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When I first read about the Sam Po Kong temple in Indonesia, I made a resolve that I would visit it even though I am not a Buddhist. Therefore, after months of planning I embarked on my annual vacation in Indonesia because I also wanted to experience the beaches of Indonesia that are much praised by many tourists as well as locals. One of the findings that I can authoritatively share with you is that a day is not enough to explore the various vacation destinations in Indonesia so you will do well to come up with an itinerary that will help you make the most of your time here.

Travel to Indonesia

When I arrived in Indonesia, I first checked into my hotel and since it was late in the evening I went on to take a well-deserved rest after hours of being airborne. The Following day, I got ready to exploit some of the sights and sounds of Indonesia. As you would imagine my first stop was the Sam Po Kong Temple that has red as its dominant color. I prioritized the visit to this temple because I had been looking forward to it long enough. Gladly, when I got there I was not disappointed. In fact, I can confidently say that it is a must visit attraction in Semarang mainly because unlike the other temples, it is a complex of big temples that also plays host to many events.

There are also guides that offer as much information as possible while they take you round. I could not fail to notice the big anchor of Commodore Cheng Hoo that is the heart of Islam from China and this is evident in the large number of Muslims that come here. The temple is huge and perhaps the biggest monument in Indonesia. At least out of those that I got to see. You will be pleased to know that this temple is well maintained even though it is not very lively. Based on my experience, visiting this temple without a guide can be quite a challenge because of its massive size. Do not forget that you will be required to pay a small entrance fee to access the temple. The temple is unique because it is in a country where a majority of the population are Muslim and is also touted as being the only Chinese temple across the world with three layered roof.

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Travel to Indonesia

Having explored every aspect of the temple and taken photographs that will serve as a reminder of my vacations in Indonesia for many years to come, I decided to visit other attractions that have kept many people flocking to Indonesia every year. I first went to Kuta beach that is a great place to hang out. This beach is a great spot for yoga, swimming, snorkeling as well as other related sports and even though I did not have any company, I had mad fun. In fact, I can confidently say that Kuta beach is definitely more than just a beach because it offers an amazing experience for all your senses no matter the time of day or the season of the year. Being the centre of activity it was a little too crowded so you must be on the lookout for any pick pockets and other suspicious looking locals. Despite this, I strongly recommend that you visit this beach.

Travel to Indonesia

I also spent some time at the Jimbaran Bay that is also a popular for its peaceful beach and wealth of seafood restaurants. My mission here was to relax as well as sample the various dishes prepared from sea creatures and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed at all. From the amazing views of the water meeting the sky at the horizon to the numerous restaurants to choose from, the experience was fantastic. Needless to say, the restaurants offer mouth-watering menus that leave you yearning for more. What is more? While here, you will also get an opportunity to watch the orange sun setting. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination, then I can recommend this romantic location.

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The Devdan Show is another spectacular place that you need to visit when you go for vacations in Indonesia. This is because it lives up to its expectations as the treasure of the Archipelago. While here, I enjoyed contemporary as well as modern acrobatic as well as dance performances that are mainly inspired by the Indonesian culture. A single show comprises a number of dance forms that come with seamless transition. The theatre is quite comfortable and show is definitely worth attending. I recommend this great experience for your vacations in Indonesia.

Travel to Indonesia

Another must visit attraction that I visited in Indonesia is the Monkey Forest that has numerous mischievous monkeys. There is also a peaceful garden but you will need to be a little more careful because the monkeys can easily snatch your valuables. Even then, it is a great place for taking walks, as you will definitely enjoy the serenity of this place. To access this forest you will need to part with a $2 admission fee. I also took time to visit the Puri Saren Palace that is known to house ornate musical instruments and is also a venue for amazing cultural dances that allow you to take a glimpse of the Indonesian culture. Like many other palaces I have visited before, this palace is dotted with beautiful sculptures that will astound you. You can also seek accommodation at the facilities here. I got a chance to look at the rooms that are not only simple and basic but also very large. The gardens that surround this palace are truly out of this world with impressive décor as well as many statues and architecture. The staff here is friendly and for a moment, I felt like a princess.

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Travel to Indonesia

I also happened to visit the Gunung Kawi Temple complex that is strategically centered around royal tombs that were been carved into stone cliffs. This place is scenic and has a lot of stairs that offer a nice view. You will do well to bring comfortable shoes so that you do not get overwhelmed when going up the staircase. There are a number of vendors here selling all manner of stuff even though they are highly overpriced. Another great temple that you need to visit while in Indonesia is Pura Saraswati that also serves as a venue for excellent dance performances every Thursday evening. There is also a garden around the pond area that is spectacular when it blooms. The temple’s back alley is also great for evening walks when the place is lit up and the place is gorgeous. Do not forget to take photos while here.

I always grab any opportunity to learn something new whenever it comes my way. Therefore, while in Indonesia I spent some time at the Chez Monique Silver Smith Class where I made some jewellery. I created a wonderful earrings as well as a pretty pendant whose design was inspired by some of the pictures that the staff here showed us. The instructors are helpful and nice a factor that made me consider coming back for a subsequent experience. Today, I hold these mementos dearly and would not trade anything for them. My last stop during my vacations in Indonesia was at the Kuta theatre where I watched Lights if Faith, a story of traditional friendship that is crushed by modern culture. The show was entertaining and undoubtedly, the best you can ever find in Indonesia. I recommend that you stop by as you will not regret dedicating your time and money here.

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