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We all follow very busy schedules in our daily life and holidays are always very special for us. It’s the time when we get rid of our daily hustle bustle and enjoy the real taste of life. I always try to find a place where I could get immense peace and natural beauty. And I try to extract some precious peaceful moments from my vacations. This time, I spent my vacations in Ibiza. It’s a beautiful Island in Spain, famous for its serenity, splendor and nightlife. There are many beautiful beaches where you could sit and enjoy tranquility and lure of this island. These beaches not only offer natural beauty but also hold historical significance. It is the one of the most famous nightlife playgrounds in Europe. I got some best moments of my life during my holidays in Ibiza. I had a great time there.Travel to Ibiza

Cala Bassa of Sant Antony de Portmany was the first place I visited. It’s a gorgeous beach. The crystal clear green water and the golden white sand look very nice. It’s a perfect place for taking a sunbath. You would see many sun-beds on this beach. I hired a sun-bed and enjoyed the sunbath on this beautiful beach. I just loved the appealing ambiance of this beach. This beach offers lot many activities in which you could engage yourself. Speed Boat is one if these activities. I decided to enjoy the pleasure of speed boat cruise and it was a great decision. The green water was looking lovely and the environs were adding to its loveliness. This beach is simply wonderful.

Playa Cala Salada is another wonderful beach in Sant Antony. It’s a small but superb place to have fun. This beach is like a small natural swimming pool where you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and also enjoy aquatic activities like snorkeling and diving. I really liked this place very much. I did snorkeling in its sparkling clean water and it was an excellent experience. There is not a specific diving point but there are many rocks on which you could climb and enjoy the diving. I loved the unique and amazing diving experience on this splendid beach. This place is perfect for a picnic holiday. Hundreds of tourists and locals visit this place every day. Although this beach remains busy but still it is very peaceful. You would find this beach very romantic if you visit here with your partner.

Travel to Ibiza

Ibiza is an alluring island and there’s some beauty in its air. I was very impressed by this island. It was really more than my hopes. I could imagine the beauty of sunset views and I really wanted to enjoy the lovely sunset views. Some locals advised me to visit Café Del Mar. I followed their advice and it didn’t disappoint me. It was first established in 1980 and now it has been touted just like the original. Since the opening of this café, it is eminent for the spectacular sunset views and terrific chill-out music. It is very unique and perfect beach bar. I got a seat on the rock and was enjoying the melodies music of the café. The sunset looks incredible from this place and the music adds a charm to the views. I really wanted to say thanks to those local people who advised me to visit this place. Café Del Mar is really a wonderful place. It was my last day in Sant Antony and I was extremely happy that it went excellent.

Santa Eulalia del Rio was the next town to follow. It is the third largest town of Ibiza and is the only town of the island where a river flows. I wanted to see the one and only river of Ibiza. The stroll towards this river starts from town hall. It is fun to stroll along this river. The fresh air refreshes your mind and soul and fills you with mystical energy. This river is actually a small watercourse which turns into an intense torrent during heavy rainfall. You would get to see wonderful wildlife. I had taken bread with me to feed the birds. It was very overwhelming to watch hundred of birds eating the bread. Also, the views were fabulous. I walked to the end and saw many ducklings. They look very cute and it was fun to watch them. There are many boards down the river which narrates the history of this river. I also saw the old bridge which is claimed to be built by the Romans in 200 BC to 400 AD.

Travel to Ibiza

This small and beautiful town is famous for Puig de Missa Church. I visited there after the river walk. This lovely church is situated on a hilltop. So, I had to climb up a very steep hill. It demands a lot of vigor but this church was worth all the calories I burnt to reach the top. The views from the hilltop were spectacular. This church smells like flowers. The entrance of this castle church was decorated with numerous flowers. The church was very calm and peaceful from inside and many candles were adding to its warmth. It is a perfect place to bring some tranquility to your life. I spent around 2-3 hours at this inimitable place.

I also visited Ibiza town. Most of the tourists visit this town for its exciting nightlife. Ibiza town is divided into two parts; the old town and the modern part. The old town is known as ‘Dalt Vila’ sited on a small mountain and the modern part is called as Eixample. Castle of Ibiza is the major attraction of Ibiza Town. It is located in the old town. Situated at the top of a hill; this castle is the heart of Ibiza Island. I hiked up the small mountain on which this castle is situated and reached the castle. The most incredible views of the city could be seen from this place. Also, the harbor besides this castle was looking lovely. The architecture of this castle reveals the Gothic style. It was built in 14th century. I was very surprised because I had not expected anything like this castle in Ibiza Town which is known as party land. Due to its grand architecture and historical significance; this castle was enrolled in the World Heritage Sites in 1999. It is really wonderful and I couldn’t resist clicking some photographs. As I went down the hill, I reached its gate which was awe-inspiring. I enjoyed being in this historical heritage.Travel to Ibiza

The old town is full of scenic splendor. The narrow streets and old buildings made me feel as if I had travelled back to some other century. It was a matchless experience. The views from Dalt Vila are breathtaking. After inhaling the magical aura of the Castle, I walked down to the town. The small market of Dalt Vila becomes active in the evening. You could try some delicious cuisines and buy some extraordinary handmade paintings. I enjoyed walking in the market and I also tasted some yummy food. It was getting dark and I decided to visit a nightclub to enjoy the famous nightlife of Ibiza Island. I visited Pacha. It is one of the most luxurious nightclubs of Ibiza Island. I must say that the Ibiza Island has most vibrant nightlife. The beautiful lights and the melodious music made the night even more beautiful. I had great fun at Pacha.

Es Vedra Island is another majestic natural beauty which you can enjoy in your Ibiza Travel. Cala d’Hort beach is the nearest beach from where you can see this dazzling island. I visited this beach to take a glimpse of this lovely island but the striking views of this island motivated me to take closer looks of it. I hired a ferry to realize my aspiration. The views of Es Vedra took my heart away. There is a magic in this island that pulls you toward it. This was the highlight of my trip and I was very happy that I earned so many beautiful memories from my holidays.Travel to Ibiza

Ibiza Island is really a very special place. If you are looking for a unique, beautiful, peaceful and serene place to spend your holidays then Ibiza Island it is! I enjoyed every moment that I spent in Ibiza Island. I would love to return there in near future. Travel to IbizaTravel to Ibiza

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