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Travel to FranceTravelling to France is one of the most rewarding travel experiences I have ever had. Ironically, the decision to travel this French nation was ‘imposed’ on me by a friend who had been there before and was certain that I would enjoy every bit of it because of my love for art. One of the things that stood out about France is the fact that this nation is about world-class architecture and art that is captured by the Renaissance chateaux, Roman temples, as well as iconic landmarks.

I arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) airport at dusk and hoped into a waiting taxi to my hotel. Although I prefer arriving at my travel destination during the day, I appreciated my night arrival because I got a glimpse of the magnificent beauty of this city by night. The Eiffel Tower was particularly a remarkable sight even though from a distance. I got to the Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome hotel (a five star) in just under an hour where I welcomed by at the door and whisked to my room. It is not only posh but also luxurious, spacious and comforting, which is just what I needed after hours of travel. Of worthy notice is t the room was overlooking a serene courtyard the finishing of the room that brings together a blend of bronze, silk and wood that is perfect complement to the lush linens. As I got into the bathroom for a shower, I could not help but notice the powerful rain shower as well as the Blaise Mautin products that I spoilt myself with before catching some sleep.

With only three days to tour France, I had to prioritize the areas that I needed to visit because the truth is that this duration is not enough to exhaust all the attractions. The Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome is strategically located close to a number of attractions most of which are within a walking distance which I chose to see on the first day. Therefore, I left for the Louvre museum after my breakfast at the hotel. This is one of the many must visit attractions that you will definitely appreciate because it offers a collection of art, culture are well as art history besides being the home to the world famed Mona Lisa. The museum also has a royal palace collection from the medieval age that is tucked away in the basement among other treasures like classical sculptures, Mesopotamian antiquities, Italian renaissance paintings, medieval artifacts and Egyptian relics and so much more. In general, the experience cannot be compared to the €10 admission fee.

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From the Louvre Museum, I went to another popular attraction in Paris that is also a landmark; the Eiffel Tower. No visit to France is complete without going to this monument unless you are visiting France for the umpteenth time. I got to enjoy a ride in the vintage lift that comes with excellent views of Paris for an admission fee of just €13.10. This tower is well equipped with various amenities like a luxury restaurant and a bar among other. I can guarantee you that this is an experience you do not want to miss even though you should be ready to stand on queues owing to the crowds that are witnessed constantly at the admission.

The third attraction that was within the radius of my hotel that I visited is Avenue des Champs-Elysees that is also touted to be the world’s most famous avenue. Although it is used for major celebrations, this avenue is home to luxury shops, theaters, café and cinemas that are its lifeline. In addition, there are also gardens and grand buildings among them Petit Palais that has served as the residence for French Presidents. It is also on this street that international brands get to promote pitch.

After my tour of the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, my next stop was Musee d’Orsay that I also recommend that you visit while in France. This museum is home to some of the finest collections of art ranging between 1848 and 1914 that you will definitely appreciate. An admission fee of €8 is charged. After a successful day of showing myself around and putting to use the little French that I know, I went back my hotel for some rest and unwind. The hotel’s Wi-Fi internet was quite handy as I go to research more on other places to visit.

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My itinerary for the next two days was full, as I had identified other places to visit. These include the Notre Dame Cathedral that is a very important religious landmark. The cathedral takes after new Gothic style. Some of the outstanding features of this temple include the 28 statues of Judean Kings, grotesques and gargoyles, the dark colored window, the church bell christened Emmanuel among other features.

A visit to Napoleon’s tomb is also rewarding as you will get to see the furniture that he used. The place is stunning, grand and opulent. What is even more interesting is that he is still revered by the French. I also visited the army museum that is home of all manner of instruments and weapons that were used in the war. It offers a great walk down the memory lane that you need to try. Not to be left out is the Luxembourg gardens that are a great place to relax especially after moving from one attraction to another. Interestingly, the garden was a preserve of the royalty during the French revolution.

Apart from touring the French attractions, I also took time to enjoy the French cuisine that is just out of this world. Every single meal that I savored during French tour was simply exquisite. The pizza too is also something to write home about but I will leave it for you to try it out next time you are in France. I concluded my visit to France by getting a going for a relaxation massage at the Park Hyatt Vendome Spa that left me rejuvenated. As I jetted out of France, I had no doubt in my mind that I would like to go there again.

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