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Travel To IndonesiaEvery one like changes and same is the case with me and my boyfriend. We love exploring the hidden paradises of the world. Continuing with our pursuit, my boyfriend and I decided to make a tour to Indonesia. It was our first travel to Asia. We spent our summer vacations there. I was a great experience.

We started our journey from Bali Island and Ubud was our first destination. Ubud is a magnet of incredible beauty and adventure which attracts everyone. You would get to see the best of beauty and warmth at this place. When you visit Bali, you must try the Adventure and Spirit Canyoning tours. You would definitely experience the most thrilling adventure of your life. This canyoning tour would become a life time memory. We walked through some scented plantations of cloves to reach Canyon. Canyon is done by using various techniques which includes walking, scrambling, caving, wading, jumping, climbing and use of natural slopes for sliding. The best part of it is that you could choose your desired location and water level for canyoning. You must try this to feel the real adventure of life.

Travel To IndonesiaUbud has many spectacular itineraries that you must visit. You would fall in love with them. Sobek Ayung River is one of those stunning places which would bring delight to your life. You would love the experience of whitewater rafting in this river. This river flows through a forest. The view of eye-catching scenery is out of this world. You would love this experience. I highly recommend this place to all. Another “Must Do” in Bali is Campuhan Ridge Walk. This place has beautiful hiking trails. If you love hiking then you must visit to experience the difference. Ubud is nothing less than heaven. You must try Bali Breeze tours. It is basically a downhill cycling tour to explore Ubud. We really enjoyed this tour. There were many breathtaking views on the way. It was all awesome. You would love this experience.

If you want to feel the magic of Bali, then you must watch a magic show in Kuta theatre. It’s a perfect combination of Culture, Magic and Fun. We really enjoyed a lot. Our experience of La Lucciola Beach of Seminyak was also great. It’s a perfect place for chill out. We enjoyed the fantastic Sunset view from this beach. We were very happy that we made a perfect decision and chose the perfect destination for spending our vacations.

Travel To Indonesia

Next Day, we headed to Changgu, Bali. It an exceptionally beautiful place. First of all, we visited Pura Tanah Lot which literally means Tanah Lot Temple. It’s a wonderful rock formation and a very famous tourist spot. You could see a lot of people around this place. The view of the river was amazing. The waves were crushing the rocks. That was very magical and striking. The surroundings were extremely colorful and bright. After watching this extreme beauty of nature we headed to the Temple in which People worship Sea Gods. It is believed that some poisonous snakes protect this temple from evil spirits. We had a great time at this place. It was probably one of the finest days of my life. If you are travelling to Indonesia, do visit this place. It’s a great place to relax your mind and infuse some freshness into your life. This place is highly recommended.

After this, Ulluwat was our next destination. Ulluwat is famous for Ulluwat temple. It’s an amazing temple situated on the top of cliff. The view from this temple was stunning. It’s a great photo-site. The monkeys around this temple would definitely make you laugh out loud. The monkeys keep watching everyone so that they could steal some eating stuff from them. I was enjoying the moments. We also enjoyed the dance show of Kecak dancers. They performed very well. The performers were making funny noises while performing. We enjoyed their performance. The view of sunset from the top of the cliff was mind-blowing. It took my breath away. My boyfriend was also very amazed. It was a great time. You should add this place to your “do list” in Indonesia.

Next day, we headed to Java Island. Nature has blessed java with some extremely beautiful places and manmade artistry gives it a phenomenal touch. Likewise Bali, Java is filled with many stunning tourist spots. We started exploring Java Island from Bandung. Bandung is a beautiful city. The most famous tourist spot of this city is Saung Angklung Udjo. It’s a musical theatre where we get to watch some small children performing bamboo dance and mask dance. The performance was showering the real colors of Indonesia. It was very charming. It is worth visiting. After this, we visited Kawah Putih. The view was splendid. There were not too many people roaming around. I could feel the intense calm and peace over there. That calm and peace add to the beauty of this place. It was a nice experience.

After this, we visited Tangkuban Perahu. This place is astonishing. It was just like watching Beauty at her most beautiful incarnation. You would love this place. Standing near an active Volcano was incredibly awesome. Green Canyon was the other place we visited. It’s an extraordinary place. There was a green water river. We enjoyed Water Rafting in it. It was a great time. We also went to Batu Karas. This place is not very famous but extremely beautiful. It’s a beautiful beach. We spent some quality time there.

I had heard a lot about the majestic sculptures and art of Yogyakarta. I had added it to my “must do” list prior to the start of our tour. I was really amazed to see the artistry. Everything was perfect. Our first stop was Pramabanan Temples. I just loved the architecture of the temple. There are three Hindu temples. Each one is majestic. The Sewu Temple was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my entire life. I bet that you would never find something that perfect and miraculous all around the globe. The temples have some beautiful carvings that would make you wonder. This place is highly recommended to everyone who is planning a tour to Indonesia. The next place we visited in Yogyakarta was Kraton Sultan Palace. It was simply wonderful. The beauty and artistry of this wonderful place cannot be described in words. I highly recommend this place to all. You must not miss this place in Indonesia. I just loved it.

The last destination of vacations was Sumatra. It’s famous for being the only place in world where Raffelesia arnoldii is found. Raffelesia is the world’s largest flower. I feel myself very lucky that I got an opportunity to see this rare flower. I was amazed. Sumatra has abundant natural beauty. We visited Lembah Anai waterfall. It was nothing less than wonder. We love to cherish our train journey through Lembah Anai Valley. I had never experienced something like that. I just felt in love with the natural beauty of Sumatra. Highly recommended!

Our travel to Indonesia was full of adventure and fun. Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. You should visit there at least once in your life span. You would love it! I bet!

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