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travel to chiloe islandMy wife and I were looking for a completely different place to spend our holidays. A friend of mine suggested me to travel to Chiloe Island. We followed his advice and spent our holidays in Chiloe Island. We are highly thankful to him for suggesting such a wonderful place. Nothing could be better than Chiloe Island if you want to live some moments of your life in a different way. Chiloe Island is the largest Island of Chile and second largest Island of South America. This Island makes you feel like being in a completely different word. There are numerous wonderful beaches and some small islands separated by water channels. The charming beauty of Chiloe Island will remain in my mind forever.

Our beautiful journey started from Ancud. This is the biggest city of Chiloe Island and is extremely beautiful. There are many attractions around this beautiful city that would add a charm to your travel. We had our breakfast in our hotel and left for Pinguineras. It is situated in Punihuil Bay. The tours to Punihuil Bay are operated by Ecoturismo Punihuil. It’s a group of five tour providers in Punihuil and one tour provider operates only one boat. At a given time, only two boats are allowed in the ocean. We had to wait for a while but the views were truly worth it. We made many scenic stops. The sceneries were breathtaking. I had never seen such natural beauty in my entire life. The combination of blue water and green surroundings was looking awe-inspiring. We were amazed. At that time, I really wanted to say thanks to my friend who suggested us such a fantastic place.

We enjoyed the cruising between penguin Islands. We saw so many penguins. I have watched them on television but this was an entirely different experience. We were so close to them and watching their gesture. Penguins really look amazing. We also got to see many sea otters. I must say that the sea otters are the cutest marine mammals. They look like teddy bears. If you are taking your girlfriend or wife along with you then she would definitely reward you for this. The view of sea otters brought a big smile to my wife’s face and this made me very happy.

From the penguin island, we asked our guide to take us to Pummillahue. It took us about an hour to reach there. It is a part of travel to chiloe islandan extinct volcano. You would love the views. When the tides of the ocean beat the shore, it washes out countless colorful pebbles of many different shapes and size. These colorful pebbles add to the beauty of this bay. You could not resist collecting some of those fabulous colorful pebbles. My wife and I collected around 100 of those pebbles. Whenever we watch them, it takes us back to the time that we spent in Chiloe Island. I greatly recommend the tour to Punihuil Bay. You would surely collect some wonderful everlasting memories.

Travel to Chiloe Island could never be complete without visiting the Chiloe National Park. This park has been divided into three parts. The northern part of Chiloe National Park is known as Chepu. This Park is surrounded by high mountains and rivers. The glorious flora and fauna takes the beauty of this park to another level. This park is really very scenic. You would love to take some photographs. A variety of activities can be done in this beautiful park. You could enjoy horse riding and trekking. We enjoyed both. We did the horse riding for about one hour. It was an amazing experience. We had done the kayaking before but we never experienced electric kayaking. We decided to try it and it was a good decision. Electric kayak is similar to a regular kayak but it runs with the help of motor. It means that you could enjoy the superb experience of kayaking without putting any effort. During kayaking, we saw a sea otter playing with a small fish. That was a great moment and it added an amaze to our kayaking. A trip to Chiloe could never be complete without visiting Chiloe National Park.

We were very impressed by Chepu and wanted to spend some more time in this paradise. This place is exceptionally beautiful. It is surrounded by 5 rivers. The flora and fauna in its surroundings enhance its splendor. This place offers many activities like kayaking and seaside trekking to the tourists. Chepu Adventures is a firm that offers you to feel the oceanic adventures and enjoy the marvelous beauty of the Chepu River Valley. We enjoyed the immense joy of kayaking in dawn. The view of sunrise travel to chiloe islandwas breathtaking. The underwater trees and some beautiful birds flying over the ocean were giving a magical touch to the sunrise. We had to get up early in the morning but this ultimate experience was worth it. We were feeling like as if they had transferred us to some other world. We had never felt something like that. This was truly the highlight of our travel.

Next day we enjoyed the seaside trekking. It was an astounding experience. The trail was 12 kilometers but we did not even realize when our trekking came to an end. As we were going ahead the scenery was becoming even more spectacular. It was great to watch different type of shore birds. Make sure to add this place to your ‘must visit’ list for Chiloe Island travel.

During our Chiloe travel, we also visited Castro. Castro is amazingly beautiful. You could smell the cultural fumes in the air of Castro. The Church of Castro is a World Heritage Site. My wife was insisting me to visit this church. Finally, I agreed with her and we headed to the church. Well, this church is completely different from the other churches that I have seen. This is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The exterior of this church is not very impressive but don’t be fooled by its exterior. You must get inside to see the greatest touch of wooden artistry .The interior of this church is completely built with wood. It was the most stunning interior of any church that I have seen. This church is worth a visit. I recommend you to visit this church for sure.

We also visited the Church of Achao. This church is also a World Heritage site. The building of this church reflects the best of architectural beauty. You would definitely appreciate the beauty of its architecture. The interior of this church is very colorful. The multicolor interior gives this church a magical touch. The interior is really eye-catching. You would love to stand and observe its interior. It is definitely worth to visit. You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!

This was all about our travel to Chiloe Island. I must say that Chiloe Island is the most beautiful Island of Chile. It is very different from other places. The people of Chiloe Island always give a warm welcome. They are very helping and talented. You could find some brilliant pieces of handcrafts in the markets of Chiloe Island. The people of Chiloe put the best of creativity in the handcrafts. I recommend everyone to visit Chiloe Island to feel the immense tranquility and to enjoy natural beauty in a different way.

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