15 minutes. It is beyond doubt one of the most stunning churches that I have ever seen.

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A vacation in Rome could never be completed without visiting Colosseum. It’s a grand example of Roman Engineering. It was built in 1st century. I was fascinated to watch the most aged architecture of the world. It was used as an arena of gladiators in 1st century with the sitting arrangement of 50,000 viewers. There are many interesting stories related to this place. This place is very special and the memories gathered from this place would remain in your mind forever. Colosseum is the most frequently visited tourist spot of Rome. Almost every tourist visits this place in Italy Travel. Church of Sant’Ignazio de Loyola is another eye-catching architectural monument of Rome. The interior of this church reflects superlative artwork. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

On the same evening, I visited Trevi Fountain. The views of this fountain really astounded me. This is the most wonderful fountain that I have ever seen in my entire lifespan. Hundreds of people were taking photographs of this splendid fountain. I was feeling like being in another world. The lights were taking the splendor of this fountain to another level. If you want to be a spectator of this matchless beauty, then always try to visit this marvelous place at night because the lights really add a charm to its loveliness. According to a myth related to this place; if a person tosses a coin in this fountain, he would return to Rome again. I was lucky enough to get through the crowd and toss a coin. I don’t know if this myth is true or not but I would love to return to this gorgeous place.

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travel to ItalyAfter Rome, my next destination was Florence. The mystical sensation of this city would fill your mind with undying freshness. Likewise Rome, it is not possible to explore this entire imposing city in one visit. But I did visit the most appealing tourist spots of Florence. David’s Statue is a must see in this city. It’s the center of attraction of famous museum Galleria dell’Accademia. Well, this statue was ahead of my anticipations. It looks very real and you won’t believe your eyes. Hats-off to Michelangelo for his wonderful artistic ability!

Piazza Della Signoria is another place in Florence that I visited. It is one of the top attractions of this city. Art is the trinket of this amazing place. If you know the history of this place then it will add to your interest and amaze. This place always remains crowded with numerous vacationers from different countries. It is very large and wonderful. I found a place to just sit down and soothe my eyes with the glory of art. The replica of David’s Statue could be seen at this place. There are also many other glorious sculptures. I clicked some photographs of David’s Statue and other monumental statues. The Neptune Fountain and Medusa’s Head add an extra delight to this place. On the day, when I visited this place; I was reading a story in which Medusa’s head is described and I was amazed to see it. It is a superb place for day trip.

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte was the next place. This place is a blend of history, architecture and scenic beauty. It is the supreme paradigm of Tuscan Romanesque architecture. It is situated at the top of the hill. I had to put some effort to reach the top but I was happy at the views. The most gorgeous view of Florence could be seen from this place. It was simply incredible. The sun was about to set; so I decided to watch the sunset views from this place. It was a great decision because sunset looks amazing from this place. There is a church on this hilltop. It is small and special. The best fact is that it doesn’t remain travel to Italyovercrowded like the big churches of the city. The interior of this church is very charming. The serenity of this church is commendable. I really had a great time at this lovely place.

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Next day, I packed my bags for Venice. This city has some magic in its air that magnetizes countless tourists. I bet that you would fall in love with the beauty of this romantic city. This glamorous city would take your breath away. It’s a perfect place for honeymooners because romance is in the air of Venice. Grand Canal is the prominent attraction of Venice. You could see many gondolas in the water and people enjoying gondola ride. I could not resist taking a gondola ride in the beautiful water. It was an awesome experience. It’s a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. At night, when the lamps lit up, this place looks even more beautiful.

Palazzo Ducale is another place that I visited in Venice. It’s a complex with many rooms. Each room showcases a dedication to Doge and to the government of Venice. travel to Italy

The fascinating architecture of this place really impressed me. The Lion’s mouth, Bridge of sighs, the loggia and all other architecture were wonderful. I loved this place. I also visited Isola di Burano. It is another great place in the circuit of Venice.

I wanted to explore Italy more but I had a tight schedule. It was my ever best journey and every moment that I spent in Italy is special and memorable. Now, I am planning for my next tour to Italy.

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